Monthly Learning Center Meeting in Managua
The last Saturday of each month is dedicated to the Learning Center Program at the Wis/Nic Partners office in Managua ( see annual plan below).  With Mother's Day being one of the most important and honored holidays in Nicaragua, the May gathering was dedicated to Mother's and the educational component focused on Self-Esteem, an issue many women can relate to. 
45 participants represented 15 Learning Centers at the meeting.   

"Nice, these are pleasant moments that we spent with you.  Very interesting talk, helps us to realize at which level of self esteem we have, and in this way, improve teaching and sharing" 

Links to photos and more participant comments:   May Learning Center Mtg English    or 

Annual Plan for Learning Centers 2016
Next Quarterly Meeting June 18 

Stove Project Updates 
W/NP volunteers are working together to improve the health of women and their families who use open fires for daily cooking. While we cannot solve the country wide problem, we can make a difference for every stove that is improved and includes a chimney.  Click here for photos and installation of s tove #20 being installed at La Paz Centro with the help of volunteers from the UNI (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Managua). 
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