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We are making some exciting progress in opening our first restoration home for trafficked survivors! 

We are raising $100,000 to fund our first home and  so far we have reached $32,000 of that goal ! This would not have been possible without YOU, our supporters! Because we have made such great progress in 2015, we have been working on a few projects that we believe will be  critical in helping us reach our final goal . Here are some updates on what we have been working on.


In an effort to spread more awareness and help further our mission, we have renovated our entire website! We've streamlined our content, added new details and information, and also provided multiple ways for our supporters to take action to help restore trafficked survivors. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, we invite you to do that today by clicking on the link! We would love your feedback and suggestions either by email or by sharing a comment on our social media. Your voice matters to us!


In today's technological and social media age, we have seen the impact and growing popularity of peer to peer fundraising (also known as crowdfunding). People see a cause that they are passionate about, set up a fundraising page to raise money for that cause, and finally, share it with their friends and family through social media and email.  Peer to peer fundraising has to power to exponentially multiply your giving impact simply by inviting others to join with you in your giving.  We are excited to share that we have implemented some new peer-to-peer fundraising tools on our website! In a matter of minutes, you can set up a fundraiser for trafficked survivors and every donation made to your fundraiser will go directly to Redeeming Love. More specifically, to getting our first home open. No hassle of transferring funds on your end and we provide all the automatic communication templates for you to share with your people as well as thank them for donating! Now, inviting others to join you in supporting a cause that you care about could not get any easier! Would you consider starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser for us this holiday season?

Stay tuned to hear more about this exciting annual day of philanthropy and how Redeeming Love is joining in with over 40,000 other nonprofits around the world to help usher in the ultimate season of giving. YOU can join in too!  #GivingTuesday #ThePowerofFive

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