Music and songs wanted for a NASCAR film set to star George Clooney


Music and songs wanted for a NASCAR film set to star George Clooney


'Chasing Ghosts'

We are looking for songs for a Motion Picture about a NASCAR driver and his son. Its based on a true story. George Clooney is set to star, and an Oscar winning director is almost signed up.


The songs can be of all genres as there will be car race scenes, but also tender moments and a variety of emotional scenes. I have been asked to compose the Score but also I will be the Music Supervisor so will be choosing the songs for the slots and scenes

 -CMI Music Group International-


Multiple Music Xray Artists find success with CMI Music Group 
Music Xray singer Ashleigh Eymann and rappers Ishkan and Chuck Israel have been chosen to front the 'Sonic Gardens' project and have recorded and written tracks for the album and are being signed to the In Touch label in January. CMI Music Group flew Ashleigh over to the UK from Canada and she spent a week recording in their studio. CMI Music Group will also be recording, co-writing and producing her solo album in 2014 and the label has already commissioned another album for 2015. Asj Islam and Darius Lux have also been chosen through Music Xray to be part of the project, and have recorded and written for the album.
Robertson Tait has had one of his songs 'Homeless in New York' turned into a full orchestra tone poem recorded by the Mancunian Philharmonic Orchestra, which is also appearing on the album and is being given to the homeless society of America as a theme for them to use in their advertising.
Lastly, a song written by Ashleigh Eymann and Ishkan is appearing in the feature film 'Hackney's Finest' and was the first song picked by the director.
Congrats to CMI Music Group and all the artists involved!

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