From the Director...

Move Along
OK, But to where? In front of your neighbor's house? They would not be any more pleased to have me on the sidewalk in front of their house than you are. The storefront down the street? It is right around the street from a bar. I got peed on the last time I was there by young, drunk, oblivious party goers at 2 am.
The park? It is illegal to camp in SF and they enforce it in the park. I spent 3 days in jail last time (or got a citation I couldn't pay). The church (cathedral) steps? They've just hired not one, but two security guards to patrol the grounds and move us along.
The alley? It isn't safe. I had my wallet, and my shoes, stolen the last time I was there. To the encampment on Eddy Street? They are not accepting any newcomers afraid that if it gets any bigger the City will do a sweep.
To the city hall plaza? They play loud 'annoying' music all night long so I don't get any rest. To the shelters? My name is on the list. I am number 642.
To my family's? I am not safe there - that is why I am out here in the first place. Out of the city? I am one of the 70% who are actually from here. I don't know any other place and without any resources I will just be homeless there.
So here I am, in front of you. The shelters are full, the streets are dangerous and undignified.  "Move along.  It doesn't matter where you go - just move along." OK.  But. To. Where??

-Laura Slattery

Training Opportunity For Gubbio Volunteers

Join the staff for a First Aid Training
Tues, 11 Oct, 1:30-3 at St. Boniface.
Areas covered: seizures, cuts, burns, safety, 911 calls. To attend, RSVP to
(only for  those working in the churches or at the breakfasts)

Welcome to our new year-long volunteers: Drake & Laura!

Drake is a Vincentian Service Corps member, hails from Cleveland and comes to us from DePaul University in Chicago. He brings graphic design skills and a huge heart to the work and will work as a Hospitality Monitor and Media Coordinator.
Laura is a Catholic from Germany who comes to us as a Brethren Volunteer through the Mennonite Volunteer Program. A win for Ecumenicism to be sure! Laura will work as a Hospitality Monitor and Outreach Coordinator.
Fran Guijarro has been a collaborator and a volunteer with the Gubbio Project for the past 5 years, filming sections of his documentary film, Moses, which will be released in July 2017, making frittatas to serve at breakfast, and now recording guests stories for the project "Stories Behind the Fog."
Read about Charles...
Thanks, Goodbye, and Good luck to Carlos!
Carlos Avila started at Gubbio part-time as janitorial help in 2009.  He was quickly promoted to Hospitality Monitor given his ability to compassionately meet the guests where they were, a position he has held for the last 7 years!  Carlos leaves us to assume additional responsibilities (with the goal of becoming Assistant Manager!) at the hotel that he has worked, as well, for the last 7 years.  Good luck, Carlos, and thank you for modeling humane and loving accompaniment of our brothers and sisters on the street. 

Call for Supplies!

The Gubbio Project needs your help!
We are in need of coffee mugs and socks at St. John's at 1661 15th Street, you can drop items off Monday-Friday between 6 AM and 12 PM.

The Gubbio Project