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July 19, 2017 
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Prescription Drug Rebates; "Show me the Money!"
Brought to you by  Gary R. Goodhile
Principal & Co-Owner, Sullivan Benefits
Prescription drug (Rx) costs as a percentage of employers' total health insurance claims are running at unprecedented levels. The time has come for greater transparency surrounding the actual cost of the prescriptions drugs your employees and their covered family members are taking. Truth be told, it is long overdue and extremely complicated.

Rx claim cost for the longest time hovered at around 10 - 12% of a given group's total claim spend. Today we are seeing closer to 20 to 25%, and rising. There are many reasons, but the most significant driver is specialty drug claims (I will save that topic for another article). Our focus today is how insurance companies price these plans.

Rx claim data provided by the insurers is not the true claim cost...

The Big Freeze
Brought to you by United Benefit Advisors & Sullivan Benefits
Whether piled high at a local farm stand or pouring in from your garden, fresh produce is plentiful, ripe and ready to eat. But what if your family won't (or can't) eat an entire bushel of beans at one sitting? You can't let them (the beans) go to waste.

Freezing fresh fruits and vegetables keeps flavor and nutrients intact. It's cheaper and easier than canning too. Yet you still need to know a thing or two about the effect of very cold temperatures on the summer harvest.

The first rule is "Don't freeze vegetables that are usually eaten raw." For instance, green beans freeze well while lettuce or cucumbers collapse into green slime.

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Freezing Vegetables

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