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November 2014
The Best Roundtable For You And Your Business!

Our biggest priority at AceTech Ontario is to make sure each member is getting great value from their roundtable.  As your business changes and grows, you sometimes have different needs and requirements from the people in your group to help you get the most out of the experience.  That is why each fall we remind you to take a look at all the roundtables AceTech Ontario offers and make sure that you are still in the right one for you.


All the roundtables can be found at here including a brand new one that will be led by our own Jeremy Greven of Prompt Alert.  Please take a few minutes to review them, and if you think there is a better fit for you elsewhere please feel free to reach out to either Jo Ann or the roundtable leader to discuss.  Any movement needs to take place at the end of the year so the roundtables are set and stable beginning in January 2015.


In This Issue
Sticky Branding - Be Your Customer's First Choice

Duking it out with your competition is exhausting and unnecessary. Let your competitors fight over features and price. Your opportunity is to rise above the herd, and grow your company into a Sticky Brand.


Join us at our Quarterly Dinner on December 3rd as Jeremy Miller shares ideas, stories, and strategies on how to make your brand stand head and shoulders above your competitors and be your customers' choice.


Jeremy has spent time talking to some of our AceTech Ontario members, and knows your customers and your challenges.  You will gain practical, actionable ideas to make your brand stand out, attract customers, and drive sales.


Invitations will be coming out this month - be sure to register to attend!


(The talk is based on Jeremy's upcoming book, Sticky Branding - available January 2015) 

Reminder - AceTech Ontario Members receive a 30% discount off Medcan's retail pricing



Comprehensive Health Assessment $1,815 per year


At Medcan, we understand the importance of early detection, and excel at screening. Last year, Medcan diagnosed 164 cancers and thousands of other serious diseases.

Medcan's team of dedicated physicians and specialists provide you with unhurried physician consultations and unparalleled service and care. 
In addition, your spouse / partner is eligible to receive the Comprehensive Health Assessment at a special corporate rate.


To book an Assessment or speak to a representative, contact Michael at 416.350.5952 or 


These rates are subject to change.

SaaS Happiness - A Guide To Measuring and Managing What Matters

The true value of SaaS companies and their operation health is difficult to measure using traditional financial statements. To more accurately gauge financial and operational performance, one needs to look revenue churn, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime  value and other operational metrics.


The beauty of SaaS companies from an investor perspective is that they lend themselves to data driven approach to measuring business performance (more so than other types of companies), making it easier to forecast their growth and therefore valuation.


Join ALKARIM JIVRAJ at Espresso Capital's SaaS Metrics Seminar in January as Alkarim walks you through the essential metrics used by leading SaaS investors and SaaS operators companies to measure operational and financial performance, and manage growth investments.  Further details and the invitations coming soon. 


Attend the Canadian Innovation Exchange with a special rate for AceTech Members

The Entrepreneurship Society: M&A & Government Funding


Invitation to Dave Lahey's book launch

Noam Tomczak, COO at Iotum

Ken Workun, CEO at Netfore

Kevin Bailey, CEO at Design 1st

Tim Martin, CFO at Auvik Networks

Sandford Liu, CTO at SoCast CRM
13 Of The Most Popular Tech Company CEOs

How to Get Your Competitors Followers on Social Media

CEOs Are On Borrowed Time

The 10 Most Important Business Skills in 2020
Nulogy Raises $7.5 Million in Financing to Fuel Growth & innovation

Ubi Is The Always-Listening Ubiquitous Computer For Your Home

TemboSocial and Social Edge Consulting annouce partnership
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