Dear FlyLady,

I've ordered several items from the FlyLady site and have enjoyed them all, but I have been compelled to tell you about one thing that I used the Purple Rags in a Bag.

I had tried dusting the top of the fan blades on the kitchen ceiling fan, and it had really gunky dust that seemed to stick to the top. I grabbed some Fantastic and sprayed it on the top of the blades and attempted to clean it with the hot soapy water that was in the sink. I got a little bit off, but I had to scrub really hard and it was only taking off a very small amount. Then it came to me. Why not use one of my Purple Rags in a Bag. Because the ceiling fan is in the kitchen and isn't too far from the stove, all kinds of grease spatter collected up there. Since I had only attempted to dust off the dust, I never realized how much grease had accumulated there in the almost two years that we've been in this home.

I took the Purple Rag in a Bag and dipped it in the soapy water. I knew I could probably do it without soap, but considering it was grease up there, I figured the dish soap would help cut through the grease. Well, I did have to use a little bit of elbow grease, but hardly any at all. I just started cleaning in a
circular motion and I could not believe how clean those rags got the top of the
fan blades. It was amazing! It took me about 15 minutes to do all 5 blades
completely, where I had already spent about 30 minutes trying to clean them
without the Purple Rags. I will always remember to use the rags to do those

I love my Purple Rags in a Bag. They clean off my flat-top cook stove like
nothing else. They also clean off my counters and tables easier than anything
else. I have switched from my dish cloths to the Purple Rags for the counters,
sink and tables. They also do an awesome job on my kitchen floor--another thing that is easier with my Purple Rags. I use my purple rags in the bathroom. I take a cheap wash cloth to do my swish and swipe, but then I follow up with the Purple Rag to make my faucets shine, my mirrors spot free, and my sinks free of water spots. I also use one for dusting my coffee table and end tables. They seem to take on little kid hand prints very easily. For some reason, any of the oils from our hands seem to show up on the table and stay on the table. I have tried everything to get the spots to go away. I have used oils and cloths to rub into the table. But with reading in our living room before bedtime, my kids have been spending more time at the coffee table. I finally figured out that if I wipe my coffee table with a wet cloth and then buff it with a Purple Rag, those oil prints go away! It looks beautiful!

Sorry that was so long. I meant to just tell you about the ceiling fan, and I
got carried away thinking of all the other things I've used my Purple Rags in a
Bag on. Thanks so much for them. I currently have 2 sets of the Rags in a Bag
and will definitely be buying more as they wear out.

Jennifer in Illinois

FlyLady here: 

Jennifer you are so smart. I am so proud of you for using what you have to clean us this greasy sticky mess. Next time you clean those blades they will not be that dirty.


You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

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