Mikko & Helena, Summer in Finland
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July 31st 2012



We hope your summer has been energizing and inspiring! We still have a good amont of the light season to explore, but the Northern rhythmic cycle of nature will soon again take a turn. August is one day away and as the night skies are slowly turning darker, the inner light needs to shine on.


With this newsletter we want to give you an update about our coming months, to help the seeds of joy, dedication and new perspectives to be born.

New Schedule Starts August 5th 

Guided classes for beginners, Guided Primary for everybody


The current schedule runs until August 3rd. From August 5th we'll get started with our new, fresh, upgraded and fuller-than-ever-before schedule. 

  • Guided classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 19.15. These classes are designed for those who have completed the intro course or started Mysore style and want to have an additional boost to develop an individual practice. 
  • Every first Sunday of the month there will be a Guided Primary series at 9. Class is available to everybody. If you don't practice the full series you just stop when you reach your last posture. Please note: First class August 5th. 
  • Breath work and pranayama will be on Sundays at 8.30.


Schedule page
Movie, Popcorn and Great Company
August 11th 16-17.30 
Pre-Movie Gathering at 15: Clothing Swap
  • We will gather together in the purpose of co-creation of community and popcorn eating, to watch an inspirational one hour documentary Ashtanga NY.
  • Clothing Swap before the movie, for those whose theme that day is "Be Good! Be Green! Be Glam!" Bring valued but no longer used clothes to the swap meet and have an opportunity to take new cool clothing you will use. As simple as that!

For more information read the flyer at the shala!
Hip Hip Hooray! August 18th 10-12.30
Understand your hips, love your knees 

Helena will continue the Yoga Lab tradition with the theme "Hip, Hip, Hooray". 
  • Tight hips can cause many issues not only in our hip joints but also in our knees, ankles, lower back, spine, and shoulders. We guarantee that this mini-workshop helps you to find new depths both in your acetabulofemoral joints and practice.
  • The workshop is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, as there are always options to lessen or increase the challenge.

More information and registration

In-Depth Weekend with Mikko & Olle
October 12th-14th
Limited to 12 people, first come first serve


Mikko and Olle Bengtst�m (from Ashtanga Yoga Shala G�teborg) will premiere their well-tested workshop format in Copenhagen. 

  • Weekend focuses on breaking down old patterns and building up a new kind of awareness of key concepts of Astanga yoga.
  • You will experience the unique combination of two teachers and a small class. 
  • The weekend will be on a "first come first serve" basis and is limited to 12 people. Deposit of kr. 500 is required to book the workshop. Be fast, the workshop has started to fill up!

Full program and registration

Thank You! Yes You Can!


Thanks for all of you, we keep on growing, and more workshops, social events and weekly classes are already on our drawing board. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the real-time updates.


As the rhythm of the daily life often starts beating faster after the summer holidays, it's a good time to remember that "whether you think you can or you can't, either way you're right". This applies to almost everything, and extremely well to regular practice, which always pays off and will blossom in surprising ways - especially if feeling bustled and pressed.


We look forward to create a plenty of renewing heat and a tons of restorative calmness with you at Dronning Olgas Vej 15A!


Mikko & Helena

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Mikko & Helena, Finland summer 2012

Moon Days in August-October

2/8 full moon

17/8 new moon

31/8 full moon

16/9 new moon

30/9 full moon

15/10 new moon

29/10 full moon 

No Mysore classes.

Suryanamaskara A+B
Suryanamaskara A+B
Mysore Yoga CPH Learning Center
Videos demonstrating the beginners sequence, designed for those who want to have additional help to memorize the sequence and develop an individual practice.

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