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 Soccer 40th Anniversary 




The Mount Pearl Soccer Association was formed in April, 1973 with a goal to organize "a summer of soccer" for children in our community, carrying on the work of the MP Kinsmen Club, and building an association respected throughout our province and across Canada.


Co-chaired by long time soccer volunteers, Ed Moyst and Mike Mooney, the 40th Anniversary Committee also included Executive members, Keith Smith, Dave LeGrow and Jeff Tiller. Project input and sub-committee functions brought together many present and past executive, and alumni members. Sub-committees were Ways & Means; Banquet; Souvenir Booklet; Archives Legacy & Photography; Communications; House League Invitational; All Star Invitational; and the Marathon Game. The initial mandate was simple: A) Acknowledge and recognize the long term existence of the association and the people and organizations who have and continue to dedicate seemingly endless hours and resources to ensure the existence and success of the MPSA; and, B) Bring well deserved awareness of this milestone, through effective promotion, to the community and beyond.


Throughout a very busy 2012 soccer season the Anniversary Committee planned additional events that would involve the Mount Pearl soccer community in the celebrations. A "Kick-Off Banquet" in March; a 40-hour, non-stop, marathon soccer event held at the Smallwood Turf Field in June 23 (including boys and girls minor house league and all star teams, male and female senior teams, and many alumni); and an All Star Invitational tournament in August.


Special 40th Anniversary projects included production of a souvenir book highlighting more than 40 years of Mount Pearl soccer with photos and articles of the teams and individuals responsible for the success of the MPSA. An "Alumni Scholarship Program" has been established with the generous support of Munn Insurance, which will be jointly administered by the MPSA Executive, Alumni and Munn Insurance. The scholarship, to be awarded annually for the next ten years, is established to recognize the contribution of youth to the MPSA and community, and to encourage their pursuit of post secondary education. Another major initiative is the formation of the "Archives Legacy Project" which will ensure the preservation and recognition of the MPSA as an organization, and its significance as a part of the larger community. The "Project" includes collecting, storing, cataloging and telling the MPSA story through digital archival photography and documentation. Included in the process of creating a permanent archive will be the establishment of a "Virtual Trophy Case" or "Legacy Showcase" to be located in the MPSA Clubhouse main room. This display will contain trophies, artifacts, memorabilia and interactive displays reflecting the MPSA culture over the past forty years.


Realization of this "Legacy" venture has been made possible through significant support from local representatives of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government, as well as private corporate sponsors, and of course the resources and mentoring of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA).


Oh yeah, just so you know no one is resting on their laurels, check out these highlights from the current program year...


Boys U16 Metro Champs

Girls NL Summer Games Champs

Boys U14 Provincial Champs

Girls U14 Provincial Champs

Girls U16 Provincial Champs


Way to go MPSA! Soccer continues to be alive and well, and our Soccer Association remains true to its commitment... youth first!


Congratulations, Mount Pearl Minor Soccer






Friday night's Bingo Bonanza was a great combined success for MP Skating, Synchro Swimming and Tennis Clubs. Congratulations, and thanks to all the volunteers and supporters who helped make it a fun and successful evening!
This was the first time that multiple sports combined resources to run bingo. This may be a sign of things to come! 



Sport Club News 


Mount Pearl Synchronized Swimming


New swimmers (ages 6-10) are invited to come and try two classes of synchronized swimming at no charge. For more information click here!


 Campia Gymnastics


Winter 2013 Pre-registration for those in classes during Fall 2012 will take place from Saturday, November 17th to Monday, November 26th

Open registration for Winter 2013 will begin at 9AM on Saturday, December 1st. For more information click here.


Minor Basketball


Registration is ongoing. Contact Geoff Phillips at 682-6184. For a registration form click here!


Marlins Swim Team


The Mount Pearl Marlins will be hosting an adult dance at the Reid Center on Saturday November 3rd. Tickets are $10 single, if you would like tickets please contact Tammy at

The Marlins look forward to some great racing when they attend the Fall Classic Swim meet at the Aquarena from Nov 10-12. The meet will be attended by clubs all over Newfoundland and Labrador and should be an exciting event for all swimmers! Good Luck to the Marlins!!!


Minor Hockey


 The Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association hosts its 20th Annual Christmas Tournament in December.  This Tournament has been a highlight on the minor hockey calendar in this province for a long time and has gotten stronger every year.  This year will feature 40 teams with almost 700 players from all over our province, making it the largest independent hockey event in all of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Come out this Christmas and see some great hockey played right here in our city!  The schedule will be available in late November on


Skating Club


The Mount Pearl Skating Club will be hosting its annual Christmas Invitational on Saturday Dec 15th, 2012. To see the announcement which includes categories offered and the entry form click here



Sports Hall of Fame


The Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1995 to recognize and honor individuals, teams and organizations for outstanding contributions to sport in our community, and serves to preserve the history of sport development in Mount Pearl, while inspiring future generations. There are currently 66 individual Sport Hall of Fame inductees and 6 teams named to the honor roll. For more program details Click Here! Nomination Forms available Here.

Deadline for Hall of Fame Nominations is October 31.


Congratulations to last years new inductees

Nellie Devereaux - Athlete/Builder

Gary Martin - Athlete/Builder

Janet Elaine Maher Athlete

Pat Okeefe Jr - Athlete

Don Kelly - Builder

MP 1990 Girls U-16 All-Star Soccer Team- Team Honour Roll


Nominations for Annual Athletic Awards


The Awards Program was created to recognize and honour outstanding achievements in sport in our community over the past year (2011).  For more information click here!
The Awards Committee is presently seeking nominations.


Congratulations to last years winners 


Female Athlete of the Year Award -   Deidre Rees, Rugby
Male Athlete of the Year Award - Dylan Moss, Baseball
Team of the Year Award - Mount Pearl Men's Masters Soccer Team

 Coach of the Year Award - Walt Mavin, Soccer

Peter Halliday Executive of the Year Award  - Gonzo Bennett, President, MP Minor Hockey Association.

Click here for more information on the 2011 Athlete of the Year Awards


Who, What, Where and When?



How many of these folks can you name? What year? What event?  
Give it a try! Respond to



Who is Roy Locke, Alliance Chair?



1. Where was your home growing up?

- Corner Brook.


2. What kind of things did you do as a kid?

- Street baseball, street hockey, swim. We didn't have school sports or gym classes until grade 9 when I became very active in sports such as volleyball, soccer and gymnastics. 


3. What was your first job? Any highlights? 

 - My first job was on the dock at Western Terminal where I worked in a hole loading pallets which were then lifted out of the ship by hoist. I was 14 at the time.


4. Tell us about your family( wife, children, etc.)

- I have been married to my wife Donna for 38 years and have 2 boys; Raymond and Justin. We have 4 grandchildren with the 5th due in April!


5. Tell us a bit about where you lived and worked over the years.

- Looking back, I had a very interesting life. During my high school years, I worked as a lifeguard in Corner Brook. After High school, I worked at Bowaters Pulp and Paper mill in almost every department until I decided I wanted to pursue a trade. I went to the Iron Ore Company in Lab City where I was hired as a Millwright apprentice ( had a nine month course from the Trade School).Then I moved to Leaf Rapids, Manitoba where I continued to work as a Millwright at the Sherritt Gordon underground mine. It was certainly a different world working underground. From Leaf Rapids I went to the White Shell Nuclear Research Station in Pinawa, Mabitoba. Working inside a nuclear reactor is something only a few people have on their resumes. My final job, up to retirement, was in International Union Representative. Go figure you say, how does one go from a good job as a Millwright for the Federal Government to an International Union Representative. Well, I mentioned the word "challenge" and this last job was certainly a challenge and a whole story in itself.


6. When did you move to Mount Pearl?

- I moved to Mount Pearl in 1999.


7. What are some of your community activities since living in Mount Pearl?

  When I moved to Mount Pearl, I planned to retire from volunteer work. I had volunteered in every community I have lived in, from Cubs to sports and even as Mayor. My volunteer retirement was short. The City of Mount Pearl was ramping up for the Provinival Summer Games. I was asked to manage the golf event which I did. Then there was the Frosty Festival, City Days and Sport Alliance, I was right back into volunteering again.


8. When did you first get involved with Sport Alliance?

- I first got involved in the Sport Alliance during the Summer Games. After the Games I was a member of the Alliance Grants committee for 3 years and continued from there.


9. What challenges and opportunities do you see for youth sport in our community,  and how do you think the Sport Alliance will respond?

This is an interesting and challenging time for the Sport Alliance. Over the past 2 years, the Alliance Board has been developing a renewed focus in its approach to sports in the community. Under the direction of its member organization and the City, the Alliance developed a new strategic plan and business plan. We realized what was at stake, how to resolve it and build a stronger organization for the benefit of the whole community. We negotiated a new 3 year MOU with the City, having recognized the needed changes. The Alliance now has the tools to provide a much needed service to its sports. While individual sports concentrate on delivery of sports in the community, the Alliance Board Members focuses on training opportunities for the executives and volunteers to run effective meetings, organizations and to support sport development with fundraising, awards, programs and the Sports Hall of Fame. The Alliance continues to advocate on behalf of and in cooperation with the sports themselves, the City, Provinical and Federal Governments. As long as we continue to remember that "its about the kids" we will be successful.




Diamond Jubilee Medal 

Nomination Deadline Extended to Dec 31, 2012


In consultation with the Government of Canada, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities is launching a second round of nominations with a new deadline in order to open this honour to more Canadians.  This new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.  During the year of celebrations, 60 000 deserving Canadians will be recognized.


  1. The new deadline for nominations is December 31, 2012.  For more information on the Medal Program click here. Nominations are made by completing the nomination form at


Sobeys Gift Certificate Program


The Sobey's program is a great way to raise money for your child's sporting activities virtually hassle free! I usually raise in excess of $300 a year to pay for my child's soccer registration and help toward her synchronized swimming costs. All you have to do is purchase Sobeys Gift Certificates or Gift Cards from the Sport Alliance and we will put 4% of what you purchase in your child's sport account.


Thanks Sobeys for supporting childeren's recreational activities in Mount Pearl through the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance. For more information on this Program click here!



Brian Moss





The KidSport Program now provides sport grants to financially disadvantage youth to cover registration/participant fees and personal sport equipment. For more information and to apply for KidSport funding visit


                                                         Dates to Remember                                                      



October 31- Deadline for Sport Hall of Fame Nominations

October 31 - Halloween Party at Mount Pearl Intermediate 6:30 - 8:00 (no athletics that night).

November 3 - Marlin's Adult Dance

November 4 - Tennis AGM

November 18 - Special Olympics Bowling Fun Day

November 19 - Caribbean Cruise Prize Draw

November 22 - Alliance Board Meeting

November 23 - The City's annual Christmas party 

November 23-25 - NL Sport Centre Christmas Craft Fair
November 25- MP Soccer AGM

December 10 - Last day for Swimming

December 12 - Last athletics for Christmas Break

December 13 - Last Thursday Bowlnig for Christmas Break

December 15 - Special Olympics Christmas Dinner and Dance
December 16 - Last day of Floor Hockey and Gymnastics for Christmas Break
 December 17 - Last morning of Bowling 

 January 24 - Alliance Board Meeting 

December 6 - Alliance Christmas Social

 January 25 - Sports Hall of Fame & 2011 Athlete Awards Ceremony  

The Mount Pearl Sport Alliance was formed in 1995 to develop and strengthen a collaborative approach for the delivery of sport in Mount Pearl, providing more opportunities for participation and for maximum use of facilities and resources. It's all about youth sport groups working together to make sport all it can be. For more information visit Mount Pearl Sport Alliance.