Creative Kitchen and Bath
November, 2017

       -  Mudrooms


Having a mudroom isn't only for those who have space to spare.  Mudrooms can be created anywhere in your home - from your garage into your home, by the back door, in the laundry room. 

Mudrooms don't even have to be a "room".  Not everyone has floor space, but everyone has walls.  Take advantage of wall space when you have a small area to work with.  Install hooks for hanging jackets and coats, shelving or cubbies to hold baskets.  
Having a designated area for your outdoor gear can keep the rest of your home clean, tidy and dry.  If possible use this area to hold multiple items such as dog leashes and backpacks.   

If you have an outlet, consider getting a charging station to house your smart phone, iPad and other gadgets that need regular charging.  A mudroom can also be a good place to store unopened mail, notes to the kids with a chalkboard, or even a bulletin board for important notes that the family needs to see daily.

Before you know it, you'll have many reasons to put a mudroom into your home.

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