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Hey we all need some motivation to keep us going. Sometimes looking in the mirror gets us motivated to get off the couch and start moving. Sometimes seeing someone else do some amazing things can give us a sense of, "hey, maybe I can do that too". Check out the article on Belinda Yamashiro below and hopefully it will give you some inspiration and maybe motivate you to "try" that one thing you've been holding off on. Whatever your dream, your goal, now is the time. Go for it.

Upcoming temporary schedule / teacher changes:

Monday July 4th - No Classes. Happy Independence Day!

Special guest may drop by at Monday Morning Boot Camp. FIT superstar Brenda is about to bring baby Olivia into the World and wanted to drop by to say hi before the big day.

Summer Vacations and Travel
Stay Fit over the Summer
Travel and vacations are fun and give us a chance to have a change of pace but they don't need to derail our fitness programs. Boot campers know that the World is our gym and we can use the surrounding environment to get our workouts in.

In addition to the obvious vacation activities of walking/hiking, swimming, biking, recreational games like volleyball or soccer you can:
1) walk and explore
2) take the stairs (airports, hotels, etc.)
3) carry your suitcases 
4) use the hotel gym (see workout plans below)
5) go for a run
6) use the park benches or picnic tables for step ups and dips

Check out these two workouts you can take with you on your travels:

Check next week's FIT Newsletter for 2 more travel workouts
Don't forget you can request your FIT membership be put on vacation hold by sending a written notice of the dates that you will be out of town to
Member Spotlight

Congratulations to Belinda Yamashiro

        Belinda completed her first Olympic distance triathlon today

In the heat of the day, Belinda completed the Cal. International Triathlon in Pleasanton. She has completed a few sprint triathlons but this was her first at the Olympic distance. The event included a 1 mile swim through the churning lake waters from the thrashing of arms and legs of all the swimmers. Then it was on to a 26 mile bike ride through the town of Pleasanton and finally at the hottest part of the day a 10k (6.2 miles) run on a gravelly, hilly trail. Belinda completed the event in 4 hours and 17 minutes around 11:30 a.m. before some of us had finished ready the morning paper and having our coffee.

Belinda credits her fitness and confidence that she has gained with her training but says she needs to focus on running and hill training on the bike. Training is specific and Belinda plans on competing in a half Ironman in Tempe Arizona in October which will be hot and hilly.

Belinda says that the heat was a factor in todays race and she was not as hydrated as she should have been which sapped some of her strength and could have had devastating consequences. She advises those who are training or competing in the heat to start hydrating days before your event. 

Belinda also advises all of us to get out and go for your dreams whatever they may be. One of the things that attracts her to Triathlons is that "you are on your own, no one can help you finish the race, which makes the feeling of accomplishment all the more sweeter. I will never win these races or even place in my age group, but that is not the point. It's all about finding how much I can push myself to do something I never thought I was capable of."

FIT Members in Action

We like this exercise whether it's done in place as in the below video or in a traveling fashion. Butt kickers not only elevates the heart rate but also is a dynamic thigh stretch and activates all the running muscles. It can be used as a warm up, a running drill or for pure cardio work.
 FIT Member Suma has perfect butt kickers. Check out the knee and heel lift as Suma performs butt kickers in place.
Suma's perfect butt kickers
Suma's perfect butt kickers

FIT Nutrition
Clean Eating for Fat Loss

Download FIT's 5 Step Plan to clean Eating for Fat Loss
High School and College Students 
Students Get Fit over the Summer
 High School Students looking for great workouts? College Kids home for the Summer?

Sign them up for our Student Focus - $99/month for up to 3 classes per week.

Races and Race Prep
FIT Run Club
If you need advice on training for long runs, running faster times, tips and strategies, or  qualifing for races like the Boston Marathon, we can help.

The Tuesday morning run club is open to ALL Fit members as well as the community. Come and join us and invite your friends.

Tuesday mornings 6-7:00 a.m. at the Evergreen High School Track
FIT Referrals
 We can use your help. Refer your friends, neighbors, co-workers.

You may have noticed recent e-mails and text messages asking you to rate your experience at FIT classes. We are experimenting with some referral programs and appreciate your feedback. If you are asked to refer us on Facebook or Yelp, we would really appreciate it. A few words about your experience is very helpful and appreciated.
You can earn rewards and program discounts for referring your friends to our program.

Our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals. Thank you for helping us spread the word.
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Stay Focused and be great this week and every week: I am so proud of all of our FIT members for the hard work and dedication you put in each and every workout as well as they way you inspire each other. You are all the epitome of TEAM.


Mike Coleman
Focused Integrated Training
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