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July 2012 - Week 5


A very dear friend, Rick Steinbrenner has created his own web site for his job search. Please click below to see his web site.


Rick Steinbrenner's Job Search Website 


This is one of the best examples I have ever seen when it comes to "Creating the Brand YOU" (Peter Drucker)


His site is very "content" rich containing not only his "resume" of core competencies and experiences, but it also contains most of the marketing communications work like TV, print ads, informercials, digital and collateral he and his teams developed over the years. In addition, he offers marketing best practices in branding, new product development and advertising which is bloggable and open to feedback from people like yourselves. 

Rick is one of the strongest brand marketing executives I know. I think  you will get some great ideas on how to set up your own web site to assist you with your job search. Rick is a "free agent" and actively working on his next career move.

For those of you that are currently employed, I suggest the ideas here are good for you but will need to be modified to accommodate your specific job search.

Rick can also be contacted directly at
I am thinking of starting a spot in my weekly news letter for candidates that would like to be spotlighted to help your search.

If you are interested in me sharing your mutually agreed background info with my audience, call me at 847-304-4500 or email me at
Please help me by going to your local library and ask them to order my new book in for you. They will be able to order the book from the "Ingram feed", using: 

                      ISBN # 978-0-9853464-0-2


Thank you for your great help on this!


My own husband was unemployed several times in the last 5 years. He used my system with his recent search. He started his new job March 2012!

Please invite your friends to sign up for my free weekly job search tips at 

Please feel free to call  me to let me know how I can continue to help you with your job search in 2012.     


***Thank you everyone that helped me with your great feedback on my book during the writing and editing stage.


This book is dedicated for everyone that I have helped and worked with. Hugs, Eleanor 


Enjoy and please share this with your friends.


Have a successful year!


Kind regards, 


Eleanor Anne Sweet





I am still networking on a Chicago search this month. I am looking for a Senior Account Executive (outside sales) in the Northwest Suburbs and North Shore. No relocation, sorry.

Please have people contact me at or 847-577-2000.  Subject: Sr. Account Exec-CHI 


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Ricks Website Info in PDF

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