10 Dog Training Tips
Training is ongoing process

1.)   Listen to your dog - learn to read their body language as it is their way of communicating
2.)   Be generous with your affection - let them know when they have been good
3.)   Freedom - give it when it is earned and not before they are ready
4.)   Tell them what you want them to do - they can't read your mind
5.)   Be consistent - it is important not to send them mixed messages
6.)   Have realistic expectations - success takes time
7.)   Don't underestimate the benefits of high quality food for a happy and healthy dog
8.)   You get what you reinforce not necessarily what you want
9.)   Vary your rewards - treats, praise and touch are all rewards to a dog
10.) Practice training as part of their everyday routine (on a walk, at the park, etc.)

Annual Training
Rattlesnake Aversion

For those dog owners who live in rattlesnake country, the season has started early with the warm winter weather. It is recommended that you annually take a rattlesnake aversion class to ensure that your pet remains safe. The aversion training is highly effective. Max has personally taken the class and it worked well!

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