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Fall is the season of beer! Some great fall beers available now!
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The fun stuff coming next...
Be sure to join us the first week of October to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest!
The foods and the beers!
Reserve your seat before it's sold out!
Lobster Bake
It's time, again, for one of our most popular events!  Word from our "Lobster Guy' is that the lobster supply looks awesome this year - and we will be able to get the larger TWO POUND! lobsters for our Lobster & Clam Bake this year!
Seating is limited so call to make your guaranteed reservation today!
Look who just learned The Mudflats is having a Halloween Party!
JOHN SCHWAB performing 7:30-10:30
Wed. October 31st

Best costume (judged at 10:00pm) wins $50 cash

mmmmm Wine!
Third Thursday in November - the release of Beaujolais Nouveau!
Join us for a gourmet dinner and this years wine!  
sixth year!
Join us Fri. Nov 16th to celebrate our SIX year anniversary for Mudflats in Galena!  Celebrate our friendship!  Thank you so much for making Mudflats great! 

Good afternoon.  It is a beautiful fall afternoon!  It really gets me in the mood for terrific fall food and drinks!

The chef has the same idea and he is preparing wonderfully delicious specials!  Hurry in tonight, because you do not want to miss out!
  • Wed. - Shrimp & Grits  the real deal! 
  • Thurs. - Thai Brisket with Peanut Cilantro Noodles and crisp Asian Slaw
  • Fri. & Sat - Maple Bourbon Glazed Pork Tenderloin with a Fall Apple/Raisin Bulgar Wheat and seasonal veg
Sam has been whipping up fun in the cheesecake department, too.  His "whim" today is a Mocha Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!  And we have Pumpkin Pie right now, too!  (One of my favorite things for breakfast!!)

There are a lot of things coming right "around the corner" at Mudflats.  They are just far enough apart and different enough to encourage you to join us for all of them!  

Oktoberfest beers are coming in - and we have 3 or 4 different ones right now for your enjoyment. 

Working hard are keeping the fun coming!  We will have a decision on our Anniversary design winner soon!  Lots of great entries!  I am always so surprised by the talent of so many of you!  It's so cool!

Jeff and I are taking a couple of days off - so behave!  I don't want any bad reports when we get back!!

See you soon!
Mudflats Bar & Grill
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Starting next month...
 I will be trying to celebratall of your birthdays!  This is quite an overwhelming task, and I do not want to overlook anyone.  If you gave me
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