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The 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 30, 2017

This weekend the Gospel of Matthew uses parables to refer to God as a "buried treasure" and a "valuable pearl".  These are powerful images that I have been praying on this week.   

Our Resurrection parish is indeed another kind of treasure, beloved to all of us. In the past few months I have been praying about my position here, my path and my calling to serve God.  Life's journey has taken me through twists and turns where I have served others and given of my time and my talents.  The last 10 years I have dedicated to the Resurrection community through my work in Music Ministry and Liturgy.  My time spent in your community has been an answer to my life long prayer for a deeper relationship with God.  I have given my all and have been absolutely showered with God's eternal love and the love of this community.

It is time now for me to move on.  I will be leaving my position of Music Director of Resurrection in August to pursue music, teaching and pastoral ministry in other places.  My last day playing Masses here will be August 20.

This has been an extremely difficult decision to make.  I have been a part of your families through joyous times and times of mourning, during our Eucharistic Celebrations, Christmases, Triduum, Simbang Gabi, weddings, funerals, baptisms, rehearsals, and parties.  My absolute favorite moments in life have been when our voices raise together in sung prayers to God.  I will miss sharing these times with you but know that I carry all of you with me in my heart and in my prayers.  What you have given to me at Resurrection is a treasure that has changed my life and will forever be with me, carrying me forward.  My deepest thanks go to each and everyone of you for allowing me to serve you.

Peace in Christ,
Kathleen Faust
Music Director
Church of the Resurrection

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Music Ministry

Dear Music Ministers!
This weekend I will be at a regatta in my last race of the sprint season.  Masses will be covered as follows:
Saturday and Sunday 5 pm - Tommy
Sunday 8:30 - Margaret
Sunday 10 and 11:30 - Annamarie

Thank you Tommy, Margaret and Annamarie for playing Masses!

Once again, there are two music line ups for this weekend - One for morning Masses and the other for evening Masses. 

Happy singing!

The music is in the Music Dropbox contains copies of the music we are using this weekend that we have duplication license to use.  All other songs are in Choral Praise 3 (CP3) and/or Breaking Bread (BB 17).

Please bring your personal copies of Choral Praise 3 and Spirit and Song - or borrow a church copy.    (loaner copies in choir room)
If you borrow books for Mass, please return them after Mass.  

There are also plenty of Breaking Bread copies for you in the choir room.  If you have not taken one home for personal use, please do so. 

There will be copies of all Spirit and Song music for this weekend, on the choir room counter.

Music ministers, please meet 30 minutes before Mass to prepare for your ministry.

 Email me if you have difficulties accessing our music.


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