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H 2 Opus Midi Controlled Water Show

BASIC Stamp driven (4 in all), controlled by MIDI, has 36 valves, five servos, seven lights, three lasers, and a fog machine. H-2-Opus is the result of 2 years of learning, experimenting, and imagination!

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Transistor Clock
Return to the glory days of discrete components.

Build a digital clock using only transistors as the active elements. The final parts count is 194 transistors, 566 diodes, 400 resistors, and 87 capacitors. (A soldering job for the not so faint of heart)

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Question: How does one connect a single polarity voltage source to an op-amp that wants to see both a positive and a negative voltage supply?

AVR C Programming Workshop Series - Part 3
C Types, Operators, and Expressions

Last time, we wrote our first C Program and watched the LED light zip back and forth. Now, we'll look at AVR port input and output. And we will add an eight-bit DIP switch to our learning platform.

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Practical common-emitter and common-base amplifier circuits.
Practical common-emitter and common-base amplifier circuits. Part 3 of 8


The common-emitter amplifier (also known as the common-earth or grounded-emitter circuit) has a medium value of input impedance and provides substantial voltage gain between input and output.   


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