SAMonday on TPT | Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story

82 This documentary is narrated by Mr. Mondale's daughter Eleanor Mondale and includes family home videos, rare archival footage & interviews with Jimmy Carter, Geraldine Ferraro, Al Gore, other Mondale family members and more.  Original music by the incredibly talented composer Chan Poling.

In case you miss the broadcast, "Fritz" is now available on iTunes!  If you have already seen the movie and want to rate it on iTunes, please do!

Of course,  DVDs are still available if you want to send one as a gift or for yourself as a keepsake :) 

More info about the movie here:, including pictures from recent screenings.

Click here to watch the trailer.

The DFL Education Foundation helped finance this project.  The film's producers are still taking contributions to help develop the educational curriculum and DVD distribution to teachers.  Visit to learn how you can help!
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Arvonne Fraser: Negativism or Constructive Ideas?


As an unabashed liberal-or progressive, if you prefer-I'm worried about the left complaining rather than suggesting new, innovative ideas.  It seems to me most of our commentators and pundits concentrate on the problems; whine about the conservatives taking over state legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives, but don't articulate their own philosophy very clearly.   


Instead of complaining, we should be preparing for our next takeover.  How do we articulate succinctly what we believe in and what new ideas we have?  When are we going to start supporting our candidates instead of criticizing them when they get elected?   How are we going to get voters energized enough to vote for our side?  


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