Ego eradiactor


You can find me teaching

19 March, this Saturday 815 am 

at 2100 New Hampshire Ave NW

Washington, DC

just north of U Street  

entrance on New Hampshire, the Augustan Chuch


We will celebrate the Spring Equinox, the Full Moon, and send healing and love to our brothers and sisters in Japan!


in Vietnam April 2/3 at   

Zenith Yoga Hanoi 

April 9th at  

The Deck, Ho Chi Minh City(Saigon)

April 10th at Soham, Ho Chi Minh City 


Keep Up, Enjoy and see you in class!

Much Love and Many Blessings!  

Elizabeth Gurumukh East 


Kundalini Kriya for Stress or Sudden Shock Relief

To begin:
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, 3 x

This is a meditation to balance the left and right hemisphere as a result of Stress or Sudden Shock


Practice of this kriya will allow you to stay balanced under stress or great shock, keeping your nervous system steady.

Sit straight either in easy pose or on a chair with a feeling that your heart/spine are elevated, not slumped over.

Rest the back of the right hand in the left palm, both facing up.
The thumb tips press together and the thumbs pull toward the body.
The hands are about one inch above the navel and the arms are comfortably by the sides, elbows bent.
Look at the tip of your nose, eyes 9/10 closed.

Chant 3x on one breath in a monotone voice:
Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam
Wahe Guru

That's 6x sat nam, 1 wahe guru - x 3 on one breath.
Go a speed you can handle.
11 to 31 minutes.
At the END, inhale deep, suspend the breath as you reach up and stretch your arms to maximum. Exhale arms down.
Do this 3 times.

End with 3 long Sat Nams.

Feel free to teach this to anyone and everyone!

Love, Light, Peace

Interested in a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher training?

Dates are below, right. Includes 2 workshops with Gurmukh of Golden Bridge.

More Information at our  Teacher Training page at the yoga house website.

Please register no later than April 1st.

Thanks and Sat Nam!

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Making sense out of chaos

Where can I go and what can I do to feel safe now? 


How can we wrap our minds around the power of a tsunami? The complete and utter destruction of things our minds consider solid and immutable? How do we understand that a nuclear reactor might explode and spew poison over Japan, a land we associate with a unique Zen pristine beauty? How do we understand that thousands of people perished in a matter of hours through no fault of their own?


The truth is there is no rational sense to be made of these recent events; this sort of profound and immediate change is not something the mind considers as normal, any more than a miracle of healing is treated as normal.


For many, these events will compound feelings of fear, anger, frustration, craziness, cynicism and people will ask themselves: Where can I go and what can I do to feel safe now?


This is where our knowledge and experience of our hu-man (light mind) consciousness is so important! This is when having a technology like Kundalini Yoga which allows us access to our neutral mind - where we feel safe in our body - is so paramount to our success as a spirit having a human experience.


I believe the only way to feel safe and have peace with these recent events is to tune our mind to a point of view that understands the scope of time and space, the length and breadth of humanity that goes way beyond one person's lifetime.


If our frame of reference includes an understanding of time immemorial, a world that included dinosaurs, an Ice Age, maybe even a flood that covered most of the planet, and crazy wars waged to prove a narrow belief paradigm - only then might we begin to understand the smallness of the ego's frame of reference within the hugeness of infinite time and space.


Are we limited by an ego definition? Or are we infinite truth embodied, are we Sat Nam? You can choose how you want to approach your time on planet earth.


The beauty of relating to life as INFINITE and HUGE is that we get to play in this arena and understand that the part of us that is also INFINITE and HUGE is going to be fine even if we have to stand in the terror of nuclear fallout.


Whether we believe in a god or spirit - we can believe in the power of the human spirit, what we've stood for in all our best moments and creations - these moments of clarity are part of our light mind consciousness and this part of our collective consciousness does not die!


I completely believe in the power of the mind to create mass, to change the vibration of our current time and space through our focus and belief structure. This is what we are learning through a practice - we may get to this awareness through asana, but it's not about the asana (physical posture)! 


It is about the discipline - disciple of Self - that keeps us coming back every day to train our mind, our awareness, this is our true power that we cultivate through yoga.


Refraining from alcohol, drugs, meat and other poisonous foods - this process is part of that refinement of our own energy that allows us the clarity and neutrality to "see" the change we want to make in ourselves. Keeping our consistent practice gives us the fortitude to make the change gracefully. Make the change within and let the ripple move out from you, rather than trying to change others or things around you first.


I believe it is paramount for those of us who can take our mind into these realms to understand that having such clarity does not minimize our compassion for those going through a painful time, nor does it give us permission to be dismissive about the intensity of our or others' suffering - and it definitely does not allow us to "space out" and pretend we are not impacted by the general feeling of fear that exists among our species. Of course we are!


Instead what each of us must do now is to be completely honest with ourselves, to realize where we need help and where we can help. If you had lost your home, and maybe a loved one in the last week and perhaps all of your income stream, you would be very stressed! And just telling folks 'it will be ok' is not enough. You might have to share your home, your food, your bathroom, your income your EVERYTHING at some stage.


This will be so hard for each of us to do! But just because it is hard doesn't mean we won't be able to do it if we need to. 


We need to be prepared to do that much - and this is where the rubber hits the road folks - are we really willing to do something that causes us personal loss, discomfort? I am realizing more and more how narrowly we are trained to focus our energies - go to the best school, get the best job, be the most this or that - REALLY? What happiness has that given most of us? I see it shrinking our resources by dividing and conquering.


I did all that too, and just as with everyone in our society, I have to retrain my mind to give more - and to figure out the best way to serve. This is the message you will hear more and more from many people - figure out your life purpose and get on it! It will be to serve in some way and if you are listening, you will begin to hear it loudly.


When I've done White Tantric Yoga in the past I've often had the image of sitting in a meditative pose and seeing people running around me, screaming and there are bombs and fires exploding all around me. But I've been sitting there calm, holding space within the chaos.


We will all have our roles to play, but I feel this is one of mine - to hold a calm space in the midst of others' chaos, without reacting. I know each of you now realizes that we create a lot more drama and fuss about our bodies and our possessions than we probably need to. We have made these things more real than our minds' creativity and our love of each other.


This tsunami reminds us that these things we treasure so much are not as lasting as our hu-man spirits. 


I love my things and my comforts too - and I am grateful to the core I've been so blessed in this lifetime with prosperity, energy and intelligence and so much ease. But more and more I understand that what the great Yogis say is true - we are fooling ourselves if we think we really own anything, that anything we have is permanent or will be lasting - and unless we understand this, we will indeed suffer. If we do get it, we can let a personal tsunami come, and go, with less destruction.


A divorce, a death, a disease - these are personal tsunamis and we will all experience these at some point. What pain we humans experience! And yet we thrive, how cool is that?


I teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation because I've never seen any other technology give such immediate relief and help to so many. And because it WAKES US UP.


As we approach this Spring, and this Aquarain Age, these times that we've been hearing about for so many years now, I am feeling so awake! So sensitive and yet steady at the same time.  


I invite you to join me in this quest to drop illusions about self, ego, need, and to re-examine what you think brings you a true sense of safety.


THANK YOU to all of you that are also on this path for all you do.


I want to say a word about the murder that happened at the Lululemon Bethesda store last weekend. My heart goes out so much to that community as they are being asked to understand at a very personal level why bad things happen to good people.


Lululemon has done much to bring our yoga community together, all over the world. Yoga House taught classes a couple of different months at the P Street location, and I know Katie still teaches Acro at the Georgetown location - all these classes are donated by teachers and free to the public. This is a great service and I know that each employee of Lululemon helps to make this happen.


I just want to remind us all that where there is great light, there is also shadow. It's our responsibility to keep shining the light, even when it seems impossible to do so. 


ALL THE GREAT TEACHERS over time have stood to REMIND US of who we really are, that WE ARE INSPIRED BEINGS WITH FULL CREATIVE POTENTIAL  - and we are not to shrink in the face of a tsunami or a murder!


I am teaching Kundalini yoga and training as many of you that want to learn with me so that you too can be ready to support yourself and others in what is sure to be a heady ride in the next few decades.


I am feeling blessed to have the opportunity to visit Nicole Moodie, a graduate of Yoga House Studio's Kundalini Teacher Training and to teach Kundalini yoga in Hanoi at Zenith Yoga! And to stay with Kati Farkas, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and her lovely family in Saigon and teach yoga at The Deck and Soham Yoga.

Many thanks to Michelle Lloyd and Marzena for making this happen!  


So many of you travel or have friends that live abroad, please let them know I will be there! I will post from the road too as there's a good chance I will also teach in Bali the last half of April. 


A lot of change is afoot - so steady yourself, keep your daily practice and enjoy the ride in each moment, whether you are rolling up or falling down, as there's no other way to fully live dear Ones.


I hope to see you THIS SATURDAY at the 2100 New Hampshire location. Classes will continue Saturday morning while I am away, led by Ken. I'll see you there again on April 31st! 


With Love and Respect to you all, Sat Nam

Elizabeth Gurumukh






Teacher Training Dates -  

Training to be held in Marriottsville, Maryland

at Sacred Healing Hands 


May May 6, 7, 8


May 20, 21, 22


June 3, 4, 5


July 8, 9, 10


2 Gurmukh of Golden Bridge Workshops - July 16th and 17th 


Aug12,13, 14


August 26, 27, 28


we will meet on one more day in September, decided upon and agreed by all participants, to celebrate graduation and by which time all homework and yoga classes are to be complete.


Cost is $2860 plus books, max $300. Please secure your registration with a $500 deposit by April 1st.  Price subject to change after April 1st, so don't wait! 


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