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Special Invitation for YOU!


You are receiving this message because last Halloween Season you visited the web site of THE MORTUARY HAUNTED HOUSE and requested that we keep you updated on special upcoming deals reserved just for our most special visitors like you.


Very soon, the screams and laughs coming from the 6th Annual ALL NEW MORTUARY will begin and as a past guest, we want to make sure that you have a chance to be part of the fun again.  This year's show will be even bigger and better than ever and it's only fair that our very best customers like you get the best tickets and the best prices available.


That's why we're sending you this note...  To share with you a special offer for the coming season of THE MORTUARY HAUNTED HOUSE. This deal is being shared with only a select group of the best fans that we have here at THE MORTUARY.


This promo is not available on our web site or in any of our advertising. This deal will not only save you money but it will keep you eligible for special future promotions for you and your friends.

The only catch is that there is a limited number of the promo codes available and it does require that you buy your ticket in advance and on the internet using the promotion code listed below. So you do need to decide quickly.  We know that this promo codes for pre-season ticket deals will be sold out in just a couple of days.

Not only is this a great opportunity to purchase advance discount tickets for THE MORTUARY this year, but we have decided to let you share this special promotion with your friends.  So you can either buy tickets for your friends or you can forward this note to your friends and make sure they get the same deal you do.  Either way everybody can win while the promo code lasts.


Click below and use the promo code while it lasts for a great deal for THE MORTUARY.


As a returning guest of The Mortuary Haunted House, we have a couple of really good early bird offers for you...


1.       When ordering your tickets online, type in the promotional code "MORTUARY" and you will receive $10 OFF the Regular Ticket price of admission.  A great thing about this discount is that unlike coupons, you can use this ticket any night we are open, including Saturdays, through October 13th. 


2.       If you'd prefer to come on a peak night (when crowds are big) and skip the lines in celebrity fashion, then type in "MORTUARY" to receive $10 OFF the online purchase price of our VIP FAST PASS. This means you can advance purchase VIP FAST PASSES for almost the same price as a regular ticket.


The above discount codes will expire when the doors to The Mortuary officially open on Friday act fast as quantities are limited. 

Remember, tickets purchased using the above discounts can be used on any night of operation through October 13th during the 2012 buy now and save!

    Click Here to Buy Tickets Now - $10 OFF Regular Tickets! 

    Click Here to Buy Tickets Now - $10 OFF VIP FAST PASS!


If you need more details about THE MORTUARY, click on Don't delay and be sure to use the promo code (if it's available) when you buy your tickets online.


What's NEW This Year!


The Legend Of The Mortuary 2012


Ladies and gentlemen.... and victims of all ages...Welcome to the dark fantastic... This is Cirque Du Fear... The bloodiest show on earth.


You've entered, the sideshow most sinister, circus of the bizarre. Stroll along the midway and behold acts from the far reaches of the globe at the Cirque Macabre. Cast your eyes upon monstrous creatures of the night; cruel oddities of nature; and of course, the twisted laughter of clowns, clowns, and more clowns.


Experience the Dark Theater, a mysterious Vaudeville stage of ancient magic and mystery, hidden from the eyes of the outside world; where master magicians gather to chant sinister incantations, unleashing ancient horrors to haunt the realm of the living every Halloween.


Speak with the gypsy fortune teller and learn of things yet to come... but be warned there is a price. She is surrounded by the cries of wolves and protected by the moonlight curse of the LYCAN. You'll have no future.


You'll discover vampires who dwell deep within forbidden crypts; lost souls who are trapped between this world and the next; zombie corpses caught between the realms of the living and the dead, forsaken and cursed to forever thirst for blood.


Marvel in awe and dismay at jaw dropping, death defying acts of fear where you'll teeter on the edge of survival. Games of chance await you where you'll face Death himself.


And now, the Cirque du Fear has come to The Mortuary, a place where restless spirits echo in the dead of night. The Cirque's Ringmaster has died tragically in an unexpected sideshow accident.  Our resident Master Magician of the macabre, Dr. Terminus, needed a victim... I mean volunteer for his latest act. Little did he know he would end up in... shall we say...  pieces? Witnesses say that after his death, they heard the undeniable laughter of a sadistic clown. Being here in New Orleans, where better to bring the Ring Master's corpse than The Mortuary for preparation and funeral services. His minions gather to pay their "last respects."  Unfortunately for you, Master Ravencroft has more sinister plans for the creatures of the Cirque du Fear!


The time has finally arrived. Our show is ready to begin. Allow me to introduce our new Ring Master, the Minister of the Macabre, Wrathbone the Clown!





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