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 December  2016


The year started with a great deal of anticipation for the upcoming election we were facing.  It was an amazing time.  Never in the few years I have been involved in campaigning did we work so hard for our candidates.  Some of us going out of state to make calls, knock on doors and get out the vote, to a record number of MVRC Volunteers in action throughout the election cycle. 
In April we  secured our headquarters in Upland and began signing up volunteers to help with Get Out The Vote (GOTV).  We had debate parties, rallies on the street and almost all the candidates addressed our members, all in anticipation of what was happening in our sphere of influence and all over the Nation.
By the June primary we had our Presidential nominee, Donald J Trump,  and the race was on to STOP Hillary Rodham Clinton in her tracks.  We were ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work and work we did.  We walked over 6,000 homes from Upland to San Dimas and made over 5,000 phone calls.  We had 100's of visitors to our Headquarters, resulting in new volunteers and members, including  a great group of Trump supporters called the Trumpeters.
We donated 100 Trump signs to the San Bernardino Republican Party, while distributing over 2,000 signs ourselves.
There was one slight "hiccup" in 2016, when the Republican Party of Los Angeles (RPLAC) could not find the original  paperwork that was filed 10 years ago, and chose to challenge the status of the Club as a "Chartered Club".   The Club submitted  information to validate it's Charter, but a ruling on reinstating the Charter would not be taken up until after the election.  To the credit of the Club which has proven year after year, it is an active Republican Club, San Bernardino County Central Committee bestowed its  official "Recognition" status upon the MVRC.  That status is in essence equivalent to a charter from RPLAC.  Thus, the Club remained as an official club of the Republican Party.
Club members worked hard on "Getting Out The Vote"  (GOTV)  for Paul Chabot, Marc Steinorth, Mike Morrell, Mike Antonovich, Casey Higgins, Glenn Bozar, Dan Morgan and Kathryn Barger.  We ran a huge petition effort to stop unlawful bills challenging our 2nd Amendment rights with Gunmageddon.  We helped fight against corrupt campaigns in Fontana and Upland by helping to bring attention to illegal campaign manipulation by two questionable PAC's.
As for the club, we prospered with generous donations that will be the basis for funds for a HQ in 2018, Governor's race and 2020 Presidential race.  
I'm still in awe of all we accomplished.  Jon Hart and Lurene McLain deserve our thanks for organizing all our members and volunteers for making phone calls and walking door to door.   Thank you all for your contributions to making this a most successful election year. 
In 2016, our club was lucky enough to have two members go to the Republican National Convention:  Donna Lowe and Linnie Drolet.  We are also lucky enough to have a group from the Inland Empire and East Los Angeles County going to the Inauguration in January.  These ladies, all activists, are paying their own way to celebrate the swearing in of President Donald Trump.  Congratulations to:  Donna Lowe, Linnie Drolet, Kathy Ponce of Fontana Tea Party, Jackie Siefferman and Grace Germany of Redlands Tea Party, and yours truly, Judi Neal.  Receiving personal invitations from Donald J Trump were friends Agnes Gibboney our speaker in October and Sabine Durden, both Angels Moms who Mr. Trump featured on stage at several campaign rallies. 
I wish to personally thank my board.  If it weren't for Linnie Drolet, Carolyn Gonzales, Jack Mercica, Deborah Scott-Toux, Frank Murray, Ly Kou, Hayden Lening and Jon Hart it would have been very hard to maintain the HQ without all of them committed to specified times at the Headquarters,  thank you to Joe Shanahan for helping us out whenever we needed it.  And thank you, to every one of our members who came to the Headquarters and made calls, and helped with greeting people, and promoting our club.
All in all, our club excelled in every effort put forth.  That only happens when members are involved, and supportive.  Sometimes it may appear we get caught up in our networking with other clubs, etc. however, we have found those associations have been beneficial to our club.  But, to be sure, there is no relationship more important than the association we have with each other and our shared beliefs:  conservative values, right to life and small government. 
So in closing I'd like to say on behalf of the Board of Directors, may God guide President-elect Trump to a greatness we knew with President Reagan.  May our country grow and prosper under his new leadership.  The Mountain View Republican Club is a mighty club made up of members who genuinely like and respect one another, and one in which the values and principles of our Founding Fathers are embraced. May God continue to bless this club.   I am blessed to be associated with such wonderful Patriots.
I personally, want to thank every member of the Club for their support and input on the decisions made by the Board in 2016.  May 2017 be fulfilling and prosperous, and may we continue in friendship and purpose.  God bless you all.
Happy New Year.
Judi Neal, President 




     By Carolyn Gonzales

                               THE VINDICTIVE DUCK

The Presidency of the United States has been held by forty four men.  Every man was different in their beliefs, in their enthusiasm, in  their energy, in their intelligence and their instinct.    There were "peace time" presidents and 'war time" presidents; some were loved by the people, others were not so loved, but each President with the exception one, did all he could to peacefully and respectfully transfer power from himself to the new President.  

Forty three Presidents stood proud, as they bid adieu to the office; they wished the new President well, and then stepped aside allowing the new President to take command of the greatest Nation on earth:  The United States of America.

But, the 44th President is one who has chosen to cause serious problems, vowed to "keep a watch" on the new President to make sure  the new President is doing the job correctly, and has set out to form a "shadow" government.  For what purpose?  

Not only has that President openly stated he will speak out against the incoming President, he has taken steps to put America in jeopardy and sabotage the new President.  

The 44th President: Barack Obama.

Angered that his choice for President, Hillary Clinton,  did not win the Presidency, thereby ensuring his legacy, he has become a vindictive dangerous man, even chastising Clinton for losing, and saying "he would have won, if he could have run again."   

He begged voters on the campaign trail to vote for Clinton, so "his legacy would be saved".   He is obsessed to have a legacy of grandeur, and each day he realizes his legacy is one of huge failings.  

He fears the incoming President will fix the problems of America, and undue his legacy.  Thus, he has set out to sabotage the smooth transfer of power, and he is creating chaos.  He realizes his legacy is wrought with flaws.

This realization has caused him to abandon America's most loyal ally, Israel, and join with her enemies to weaken her.  Sec. of State, John Kerry, inferred "America knows what is best for Israel"... an arrogant statement from the Obama administration.

He no longer has Muslim men from Middle Eastern Tribal regions identify themselves when they enter America; in fact, he ordered the Registry put in place by President Bush to be destroyed. He is bringing in thousands of unvetted Muslim immigrants and admonishes Americans who are uncomfortable with so many arriving.

He accused Russia of cyber espionage, and then put sanctions on Russia.  At the same time, he expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the United States.

Then there was the release of even more terrorist prisoners from Gitmo; and hundreds of felons from federal penitentiaries.

Then he banned oil and gas drilling in hundreds of millions acres owned by the Federal Government in the Artic and Atlantic oceans.

He grabbed 1.65 million acres in Utah and Nevada to prevent energy explorations, cattle grazing and other uses. His administration even arrested ranchers who had ranched the land for a hundred years.  

The list goes on...his farewell tour is filled with insult and innuendo towards the new President.  He continues to insult both the man and the American people who voted for the new President.

The 44th President of the United States, in this lame duck period reaffirms he is not a man of honor nor trust; he is merely a "fellow from Chicago, a smooth talking, coke sniffing, community organizer" who duped the American people. 

Good luck to incoming President Donald Trump; may you succeed in putting America first, and making America Great Again.




In This Issue



We are looking forward  to again enjoying delicious meals prepared by Kim.

Please note:  Meeting Date has changed to  the Second Monday of Month instead of the previous 4th Monday. 

Please mark your calendars, and join us as we return to St. Ambrose.

JANUARY 9, 2017 

       Please RSVP  
Judi Neal   (909) 305-3717

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
830 W. Bonita Ave, 
Claremont, CA 91711
 (Southwest corner of Bonita/Mountain)

Note New Rates Effective January 2016 
Member:  $20.00, includes Dinner 
Non-Member $25.00, includes Dinner

Member $5.00 Attendance Only - No Dinner 
Non-Member $10 Attendance Only - No Dinner

Social: 5:30p.m.;  Dinner 6:15p.m
Meeting: 6:30p.m.;  Speaker 7:00p.m.

It is not what you say but, how you say it that grabs the attention of the listener.  At times, humor can go to places where a serious comment would never venture.

Please join us for an evening of humor and information with:

Scott McAfee
Radio Host "Main Event" 
590 AM San Bernardino;
870 AM Los Angeles


Scott is a graduate of University of La Verne with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a frequent speaker on the Townhall circuit.



On December 6, 2016,  the Mountain View Republican Club lost a valued member, and good friend.  Jim Merrylees passed away.  His wife, Carol was at his side, inseparable 'til the end.

Jim was a fighter, a man who never gave up.  He served on the Club's Board of Directors for a term, and was always willing to help whenever asked.  

He and Carol worked on many campaigns, walking precincts, making phone calls, always with enthusiasm and commitment.  Jim continued to work for the election of Donald Trump, making calls right up to the time of his passing.

As a last tribute to Jim, Carol arranged a memorial service at Riverside National Cemetery, where Jim was accorded full military honors.   Many members of the Club attended this tribute.

May he rest in peace, and may Carol find comfort in their memories, and knowing many people cared about Jim, and care about her.

2017 BOARD

The Board of the Mountain View Republican Club would like to thank the members for their vote of confidence in waiving the rule to allow Judi Neal to serve one additional year as President of the Club.

The 2017 Board is:

            Judi Neal, President          
Jack, Mercica, Vice President
Frank Murray, Treasurer
Deborah Scott-Toux, Secretary
Jerri Potras, Membership
Lennie Drolet, Parliamentarian
Carolyn Gonzales, Communications and Inspiration

Joe Shanahan is our new bartender.


We need two people to help with check-in, and someone who will take pictures at the meetings of our speakers and attendees. 
Also, in 2017 The Board would like to have the By-Laws reviewed and revised, and would like to have a committee to take on this important project.  It would be nice to have between 5 and 7 people.

If you are interested in being on this committee,  or doing check in or photography, please let Judi know.

 So as we come to the end of a most memorable year, a year in which We, the People fought back and won, a year in which our integrity was challenged and we prevailed as one of the best clubs in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

  The Board sincerely thanks every member for your hard work, your membership and your trust in us to continue leading this great group of members and volunteers.




       The Mountain View Republican Club makes every effort to bring to its members, speakers who are knowledgeable on a variety of topics.  It does so solely with the intent of broadening its members knowledge.  Some topics may be controversial, and there may be differences of opinions, however, the Mt. View Republican Club will not censor information that is relative to today's headlines, or political conversations.

        If a member finds any speaker objectionable, please contact Carolyn Gonzales, (626) 224-1169.




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