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June 21, 2017 
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Employee Reduction in Hours, Full-Time to Part-Time COBRA and ACA Requirements
Brought to you by   Chrystine M. Heier, CEBS, LIA
Principal & Co-Owner, Sullivan Benefits
Before the ACA, an employee experiencing a reduction in hours below an employer's full-time requirement was entitled to and offered COBRA continuation coverage for 18 months. However, under the ACA, employers utilizing the look-back measurement method to determine full-time status should be aware that a reduction in hours will not necessarily cause an employee's eligibility for coverage to terminate.

Look-back Measurement Method

The look-back measurement method allows an employer to count the number of hours an employee worked during a look-back period, or measurement period, to determine whether an employee is considered full-time and eligible for benefits.  If an employee is deemed to be full-time and eligible for benefits, she/he is considered to be eligible for benefits for a full "stability period", regardless of the actual number of hours she/he works during the stability period.

Drink More Water!  Yes, yes... we know...
Brought to you by Lori L'Ecuyer
Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, Sullivan Benefits
We know, we know! You are sick of hearing about it, but water in one of the most neglected aspects of our diet!
What's the H20 Hype?
Without water, we become dehydrated. Dehydration is lack of fluids in the body. This can lead to disturbances in brain function such as concentration and thinking ability. In addition, physical dehydration may also decrease stamina and work productivity through headaches, lethargy, weakness, and even seizures. In the long term, dehydration causes urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
Weight Loss? What?
Believe it or not, successful weight loss success depends upon adequate hydration.  Ignoring the need for hydration leads to over eating and chronic dehydration is linked to obesity.  Staying hydrated also suppresses your appetite and blunts cravings!

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What if you stopped drinking water?

What if you stopped drinking water?

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