Dear Community,

As we approach the middle of July, I hope that you are having a safe and relaxing summer.  Here at North Royalton City Schools, we are busy preparing for the start of another great school year.  As you will see below, we have many projects going on this summer, some dealing with routine maintenance and others dealing with preparing to design our new facilities. While very busy, it is an exciting time in our community!

I hope that you find this  monthly newsletter informative and a good way to keep up to date on the happenings of our  schools and the Board of Education.  I would welcome any thoughts and comments that you have in regards to this or anything dealing with the North  Royalton  City  Schools As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 440-582-9030 or at


Greg Gurka, 
North Royalton City Schools

North Royalton Middle School M asonry Tuck Pointing and Sealing Project
Tuck pointing and other masonry repairs, along with sealing of the repaired area, have been completed at the middle school.  The areas that have been scheduled for the summer of 2017 are from the main entrance around to corner of door number 4 on the west side of the building.   The maintenance department dismantled and abated the center flower bed and assisted M-A Building and Maintenance Company in repairing the flower bed east of the main entrance.

Window AC Units
Each school year, the maintenance department is issued the task of moving window AC units to the classrooms housing students receiving special education services and support.  The task includes removing the unit from one classroom, repairing the window opening, creating a window opening in the new classroom, and transferring the power.

ADA Restroom
The maintenance department removed a wall and urinal and modified the drop ceiling and floor in order for students with wheelchairs to have access to a designated restroom.

Heat Ventilators
Even though our bond passed in May, the maintenance department will need to change out antiquated ventilators in some of the elementary classrooms in order for the rooms to have heat this coming winter.

High School Athletic Department Office HVAC Removal/Install
Due to ongoing maintenance and low efficiency, the maintenance department has removed five wall installed HVAC units that supplied the High School Athletic Department. A new roof top unit will take its place and will be more efficient and tied into our automated logic system so we are able to control occupied and unoccupied status as needed.

District Cleaning
The district's cleaning crew led by Bob Rodriquez, Dan Muresan and Bryan Delong at our elementary schools, Bryan Sheffield at our high school and Debbie Savage at our middle school, have the difficult and tiresome task of dismantling, stripping, waxing and reassembling over 600,000 square feet of instructional space.  All classroom items are removed and placed in the hallways so the classroom may be cleaned from the light fixtures to the floors.  The district purchased 545 gallons of floor wax, 190 gallons of floor stripper, and 58 gallons of floor finish for our three gyms. The task is on schedule for the arrival of our students and staff in late August.  Below is a picture of our NR "TEAM CLEANERS!"

Stadium Goal Post
Our stadium goal post received a much-needed facelift.  Both posts were power washed and double painted.  Wind markers on top of the goal posts were also replaced.



In July and August, the Board of Education and administration will be interviewing architects and construction managers in hopes of having both confirmed by the beginning of the school year.  Below is the update provided to the community in our June E-News Update:

NEXT STEPS . . .  

1. Selecting an Architect

"The next step in the process is for the Board of Education to post the request for qualifications from architect firms," said Superintendent Greg Gurka, North Royalton City Schools. "Those proposals will be reviewed carefully by the Board of Education and several finalists will be selected to be interviewed. We hope to be done with this process by late summer 2017." 

2. Utilizing a Construction Manager 

Once the architect is chosen, the district will utilize the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) delivery method which includes a commitment by a Construction Manager to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price, based on construction documents and specifications. The CMAR provides professional services and consults in the design development and construction phases. "There are many benefits from using a Construction Manager including an increased level of cost control from the start," said Gurka. "In the meantime, we will meet with the Community Facilities Advisory Committee to review timelines and begin the first steps in maintaining our commitment to the community."

3. Engaging the Community

Stakeholders, such as teachers and community members, will be engaged at that time to discuss what the new elementary school and new section of the high school will look like. Focus groups at the middle school level will occur to discuss instructional changes and enhancements that are needed in that building, as well. "We are building a strong foundation, both in education and facilities and there will be opportunities for us to have dialogue with our residents throughout every step of the process," said Gurka.

Estimated Time of the Project . . . 
The design process with the architect will take approximately one year. New construction of the buildings is estimated to be complete by the 2020-2021 school year. 

The 4.9 mills that was approved on May 2 from North Royalton voters will cost $9.04 per month per $100,000 of assessed property value beginning in January 2018. This amount factors in the drop off of the existing middle school bond issue and the establishment of a maintenance fund earmarked to maintain the buildings. 

How Funds Will be Used . . . 

Funds are being used to build one new centralized elementary school, to be located on the 23 acres of district-owned property on the southwest corner of State Road and Valley Parkway. Funds also will be used to renovate the middle school for today's learning environments and renovate and rebuild the high school to focus on student-centered learning. A new 100,000 square foot section will be built onto the rear of the high school that will contain regular classrooms, science labs and other educational spaces.
Also, as part of the bond issue plan, there will be permanent improvement projects that will be completed throughout the next several years. At the middle school, this includes replacing roofing and HVAC units, redesigning the media center, updating technology infrastructure, as well as designing learning spaces for STEM and other areas of curriculum. At the high school, this includes renovating the 1970s and 1980s areas of the high school to include new science labs, media center, expanded space for music department, as well as installation of new HVAC, lighting, roofs, doors, windows and safe and secure entrances. The full plan is available on the district website.

Table 1 compares our monthly operating receipts to the prior year actual for our fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 (July 2016 through June 2017).   You will notice two large collection points in our fiscal year which are July and February.  These two months are considerably higher than the others due to real estate collection which represents over 70% of our revenues.

Table 2 compares our monthly operating expenditures to the prior year actual for our fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 (July 2016 through June 2017).  You will notice a consistent expenditure pattern throughout our fiscal year due to salaries and wages being evenly distributed throughout our fiscal year.

Table 3 illustrates the current actual cumulative monthly operating revenues and expenditures for our fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 (July 2016 through June 2017).  You will notice a gradual increase in both revenues and expenditures as we approach our fiscal year end where revenues slightly surpasses expenditures.  Actual numbers for the fiscal year were revenues at $50,001,782, expenditures at $48,894,457 increasing our total operating cash balance by $1,107,325. 

Table 4 illustrates our fiscal year to date operating expenditures by category for our fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 (July 2016 through June 2017).  Salaries & Wages represent approximately 60%, Fringe Benefits 24%, Purchased Services 12%, Materials Supplies & Textbooks 2% and the combination of Capital Outlay and Operational Fees 2%.


Click here for the North Royalton City Schools' five-year forecast.

Interested in reading more?  District financial information such as our annual financial reports, forecasts, tax rates, etc., can be found by  clicking here.

Biagio Sidoti, Treasurer
North Royalton City Schools

Share your Opinion Regarding the School's 
Community Access Cable Station

We are surveying the community on the usage of the school's community access cable station.  Thank you for your time and input.   Click here to answer five quick questions.

District Strategic Plan Update 

The North Royalton City Schools' Strategic Plan was developed in August 2015.  Each year, the district provides a progress report of the goals and action steps within the plan.  At the board meeting on July 10, Melissa Vojta, director of curriculum and instruction, and Pat Farrell, director of personnel, highlighted those areas of the plan that are complete and those still in progress. The five areas addressed included Community Engagement, Student Achievement, Communication, Facilities, Financial and Collaboration.   Click here to review the presentation.

The plan continues through June 2018.  Many aspects of the plan will remain the same or be tweaked slightly after that date.  Areas of focus for the updated plan will be professional development, technology, facilities, and financial communication.

Donate to Operation NR CARES

Each year, Operation NR CARES collects school supplies to help children in need in our community.  There is a kick-off celebration on July 18 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at Mastro's The 3 Spot where you can enjoy some appetizers for a small donation of three school supply items.  Below is additional information on the July 18 event and information on needed items and locations of where you can drop off school supply items between July 18 and August 9.

Click here for an invitation to the kick-off event.
Click here for the NR Cares Donation Wish List


The Partnership for a Healthy North Royalton's mission is to promote a healthy, drug-free community, and input from our citizens is needed to accomplish that goal. That is why PHNR partnered with independent researchers from the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, CAPA from Brecksville/Broadview Heights and 25 & Alive from Independence to conduct a community perception survey.
Click here to access the survey. Survey participation is important because it helps to gain a better understanding of the perception in the community, and then, PHNR can use the data collected to influence decision making and implement prevention programming. 

The survey is completely anonymous and confidential. *Those who choose, can win one of three $250 VISA gift cards. Please take a moment to complete the survey and a chance to win a $250 gift card!


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