NY Mother Arrested for Homeschooling!
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Cruise Around Manhattan at AERO Conference

We are organizing a 2 1/2 hour cruise around Manhattan on Wednesday, August 2nd, followed by a fair of local New York alternatives in the evening, during registration at the conference site, LIU/Post on Long Island.

From the cruise information:
"This is the only sightseeing cruise in New York City to completely circumnavigate the island of Manhattan, with all the stunning views, insightful narrative and unforgettable experiences you want from a tour of NYC.
You heard right, this is a complete Manhattan Island tour, and our Best of NYC cruise is the only way to see all five boroughs - Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx - in one trip. Plus, you'll see all three NYC rivers, all the major bridges and the rest of the city's best sights, including the full Manhattan skyline, the growing Brooklyn waterfront, the legendary Yankee Stadium, the hip Harlem Heights waterfront, the lush greenery of upper Manhattan and the stately George Washington Bridge All of that plus an up-close with the Statue of Liberty! Our world-famous tour guides tell the story of New York City as you journey around the full island and enjoy the best sightseeing tour NYC has to offer!"
Includes Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Intrepid, etc.
We need to get an idea how many people would be interested in taking the cruise, which would go by 100 iconic Manhattan sights. Please reply to this newsletter if you are interested. We are not asking for a commitment at this time.  But we must know now about how many people are interested in going so we can get a good group rate, which will be about $35 each! Those who reply will get first priority if there is a waiting list. 

You can still register for the early bird rate of $225 for the rest of February. If you have applied to be a presenter you can register at the sale presenter rate of $175, which is also the student and volunteer rate. 

Joanna Faber to be AERO Presenter
Her Mother Co-wrote "How to Talk so Children Will Listen." She Just Wrote a Follow-up Book
I first heard about the book, "How to Talk so Children Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will Talk" about 50 years ago. The book has sold millions of copies. My mother was a good friend of one of the authors, Elaine Maslish, who wrote the book with Adele Faber. Now Faber's daughter, Joanna, who grew up experiencing her mother's ideas, has written a best selling follow-up book, "How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen, a Survival Guide to Life with Children 2-7." We are fortunate to have just arranged for Joanna to be a major presenter at the upcoming AERO conference. She wrote the book with Julie King, who also grew up in my community and is the daughter of one of my mother's fellow piano teachers.  JM
Joanna Faber grew up in the Long Island home/laboratory of internationally acclaimed, best-selling author and parent educator Adele Faber. Her father was a leading educator and director of innovative guidance programs in the New York City Public Schools. Joanna was graduated from SUNY Purchase in 1981 with a degree in Language and Culture, which included a year of study in Mexico. Convinced that she could use her unique background in language and communication skills to inspire children in the classroom, she went on to earn a degree in Education from Lehman College.

She taught elementary school children at PS 161 in West Harlem for 10 years while completing post-graduate work in math and science at the City College of New York. During this time her bilingual, special education students published books of poetry and stories, wrote and performed plays, started a school newspaper, and won top honors in the district-wide science fair two years in a row. Joanna was selected as an outstanding teacher in her science teacher education program at City College and sent to Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh to share her expertise with other inner-city teachers in a series of workshops on middle school science. She contributed heavily to her mother's most recent award winning book, How To Talk So Kids Can Learn - at Home and in School, with her frontline experience in the classroom. She recently contributed a new section titled The Next Generation to the 30th anniversary edition of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk.

Joanna lectures on communication skills around the country, from Columbia Teacher's College in New York, to the Marion County Children and Family Department in Oregon, and conducts workshops based on her mother's work and her own experiences as a parent and educator. These workshops have enabled many parents and teachers to have less stressful, more joyful relationships with children. Her own book, entitled "How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen" was just released by Simon and Schuster in January of 2017.

Joanna lives in Putnam Valley, NY with her husband, three children, dogs, cats and an assortment of chickens.

You can still register for the early bird rate of $225 for the rest of February. If you have applied to be a presenter you can register at the sale presenter rate of $175, which is also the student and volunteer rate
Was Buffalo Mom Jailed Over Homeschooling Decision?
By Hannah Buehler

Single mother Kiarre Harris started researching homeschooling last November. She says her two elementary school aged children weren't excelling at their failing Buffalo Public Schools.
"I felt that the district was failing my children and that's when I made the decision to homeschool," she said.
Harris says she filed documents at Buffalo City Hall, following all the steps, informing the district of her intent to homeschool her children. According to documents she provided to 7 Eyewitness News, they're dated December 7th and the district says it received her paperwork.

Read the rest here.
For My 5-Year-Old: The Story of a Progressive school in the While House 100 Years Ago!
By Mimosa Jones Tunney

If you think today's debate about Trump's DeVos or public schools is new or even relatively recent (say in the last 3 decades), you'd be off by about 109 years. And in a bit of irony, it's good to point out that public school education was actually born from one and only one mother: the Illinois State Charter. Where after they gave everyone in the state the right to vote (not women or black people, but y'know everyone else, mainly non-property owners) they had a problem. The state needed to educate those folks for fear they would pick the wrong guy in free elections (Hi, Trump detractors).

Read the rest here.
School of Me: Letting Students Study What They Want, When They Want Is The Latest Education Trend

By design, some students go through two years of kindergarten in Middletown, New York.

People associate repeating grades with disastrous consequences. But in the Middletown City School District, the kindergarten repeaters often end up ahead of their peers in later grades - standout students who avoided getting forever labeled as performing "below expectations." They've had the extra instruction they needed, when they needed it. The district has worked to remove the stigma of being "slow," and has stopped moving children in lockstep through school in grade bands defined by age. They now focus on each child's individual needs.

"We have proven the fact that all children can learn - and can learn well - under the right instructional circumstances," said Kenneth W. Eastwood, the district's superintendent.

Read the rest here.
New Mini-Talk: Around The World in 18 Schools!
Roopa's talk takes us along on her year-long journey exploring innovative alternative models around the world (from a small learning community outside of Bogota to the widely known Green School in Bali; from progressive programs in New York to freedom-based learning outside of Bangalore). Join her in considering the strengths and challenges these alternative models face, while hearing insights from the educators behind them.

You can see the next mini-talks at the AERO conference August 2-6 in New York. The whole five day conference is still at the Earlybird rate of $225. Or you could catch the similar TED talks for only $8500 in Vancouver, except that this year is sold out!

You can see Roopa's mini-talk here.

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