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Church of the Resurrection
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The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 16, 2017

The seeds have been sown and we are deep into sunny summertime.   Did you know that sunflowers turn to follow the sun?  Their name in Italian is, "girasole" which means turning to the sun!  (I've always liked sunflowers and especially their name in Italian.)

The spiritual seeds of faith and love have no season and Christ the sower awaits us always.  Are we following him?  Everyday is a new day to turn toward God.

Blessings in Christ!
Kathleen Faust
Music Director
Church of the Resurrection

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Join in prayer together every Wednesday evening.
Holy Mass at 5:30 pm
the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena at 6 pm.   
These services will be held in the main church. 
The second collection this weekend is for our
 Resurrection School Scholarship Fund. 
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Music Ministry

Dear Music Ministers!
I will be out of town on Sunday. 

Margaret will play the 8:30 10 and 11:30 morning Masses.  There is a separate music line up for these Masses. 

The evening Mass line up will be used at the 5 pm Masses.  I will play the Saturday evening Mass.  The Sunday evening Mass will be sung a cappella, led by Michael and Stephen.  Thank you so very, very much to everyone for covering Masses so that I can have a day off. 

God Bless!

The music is in the Music Dropbox contains copies of the music we are using this weekend that we have duplication license to use.  All other songs are in Choral Praise 3 (CP3) and/or Breaking Bread (BB 17).

Please bring your personal copies of Choral Praise 3 and Spirit and Song - or borrow a church copy.    (loaner copies in choir room)
If you borrow books for Mass, please return them after Mass.  

There are also plenty of Breaking Bread copies for you in the choir room.  If you have not taken one home for personal use, please do so. 

There will be copies of all Spirit and Song music for this weekend, on the choir room counter.

Music ministers, please meet 30 minutes before Mass to prepare for your ministry.

 Email me if you have difficulties accessing our music.


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