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Mopping Without Limits 

Bucketless Mopping System is ideal for wet mopping surfaces where buckets are impractical.Ready to cut loose from the mop bucket?  Eager to solve the dilemma of wet-mopping hard floor surfaces that are problematic to access, tricky to negotiate, or extremely long and narrow? 

Our bucketless mop system comes to the rescue. It breaks you free of the need to carry a bucket or change pre-charged mop heads, as the chemical dispensing unit is attached to the mop.

The time savings is tremendous, as bucketless mops  eliminate wringing, trips to a closet to refill a bucket, and the time to replace pre-charged microfiber mop heads.  You just push a button to release the cleaning solution and continuing mopping. 

Consider some of these areas where a bucketless mop is ideal: 
-           Wrestling mats (use with disinfectant between rounds)
-           Athletic weight rooms
-           Animal hospitals/exam rooms
-           Long, narrow hallways
-           Restaurant entries
-           Church pews
-           Gymnastic mats
-           Dorm rooms
-           Break-rooms

Check out our SSS NexGen Bucketless Mopping System with a Pocket Frame. The pocket configuration eliminates worries about hook fastener strips deteriorating or falling off, yet provides quick mop head changing while on the go. 

Other features include a "click-on, click-off" activation trigger, a 360ยบ rotating handle cap to reduce user fatigue, and removable dispensing bottle with large opening for easy filling of cleaning solution.


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