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Please make sure you register in advance, as our demo venue has changed: Demos are taking place at my house. 210 West 101st St. Apt 9L. Between Amsterdam and Broadway.   
By all accounts, our new demo venue is a huge improvement: well appointed, welcoming, inviting, fun: Don't hesitate to bring a friend or two!

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Wanna see what I am putting in my Purim Basket? It's all there!

Hammentaschen A La Carte: Mine is there too!  http://www.kosherscoop.com/story/hamentaschen

One of my Purim menus in Gourmet Kosher Cooking: Check it out!

Purim Seuda: I'll be cooking up a storm for my children's Schul in Washington Heights! If you are a neighbor, be sure to register: It's going to be lots of fun!

It's been an incredibly busy couple demo weeks: Read all about it! The Unflappable Cook: that's me!

Just in case you might join us, some more exciting events coming up:
  • Wednesday March 21st: Q&A interview about my new cookbook at Ramat Orah
  • Thursday March 29th: Radio Interview With Rabbi Harlan Wechsler at Cyrius Radio. Will give you all info! 
  • Tuesday Chol Hamoed Pessach: Moroccan Banquet Demo in Fairmont Scottsdale Az. dinnertime 
  • Tuesday May 15th: Moroccan Feast Demo at De Gustibus. Check out their site: Their brochure is out! http://degustibusnyc.com/store/events.php
Hot Cereal Anyone? Mine is a real powerhouse, and delicious!

At a recent demo, I mentioned I had my secrets about my visits to the caterer at my children's wedding, and everyone asked me to share: Enjoy! I call it the mother of the bride's survival guide

Attention Cauliflower lovers: This dish is for you, and with Gluten-Free to boot: Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower 

Last night's demo, The Whole Grain Pasta Party,starred a fabulous Spelt Linguini with Fennel Tuna Sauce: Scroll down for the recipe! 

A great - and incredibly easy - culinary star was born during the preparation of this past Shabbos: Lamb Meatballs in Apple Chutney Sauce 

 Wonderful story by Dr Mark Hyman about Paula Deen and the influence of celebrity chefs on the public's eating habits: A must-read!

More and more people have been getting our Demo Gift Certificates: The Perfect Gift! 

Nice comment from Valerie:
"Levana, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed yesterday's class. I love your way of teaching and your simple and not time consuming recipes! I would love to come back for another class, maybe a cooking class this time!"

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Any of you came to the demo with friends that mentioned they haven't been getting our newsletter? It would be for only one reason: We couldn't make out their contact information!

Check out the Beautiful Story Liz Rueven at Kosher Like Me about my Tajine Demo: Thank you Dearest Liz!


Did you know what the Trust Game was, and how it could be of great help to you in the kitchen? I got an education about it from my friend Sherry at the Kosher Scene: Take a look!  



More nice reviews and mentions of my latest Cookbook   

It is so gratifying to receive so much positive feedback for my latest cookbook, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen: Glorious Meals Pure and Simple. Why not share it with everyone, on my blog, on FB, and on Twitter? Tell us what dishes you have made from the book: It always makes it so much more exciting and interactive!

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Monday March 12th: The Biblical Feast 

I got the inspiration for this wonderful meal some years ago during a fascinating visit to Naot Kiddumim, near Jerusalem, where everything that was used to grow and harvest the "Sheva Minim" (olives, pomegranates, figs, grapes, dates, barley and wheat) is still intact, just as in the ancient days when it was operating. They even have a wonderful restaurant that serves their timeless goodies. I promise you a great throwback!


I'll be demonstrating:

  • Trout baked in grape leaves
  • Chicken with pomegranate sauce
  • Date-nut bread
  • Barley pilaf with kabocha squash and raisins
  • Almond, olive oil and honey spread
  • Warm fig tart
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Registrations:  A gentle reminder -  Please register at least two days before any cooking class demo so A) We know for sure we have a demo going, and B) We have ample servings! P.S. Throw in a C) - It makes my life easier :-) P.P.S. Throw in a D) I'll give you a free signed copy of my new hardcover cookbook if you bring two new friends! 


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Levana Cooks Dairy-Free!


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My Recipe for Spelt Linguini in Fennel Tuna Sauce   


If it is true that opposites attract, no dish would bear this out better than this one. Tuna  and Fennel! Besides, here is a whole new and fun way to eat canned tuna! Do not be alarmed by the fact that I don't drain it-that's practically all the oil contained in the dish, and that's where all the good flavor is. No added salt, please, as the tuna has enough to season the whole dish.
You need not write off pasta as a high-carb dish: Choose spelt pasta, or soba noodles, or rice noodles etc.... and enjoy pasta as often as you like, as do I!  


    Click here for the Recipe! 




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