Ultrasonic Thickness Gages for all Applications
Our Principals M/s. JMD NDT Inc, USA & M/s. Tritex NDT, UK offers a series of ultrasonic thickness gages for almost all applications. From the affordable hand held Steel  Thickness Gage (STG) to the most advanced Corrosion Thickness Gage (CTG-DL & CTG- DL+) and Precision Thickness Gage(PTG-DL & PTG-DL+) on the market.  On Other hand Tritex NDT offer multiple echo and underwater thickness gages
Steel Thickness Gage (STG)
  • Thickness Range: 0.040"-20" (1mm-508mm)
  • 2-Point Calibration
  • Q-Bar to confirm measurement stability
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • IP54 Rated Case
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CorrosionThickness Gage (CTG)
  • Simultaneous display of Thickness & COLOR A-Scan (in DL+)
  • Echo to Echo mode to ignore the paint or coating thickness
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PrecisionThickness Gage
  • 0.0001”/0.001mm Resolution
  • Live COLOR A-Scan (in DL+)
  • Multiple modes for challenging application
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Through Paint Thickness Gages
  • Ignores coatings up to 6 mm thick using Multiple Echo. Coating Plus+ ignores coatings up to 20 mm
  • Displays measurements on a PC up to 1000m away
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Underwater Thickness Gages
  • Compatible with most ROV’s
  • Depth rating to 1000 m (3280’) and 4000 m (13,123’)
  • User selectable RS422 or RS232 output
We participated in Exhibitions / Trade Shows such as NDE 2016 (Non destructive evaluation), IPWE (Institute of permanent way engineers), ICEPIM (International conference & exhibition on pipeline integrity management),AARDT Pune,INE(India Nuclear Energy) 2016, Tube India 2016...
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