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October 2014
Thought Leaders in AceTech Ontario!

As announced at the Quarterly Dinner last week, AceTech Ontario is launching the 3rd Annual Leadership Initiative and we want YOU to participate!


We know that the CEO and Executive members of AceTech Ontario are renowned experts in their fields, with valuable and specialized knowledge in many subject areas.  The AceTech Ontario Leadership Initiative is designed to provide a structure to allow more effective sharing of this knowledge among our membership, and to recognize our companies that share this knowledge.  This program will increase the volume, quantity and quality of peer to peer knowledge transfer, and will provide increased value to AceTech members.


 We encourage all our members to fill out an application outlining your unique skills and expertise. The application deadline will be November 15th, and the winners will be selected by a panel of Roundtable Leaders and AceTech Ontario Board Members.  Winners will be announced at the December Quarterly Dinner.  


Looking forward to receiving your application shortly!

In This Issue
Ownership Thinking - A Webinar Series

AceTech Ontario is very pleased to be partnering with The Achievement Centre to put on a two-part Webinar series called "Ownership Thinking; How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose and Profit.",  based on the Ownership Thinking (OT) book written by Brad Hams. OT is a proven method to increase bottom line results by creating a culture of accountability, purpose and profit. The goal of OT is to create an organization of employees who think and act like owners while enhancing the organization's value. Companies that implement OT retain employees at a far better rate than companies that don't  and can see a doubling of profits in the first year. Be the first 25 to sign up and receive the book at no cost to the members and find out what over 2,000 other companies across North America have already learned. 


The webinars will take place on October 7th and 28th.  Everyone who registers will be sent a complimentary copy of the book "Ownership Thinking", which they will be expected to read prior to the Webinar.  Registration will be limited to 25 AceTech Ontario members, although each member is welcome to gather their Senior Executive Team into their conference room to listen in.  There are still a few spots remaining!  Contact Jo Ann to register today.

Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining Millennials
A Power Session

AceTech Ontario together with North of 41 are hosting this very interesting panel discussion on October 23rd.  Managing talent in your organization is a very difficult task.  In addition, Millennials are now a fast growing segment of the workforce and as such they change the dynamic of the workplace.  In this session we will be discussing the specific tactics you need to find, hire and motivate your more junior staff.


Questions the panel will be discussing include

  • Organizations now have to go further afield to find qualified people.  How do you form the necessary relationships internationally to enable you to recruit?

  • How do you attract qualified Developers?  And once they have been hired, how to you motivate and retain them?

  • What process do you need to put in place to ensure you have a quick turnaround from resume to offer?  And why is that so important?

  • What are "skinny resumes" and do you want them in your company?

  • What data can you use to help you select and hire without bias to ensure you are getting the best people?

  • What retention strategies do you have in place?  What gets them in the door isn't necessarily what keeps you know what you need to do?

  • How often should you being doing performance reviews and what type of reviews should you be doing?


Our highly experienced panel will discuss these issues and other issues.  AceTech Ontario members can attend for free.  Just go to to register and input promotion code "AceTech" right under the ticket information when you order your tickets.  We look forward to seeing you on October 23rd at 7:30am.


The Panel:



Steve Pezim, Managing Director, Bedford Consulting 



1) Diane Dowsett, AVP Talent Management, LoyaltyOne

2) Cheryl Kerrigan, VP, Employee Success, Achievers

3) Josh Singer, President, Kognitive Marketing

4) David Lahey, CEO, Predictive Success and Author of "Predicting Success" 

Sticky Branding - Be Your Customer's First Choice

Duking it out with your competition is exhausting and unnecessary. Let your competitors fight over features and price. Your opportunity is to rise above the herd, and grow your company into a Sticky Brand.


Join us at our Quarterly Dinner on December 3rd as Jeremy Miller shares ideas, stories, and strategies on how to make your brand stand head and shoulders above your competitors and be your customers' choice.


Jeremy has spent time talking to some of our AceTech Ontario members, and knows your customers and your challenges.  You will gain practical, actionable ideas to make your brand stand out, attract customers, and drive sales.


Invitations will be coming out this month - be sure to register to attend!


(The talk is based on Jeremy's upcoming book, Sticky Branding - available January 2015) 

A Note From Our Sponsor

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