Ags --

We thought you would like to know as soon as possible that the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents just approved the proposed tuition increases.  The Board voted at approximately 2:40 pm to approve Agenda Item 2, which includes substantial increases to Texas A&M tuition.  

Over 1,150 Texas A&M students submitted official testimony against the proposed increases.

The tuition increases will hurt thousands of students.  The increases are unnecessary and outrageous.  But TAC will continue fighting for students, accountability, and Texas taxpayers.
Much of the Board meeting was conducted in darkness for College Station students.  An adequate live video stream was not provided as required by the Texas Open Meetings Act.  Just last night, the A&M System and Board of Regents claimed to be "focused on transparency and affordability."  

See the graphs below to understand how this tuition increase will impact you.

-- Aggie Conservatives