August 3, 2017

Educate & Elevate: Regional Profiles in Process


A reminder that the following items are past due:
  • Was due Monday (7/31) in the expense and reporting system:
    • 2015-16 Period 4 - Activities July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017 expenses and progress report (online certification required)
    • 2016-17 Period 2 - Activities July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 expenses and progress report (online certification required)
  • Was due Tuesday (8/1) in TOPSpro® Enterprise: final year-end data submission for the 2016-17 PY

A reminder that the following item is due soon:

  • Due Aug. 15 in AEBG web portal
    • 2017-18 annual plan
Important Links:


Aug. 9 Webinar: OTAN Resources for Adult Education

Time: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Description: This webinar will feature online teaching resources to support many of the AEBG program areas and will be hosted by staff members of the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network for Adult Educators (OTAN). These resources include online tools for preparing classroom activities, and a database with hundreds of sites to use with adult learners will be shared. All resources provided in this webinar are free and available on the OTAN web site.

Aug. 11 Webinar: Review of the Annual Plan

Time: 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

AEBG Webinar Information:
  • The AEBG Office and the AEBG Technical Assistance Project (TAP) are hosting a series of webinars and events to provide professional development, technical assistance and important AEBG updates and information. Check the AEBG Webinar page for a complete schedule.
    • Wednesdays are designated for professional development, 
    • Fridays are designated for policy/state updates. 
  • Webinars will use Adobe Connect. After you register for the webinar at the link provided below, you will receive an email with directions about how to access the webinar. For those who cannot attend the live webinar, an archived recorded version will be made available on the AEBG website.
  • If you need help registering for or accessing the webinar, please call the AEBG TAP at 1-888-TAP-AEBG (888-827-2324). You also can email your questions in advance of the webinar to If questions arise at the time of the webinar, please call instead, as your email likely won't be seen once the webinar is underway.

If you haven't checked out the latest AEBG Progress Report, click here to view the eMagazine. The team from Full Capacity Marketing is working on another online eMagazine that will highlight each of the AEBG consortia as part of the Educate & Elevate campaign, launching in October. 
T he goal of the California campaign is to tell the story of the impact that AEBG is having by highlighting individual student and employer success stories, consortia innovations and data and results - and to ensure that this information reaches stakeholders in a strategic, coordinated manner. If you still haven't had a chance to check out the kickoff webinar on this topic, please find it at this link to review all of the toolkit items and strategies for this campaign.
To make sure that your regional consortium shines in the new eMagazine, Full Capacity Marketing will be developing a draft narrative for each consortia's review. These drafts will include the following: 1) an introduction section detailing geographic and economic factors, a listing of members and the consortium's mission statement;   2) key factors related to the regional economy from the demand-side perspective and what employers want and need; 3) regional labor force identifying the adult learner population and the need for adult education; and 4) key innovations and successes for each consortium.
Drafts will be sent to each regional consortium for review and input on Aug. 16, due back with any edits and changes by Aug. 31.

SavetheDateSave the date: AEBG regional training
for 2017-18 Policy and data collection

Save the date for regional face-to-face trainings that will cover all the new policy changes for 2017-18. These two day trainings will be held at various locations across the state.  More detailed information, including address, time, registration process, and agenda will be released soon.

Who should attend:  AEBG coordinators, data entry staff, administrators, and technical support.

Overview of training: Day one will focus on AEBG data and accountability, policy changes, program metrics, community college specific changes, and more. Day two will be hands-on in the computer lab, with CASAS TOPSpro® Enterprise  (TE) experts to walk you through reporting through TE. All AEBG members must use CASAS TE to report student data. It is critical that your program, data, and technical staff attend this training.

Aug. 17-18  Mt. Diablo
Aug. 24-25  Bakersfield
Aug. 29-30  North Orange County 
Sep. 26-27  Burbank
Oct. 5-6   San Mateo
Oct. 10-11  Sacramento 
Oct. 17-18  Vista (Northern San Diego)
Oct. 24-25  Madera
Nov. 7-8  Santa Maria
Nov. 15-16  San Bernardino

article4AEBG Field Teams Update

All White Papers and Meeting Documents Posted

All white papers and meeting documents related to field team work have been posted to the AEBG Field Teams webpage . We will continue to post new items here as they become available.
The AEBG Office established the three field teams - the Data and Accountability Committee, the CTE Assessment Committee and the ABE/ASE/ESL Committee - to develop  recommendations related to adult education data tracking, definitions, assessment and accountability reporting. Their recommendations were used in developing a policy paper that currently is being finalized for submission to the legislature. The policy changes will be shared with the field during the above-scheduled regional trainings.