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Toronto Real Estate 
  Monday Wake Up   

Minto Westside Is Coming


MINTO WESTSIDE - New King West Development at Bathurst and Front - Starting at $189,900

WITH Potential Whole Foods On Main Level has exclusive access to the New Minto Westside Project going up at Bathurst and Front. has negotiated an exclusive allocation of over 50 units to this site and you will be able to have first access before anyone else.


On November 5th we will be getting floor plans and pricing. Below are our top 8 reasons this project is a BUY:


1) Whole Foods lists Bathurst and Front as one of its 'in development' stores in Canada.

Whole foods has an extremely loyal following and people will pay a premium to live in a building where a Whole Foods is located. Click here for more information on the Whole Foods website for locations in development.



2)  Only 800 meters to Billy Bishop Airport.

Bathurst and Front is only 800 meters away from Billy Bishop Airport. With Porter's new partnership with Jet Blue you can now fly to the following cities below. Busy executives will pay a premium to live close to Billy Bishop because there are no lines for customs, there are no issues with traffic, and there are no issues of getting out of downtown to get to Pearson. Time is money and by living at Minto Westside you will be able to save a lot of travel time.


Old Favorites

Warm Spots

West Coast

Other US Stops

New York

Tampa Bay





Los Angeles



West Palm Beach

San Jose




San Diego



Click here to get the full list of cities you can fly to from your door step.


3) Medium age for area is 35 years old and medium income is $100,000.

This area is home to young executives. We can see this based on the demographics of the area. An area like Bay and College attracts a student demographic. King Street West between Spadina and Bathurst attracts young executives that earn money and pay premiums for their homes.

Click here to download a copy of the full demographic report.

4) You are an 8 minute street car ride to the Financial District or a 15 minute walk. 

With its close proximity to the subway and the financial district professionals flock to the area. Only 30% of people that live in this area use a car to get to work, 33% walk to work, and 30% take public transit to work.

5) King West is home to the top restaurants and night spots in the city. 

King West is home to members only Spoke Club owned by Galen Weston and the Thompson Hotel both of which can compete for the best roof top patio in the city.  On top of this we have top restaurants in the area which include - Lee, Buca, Patria, Jacobs, Blow Fish, and many more. This is the area young executives come to unwind and play. These young executives will pay a premium to have this at their doorstep.

Click here to see Now Magazines TOP 25 Places to Eat in Toronto - King West is home to 5 of these restaurants.

6) RIO-CAN is developing high end retail and commercial space next door.

RIO-CAN with partners Allied Properties and Diamond Corp. own a nearly 8 acre development site along Front Street from Spadina to Draper. This site includes the current home of the Globe and Mail which will be torn down. RIO-CAN plans to develop high end retail on this site - think the Yorkville of the south.  Allied Properties will be constructing office space. This will bring both high paying jobs and high end shopping to the steps of Minto Westside. This is something young executives will pay a premium to live beside.

Click here to see RIO-CAN's plans for the area.

7) Based on today's numbers the project is cash-flow positive and priced below market value. 

Current rental rates in the area for a one plus den would be $1,900 per month. We performed a case study below. A 550 sq. ft. one bedroom and den at a purchase price of $343,750 with 20% down plus closing costs would provide a return of 11.3% per year. Positive cash-flow would be $267.43 per month.

Price: $343,750

Down-payment: $68,750

Additional Closing Costs: $15,000

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,086 (2.5% variable rate, 30 year amortization)

Monthly Property Tax: $243

Monthly Fees: $302

Total Monthly Payment: $1,632

Rental Income: $1,900

Positive Cash-flow Per Month: $267.43

Average Principal Payback: Year 1: $520

Cash-flow plus principal payback: $787 per month

Total Return of 11.3% on $83,750 (deposits plus closing costs)

Current market value on this unit would be $385,000. The expected purchase price on this unit would be $343,750. Factoring in closing costs of $15,000 we would be looking at a return of $26,150 or 31% on your deposit plus closing costs.

If we estimate a 3% appreciation rate each year:

Current Market Value $385,000

2015 Value: $396,550

2016 Value: $408,446

2017 Value: $420,699

2018 Value: $433,320

2019 Value: $446,320

Factoring in closing costs of $87,570 we would be looking at an estimated return of $87,570 or 105% on your deposit plus closing costs. If conditions stay current.


8) The Minto Group Wins Ontario Home Builder of the Year for 2014. 

The Minto Group won the Ontario Home builder of the Year award for 2014. Minto has been around for over 60 years and has built over 70,000 homes.


When purchasing in Minto Westside you are not only purchasing an incredible location but you are buying from the BEST builder in Ontario. Having the BEST building reputation in the business is something that individuals will pay a premium for in the future. Having the best Brand in the business increases your re-sale value in the future.


Get To Know King West The Home of Minto King West


Featuring Pop-Up Real Estate

Minto Westside - New King West Condos - Downtown Toronto
Minto Westside - New King West Condos - Downtown Toronto


Featured Listing:


Yonge and Eglinton At Only $500 A Sq. Ft.

738 Sq. Ft. One Plus Den with Parking and Locker - $369,900 Presents: 212 Eglington East - Toronto Condos Presents: 212 Eglington East - Toronto Condos


 Large one plus den located steps from Yonge and Eglinton. At 738. Sq. Ft., It is $500 A Sq. Ft., Which is some of the best value in area. Large Kitchen space for a small table. The den could be used as an office or converted into a second bedroom. The master suite has a walk-in closet perfect for storing all the clothes you can buy while shopping on Yonge Street. New Loblaws Grocery store opening across the street. Steps to Subway and on the Eglinton LRT line. 



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Designer's Corner - With Sarah Broderick


Announcing a new feature in the Monday Wake Up - Designer's Corner by Sarah Broderick

Design Element 101 - Shape


Interior design is highly subjective and an extremely visual form of art.  Most people I work with have a hard time visualizing their completed space or communicating what they like or dislike about a design.  Our reactions tend to be visceral and emotional so we either like it or hate it, and we may or may not know or be able to explain why.


In an effort to help client's communicate their design preferences more freely, I've dedicate this article to a second critical design element.  Last week we discussed the concept of colour and how it has an impact on the look and feel of our homes and this week I'd like to discuss shape. 


As per Wikipedia, "shape is defined as two or more dimensional areas that stands out from the space around it due to a defined or implied boundary, or because of a difference in value, color, or texture." 


Shape can therefore be in reference to a specific object but can also be formed through a combination of objects or additional shapes.  Be it a room, a floor plan or a specific piece of furniture etc., all elements of your home have a definitive and cumulative shape that impacts how you feel about the design overall. 


Shape is reliant on its counterparts such as colour just as these other elements rely on shape.  Perhaps that's why people struggle with visualizing a space or often feel overwhelmed at the thought of decorating their home.  The art of design truly lies in coordinating all design elements and principals in order for it to be a success.  If not, our eye is drawn to a particular item or the wrong area and we may not feel as comfortable or as appreciative towards the intended design. 


Similar to having a favourite colour, I often find clients are equally drawn to certain categories of shapes.  I for one tend to prefer square, symmetrical and more architectural objects while others prefer circular and more fluid forms. 


One way to determine your preference is to consider two of my favourite design periods that are close in time frame but very different in terms of their distinctive characteristics and predominant shapes. 



Art Nouveau is a design style popularized at the turn of the century, characterized by free flowing, asymmetrical and organic forms.  Think of the Metro underground signs in Paris or the nature inspired creations by Antony Goudi in Barcelona.  If you're drawn to these sorts of more freestyle shapes you may be less linear in your design choices. 


If you prefer symmetry, geometry and shapes drawn with a ruler you're most likely drawn to the Art Deco period and its distinctive style familiarized around WWI.  Quintessential Art Deco shapes tend to feel more controlled and as such translated well into skyscraper designs like the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings in New York.  South Beach, Miami Florida is another area predominantly built during the Deco period and is therefore another great example of its classic shapes. 


As mentioned, I tend to prefer more architectural forms and therefore find I am often drawn to Art Deco styles over Art Nouveau, although I have a strong appreciation for both.  The nice thing about Art Deco is that it often incorporates some smooth, almost aerodynamic and strategically placed round edges in addition to its square shapes; perhaps as homage to its predecessor Art Nouveau.  


Similar to designers during the Art Deco movement, I believe it's important to keep things interesting by mixing different shapes and forms in a space.  By playing with other design elements and principals such as colour, size or texture you can play up or play down a certain shape or area so your space is still visually interesting without sacrificing function. 


Whether it's design elements and principals or styles and time periods I'm a firm believer it's important to mix and match to achieve a unique yet balanced look.  I therefore prefer and often challenge clients to play with various shapes within their homes.  For instance, if you have a rectangular dinning room with an equally rectangular table, try contrasting both with rounded chairs or an oblong chandelier.  Playing with shape is as important as playing with colour to define and represent your unique style at home. 


Although important to know the elements as a foundation, there really are no rules when it comes to designing in 2014.  Creativity abounds, as do influences from various design periods.  The important thing is to follow your instincts, take risks where you can afford them and have fun with various shapes. 


Feel free to send in questions or images to


Upcoming Events
This section will focus on upcoming events being hosted and sponsored by


Happy Hour Monthly Social
The Thirsty Thursday
Date: Nov 20, 2014






Bar Wellington, 520 Wellington St W. 


It seems the older we get the busier we get - therefore wanted to dedicate 1 night a month that people can circle in their calendars and make it a priority to come. is all about community so come out and re-connect with old friends - make some new ones - and share what is new in our lives.  



New  Development

Our Top 2 Investment Projects for the FALL - Has Insider Access For Them ALL


Queen St


Minto Westside at Bathurst and Front (King West):


We are very excited for this project. With the trusted name of Minto development, the site and the 57,000 sq. ft. of amenity space planned, it will be the new jewel of King West. With roof top pools, luxury fitness facilities, and much more, Minto is looking to replicate its success of Minto Quantum at Yonge and Eglinton by redefininh the standard of a neighborhood. The demographics of King West are 35 years old and a house hold income of $100,000.00.This will be the building they will pay the premium rents for to call home. An added bonus - You can either walk or take the street car to Billy Bishop airport. In what city can you do that? Email us at to get on the list.


Streetcar Riverside Square (Riverside/Leslieville):


This project is my value buy that has the highest upside for appreciation. Streetcar Developments has recently purchased the Broadview Hotel (Jilly's) and the 4 acre development site purchased across the street. They are not just building a condo tower, they are transforming a neighbourhood. This area is currently underserviced for rental inventory and continues to increase in popularity - people will need places to live. With access to the Queen East Street Car, Lake Ontario, Ashbridges Bay only a quick bike ride away, the Don Valley Trail System, the DVP, and all the new shops, lounge and restaurants on Queen, this area can only go UP. Lastly - Streetcar prices their new projects under current market value. You will have built-in profit from day one. Email us at to get on the list. 


Alex Wilson's Listing
Alex Wilson's Listings
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
For Lease $1,790 Monthly

Brand New Never Lived In 1 Bedroom Unit At The Landmark L-Tower Building At Front And Yonge. 9 Ft. Smooth Ceilings. Beautiful East View With Plenty Of Natural Light. Bedroom Includes A Window. Luxury Kitchen. When Complete Building Will Be Attached To The Path System And Union Station. St. Lawrence Market Is Around The Corner And When You Want To Eat Out There Are Plenty Of Restaurants At Your Door Step. Only Steps Away From The Financial Distinct.
AAA Clients Only - Includes All Appliances, Stacking Washer & Dryer. Hydro Is Extra. New Blinds Installed. Includes 1 Locker Space

Link for Listing Here.
1 Bedroom + Den, 1 Bathroom
For Sale $369,900


Large one plus den located steps from Yonge and Eglinton. At 738. Sq. Ft., It is $500 A Sq. Ft., Which is some of the best value in area. Large Kitchen space for a small table. The den could be used as an office or converted into a second bedroom. The master suite has a walk-in closet perfect for storing all the clothes you can buy while shopping on Yonge Street. New Loblaws Grocery store opening across the street. Steps to Subway and on the Eglinton LRT line.


Indoor pool, Fitness Room, Rec Room, Security System, Guest Suites & Visitor Parking, Upgrades, Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counter Tops, Mirrored Black Splash, W/C, Exclude Dining Room Elf, Parking and Locker included.


Link for Listing Here.


126 Simcoe St, Unit 612

1 Bedroom , 1 Bathroom
For Sale $328,900

Description: 'Boutique Phase 2' A Luxury Condo Building In The Heard Of Downtown Core. Steps To Osgood Subway, Financial District, King West. Excellent One Bedroom Layout, Floor-To-Ceiling, Wall-To-Wall Windows, Sunny & Bright South Facing. Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances, Granite Counter Top, High Standard Roller Window Blinds. Exercise Room, Guest Suits, Party Room, Rooftop Deck, 24 Hrs Concierge And More. Perfect For 1st Time Home Buyer Or Investors.

Extras: Stainless Steel Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave, Stacked Washer & Dryer. All Existing Light Fixtures. Professionally Installed Roller Solar Blinds. 1 Storage Locker Included.

Link for the Listing Here.
1+1 Bedroom, 1 Washroom
For Sale $399,900

Unit Details:

Suite: 2505

Stockholm Model
1 Bedroom and Study
534 Sq. Ft.
Unobstructed West Exposure With Balcony.

Occupancy Oct 2014

Building Features:

  • Ice Spa include a dry sauna and steam room
  • Cold water dip pool, swimming pool, hot tub
  • Relaxing lounge, fitness centre, aerobics room and more
  • 24 Hr Conceirge
  • Outdoor Terrace with BBQ
  • Ice will be a candidate for LEED certification and will use environmentally sensitive energy sources.
Link for the Listing Here.
3865 Lake Shore Blvd, Unit 1001
1 +1 Bedroom, 2 Washrooms
For Sale $329,000


Amazing South View Of Lake Ontario And Marie Curtis Park, Both Only Steps From Your Door. Your Cottage In The City. 9 Ft, And Floor To Ceiling Windows, This Unit Is Flooded With Natural Light. Sitting At 814 Sq Ft, This 1+1 Has 2 Full Washrooms. Quiet Building, Ideal For Down Sizers. For The Professional Working Downtown, It Is Steps To The Long Branch Go Station. Parking Is Included



Five New Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counters, Customized Walk-In Closets. Building Has A Fitness Centre, Roof Top Terrace With Bbqs And Hot Tub, Visitor Parking, 24 Hr Concierge Service, Buses To Subway At The Door.


Link for the Listing Here.

3+1 Bedroom, 3 Washrooms
For Lease $10,000 Monthly 


Rare 3 Bedroom 3100 Sq. Ft Fully Furnished Penthouse Condo Available To Rent In Toronto. Ideal For Sports Figure, Corporate Executive, Or Movie Industry That Requires Space For Their Family. With 4 Terraces, Over 810 Square Feet Of Outdoor Living Space, The Sprawling, Sun Drenched Residence Is Located On The 27th Floor; With North, East, West And South Views Of Lake Ontario. Atop One Of Toronto's Premier Waterfront. This Is A Turn Key Solution.



2 Parking Spots And Locker Room With Unit. Walking Distance To Billy Bishop Airport Which Can Easily Take You To New York Or Chicago - Avoid The Lines Of Pearson. Be In The Porter Lounge In 15 Minutes From Leaving Your Unit. Roof Top Pool.


Link for the Listing Here.




Alexander J. Wilson B.A.
Team Lead:

#1 Agent At RE/MAX Condos Plus 2013
TOP 1% Condo Sales in Toronto 2009-2013 
Platinum Club 2010-2013
RE/MAX Hall of Fame

45 Harbour Square
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5J 2G4


Sales Representative
RE/MAX Condos Plus Corp. Brokerage
Office: (647) 352-5181
Mobile: (416) 996-5181