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Here's your end of week line-up of cool FREE stuff to read for the weekend. Also, a big thank you to our good friends at ServoCity for being our first official sponsor. They have tons of cool stuff too -- not quite as free, but close. Stop by and check 'em out, they're only a click away!    


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LED Matrix Cube


Build the 3D LED Matrix Cube

Construct this eye-catching 4 x 4 x 4 monochromatic LED matrix that will give you hours of enjoyment and entertainment. (This has been one of our most popular kits to date)

Servo City
From the tiny 2WD Peewee, to the powerful 4WD NOMAD, to the 6WD Runt Rover with an awesome rocker-bogie suspension, we've got you covered.  Plus, all the goodies (gripper kits, motor controllers, camera mounts) that you need to customize your bot!

Capacitors - The Family Tree
Which type is right for your project and why?

A capacitor is just a pair of conducting plates (electrodes) that are separated by an insulator (dielectric). When voltage is applied, electrons are forced onto one plate and removed from the other, charging the capacitor and creating an electric field between the electrodes. The electric field's energy is stored in the capacitor's dielectric. All capacitor types are just variations on this general theme.


AVR C Programming

AVR C Programming Workshop Series - Part 5  

Binary logic, bitwise operators, and more. 

Bitwise operators are critically important in microcontroller software. They allow us to do many things in C that can be directly and efficiently translated into microcontroller machine operations. In this episode, we're going to learn a bit about binary logic, bitwise operators, and more.

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Bipolar Transistor Cookbook
Practical oscillator and white noise waveform generator circuits. Part 5 of 8


The two most widely used types of transistor waveform generator circuits are the oscillator types that produce sine waves and use transistors as linear amplifying elements, and the multivibrator types that generate square or rectangular waveforms and use transistors as digital switching elements.      


Why not stop by our Tech Forum and lend your expertise to help solve someone else's tech problem, or maybe lend your problem to help someone else exercise their expertise? Either way, it's a Win Win!

TV Headphone Amp
Transistor As An STDT Switch
Bipolar vs. MOSFET
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