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June 7, 2013
Company News
BookExpo America 2013


Last Thursday through Saturday, Linda attended BookExpo America at the Javits Center in New York City. Langtons International Agency sold Invisible Killer by Diana Montane and Sean Robbins to TitleTown Publishing who held a sell out book signing for Sean Robbins who came to the show to promote the book. More than 200 people turned out for the signing. Invisible Killer will be released on September 30th, 2013. 

Linda also met with several other publishers to discuss forthcoming projects.

Spotlight On Our Authors

Happy Birthday, My Isl@m by Amir Ahmad Nasr, June 12, 2013!

my islam One of Foreign Policy Magazine's list of top 25 books to read in 2013, My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind and Doubt Freed My Soul (St. Martins Press, 2013) will be released June 12th! My Isl@m is a poignant, honest and uplifting memoir of how blogging and the Internet opened the eyes and heart of one young Muslim man to a world beyond his religious fundamentalist upbringing. He currently has around 2 million followers on his blog, "The Sudanese Blogger." A must-see trailer for the book can be found here.Pre-order your copy here 

Mack Collier Speaks At Virtual XChange

Mack Collier, author of Think Like A Rock Star (McGraw Hill, March 2013), was invited to speak at Virtual XChange: State of Social Media 2013 - Advanced Stragegies to Advance Results, on June 18th. Mack is described as a social media lumenary, and he will be talking about how to build a community around social media efforts, steps for getting more value from marketing campaigns, and measuring what matters in social media. His book, Think Like A Rock Star, is a great foundation for any company that wishes to give their brand a loyal and successful following. Find more information on the event hereA copy of his book is available here



Welcome to Langtons International Agency, SputPic


Linda has the great pleasure of welcoming photographer Michael J. Murray and author Gideon Bosker (author of 16 published books) to Langtons International Agency. SputPic: A Journey Into Space is a spectacular book of pan-optical photographs which present an unprecedented, synoptic view of cities, architectural monuments, landscapes, and urban sites around the globe. These photographs are not only beautiful, provocative and mesmerizing, but they introduce a new narrative and interpretive framework for viewing and understanding architectural and natural spaces. Linda is very excited to sell this extraordinary book on a new way of looking at the world! 
Create Something Amazing
Do you have a dream of writing a book? Here is some advice for all the authors out there who want to make publishing a reality!
  1. Dare to do it and then do it! It is okay to take baby steps, but if you have a dream of finishing, you actually have to finish. Keep pushing forward until you write the very last word!
  2. Break it Down. Writing a novel seems very scary, but breaking it down chapter-by-chapter will help. The outline will give you a starting point and it will help you move forward when you get stuck.
  3. Do Your Research. Any interesting novel needs research about the time period, the culture and the subject matter. As the author, you're the expert, so make sure you understand what you are writing about. Research can also help with plot ideas and character development.
  4. Writing Happens in Stages. Your book won't happen all at once. There will be highs and lows of your writing journey, but don't let it discourage you. Take time to re-read and revise. Pass it to friends, colleagues, and ultimately professional editors.
  5. It's Okay to Fail. The first draft won't be perfect. Accept that and keep moving forward. Do the best you can and believe in yourself. You have to keep believing and working hard to make your dream of publishing a reality. 
Industry News 

Penguin's CEO Testifies at Apple Trial

David Shanks, Penguin Group USA CEO, took the stand this week for Apple's e-book price-fixing trial. The government questioned Shanks on his part in the Big Six publishers making the change to the agency model, which would raise e-books prices around the $9.99 price point. More Information 


Bookstores and Booksellers Fight First Amendment Violation

Suits were filed Monday to block enforcement of a law that violates the First Amendment rights of retailers to display magazines that focus on marijuana. "The First Amendment bars the government from picking and choosing what information the public may see or browse merely because the legislature thinks it focuses on an undesirable act," said David Horowits, Executive Director of Media Coalition. More Information
Upcoming Events 
Between the Covers at 7:00pm, June 7 at Happy Ending Lounge, New York, NY
This monthly reading series asks erotica authors to share their latest titillating and/or tawdry tales. Lori Perkins oversees the occasion, bringing several writers to the stage. More Information 

Read Write Run 5k at 9:30am, June 15 at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ
Great family event where all proceeds benefit The Ethical Community Charter School. Great view of the NYC skyline, and Kids Races immediately follow the 5k Race. More Information 
Secrets Behind the Book Publishing World at 7:00pm, June 18, at Strand Books, Union Square, New York, NY
This rare book room panel will demystify the inner workings of the book world. Hosted by agents, editors and authors, this event will openly discuss the publishing process answer and questions from the audience. More Information 
Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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