August 23, 2017

regionaltrainingregister: AEBG regional training
for 2017-18 Policy and data collection

The next 2017-18 policy and data collection trainings will take place Thursday and Friday in Bakersfield, with subsequent trainings scheduled through November. If you have not already registered for the regional training nearest you, visit the AEBG Regional Training page and click on the events you would like to attend. From there you can register.
These face-to-face trainings will cover all the new policy change for 2017-18. Day 1 of the trainings is for AEBG coordinators, data-entry staff, administrators and technical support and will focus on AEBG data and accountability, policy changes, program metrics, community college-specific changes and more.
(Note: At the first training, many consortia did not include their technical staff. It is important that you include individuals who will be working with the data submission process.)
Day 2 will be hands-on in the computer lab, with CASAS TOPSpro® Enterprise (TE) experts to walk you through reporting through TE. All AEBG members must use CASAS TE to report student data.

The questions and answers from the initial training have been posted on the regional training page. The Q & A will be updated as needed following each training.
To prepare for the training, we ask that regions:   
Upcoming regional trainings:

Aug. 17-18  Mt. Diablo (complete)
Aug. 24-25  Bakersfield
Aug. 29-30  North Orange County 
Sep. 26-27  Burbank
Oct. 5-6   San Mateo
Oct. 10-11  Sacramento 
Oct. 17-18  Vista (Northern San Diego)
Oct. 24-25  Madera
Nov. 7-8  Santa Maria
Nov. 15-16  San Bernardino

dataandaccountabilityAEBG OFFICE Beginning-of-the-year letter coming soon

Coming soon is the annual Beginning of the Year Letter from the AEBG Office. Be on the look out in the coming week for this letter with important information. 

Be sure to review the Aug. 1 legislative report,  Measuring Our Success: Data and Accountability Systems and Common Assessment in the California Adult Education Block Grant Programwhich outlines policy updates that will be referenced in the letter. 


AEBG Webinar Information:
  • The AEBG Office and the AEBG Technical Assistance Project (TAP) are hosting a series of webinars and events to provide professional development, technical assistance and important AEBG updates and information. Check the AEBG Webinar page for a complete schedule.
    • Wednesdays are designated for professional development 
    • Fridays are designated for policy/state updates 
  • Webinars will use Adobe Connect. After you register for the webinar at the link provided below, you will receive an email with directions about how to access the webinar. For those who cannot attend the live webinar, an archived recorded version will be made available on the AEBG website.
  • If you need help registering for or accessing the webinar, please call the AEBG TAP at 1-888-TAP-AEBG (888-827-2324). You also can email your questions in advance of the webinar to If questions arise at the time of the webinar, please call instead, as your email likely won't be seen once the webinar is underway.
What You May Have Missed This Summer

The school year is back in full swing and you may have missed some of the webinars we hosted this summer. There is no webinar this week so it is a good chance to view past webinars to gain insight, refresh your skills or learn something new. You can watch the webinar as well as download the presentations on the webinar page on the AEBG site. Below is a list of this summer's archived webinars.

educateelevateEducate & Elevate: How Effective Outreach Plans Lead to Maximizing Engagement

One of the key tasks of a regional consortium is to proactively attract a multitude of target audiences needed to engage with its vision and mission and/or its adult education programs and services. An outreach plan identifies the right strategies to help educate diverse target audiences about the mission of AEBG consortia and the value propositions of engagement - or how they stand to benefit from engaging with your consortium. AEBG target audiences include adult learners, employers and other key stakeholders, such as regional workforce partners, local and state legislators, the news media and funders, to name a few.
Engaging these different target audiences effectively is not a "one size fits all" in terms of strategies, messaging and the communication mediums used to ensure engagement. Here are three key strategies that Full Capacity Marketing will explore in its upcoming webinar about building an effective outreach plan:

  1. Understand your target audiences using multiple data points that provide insight not only from a demographic standpoint, but from a psychographic one as well. Psychographics help you undertand the key motivators for why a target audience will or will not engage with your adult education mission. The webinar will provide examples of specific adult education organizations and how they use these data points to gain insight into target audiences.
  2. Create a tailored message for each target audience that identifies how adult education can solve a "pain point" or challenge, followed by a specific call to action and the benefit(s) for engagement. The webinar will share a communication platform formula to create effective messaging for various target audiences.
  3. Use communication mediums that resonate with your target audiences. The webinar deconstructs the difference between a B2C (business to consumer) and a B2B (business to business) audiences and the different print, electronic and social mediums that resonate with each. 
If your consortium has struggled to proactively engage various target audiences, don't miss this webinar, which will provide a step-by-step roadmap for developing an outreach plan and examples of how adult education organizations have applied the process successfully to maximize engagement with adult learners, employers and key stakeholders. During the webinar, the AEBG Educate & Elevate Campaign Toolkit will be unveiled to support AEBG consortia members in tailoring communications tools for their regions.  Click here to register.

directoreventconsortia Director Event Oct. 12-13

If you haven't already, please reach out to your consortium lead to learn more about the Oct. 12-13 consortia director event, which will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento.

An invite with registration instructions went out to AEBG consortium leads and directors. The purpose of the event is to discuss program guidance for the 2017-18 school year, and attendance is limited to only consortium directors/leads. This collaborative training will equip consortium directors with the information they need to confidently assume the leadership role in implementing AEBG policy changes in their region, including changes related to accountability measures and the definition of member effectiveness. Consortium leads will receive results from the field team policy work. After the training, participants will be prepared to lead and support regional activities including program and fiscal management.

savethedate save the date: third annual AEBG summit Jan. 22-23, 2018

The third annual AEBG Summit will be held Jan. 22-23, 2018, in Southern California. The location will be announced soon. The summit will include several representatives from each consortium and will cover a wide range of topics. More information, including presenters, topics, and registration, are forthcoming.