Morning Mysore 17/9
Mysore Yoga CPH Newsletter
September 2012


The Northern rhythmic cycle of nature is again taking a quick turn. We are now in mid-September and the first chill is in the air. The early mornings and evenings are turning darker, but the moments we share in the shala are becoming more and more magical, as more of you are coming, allowing your dedication and inner light to shine on. Thanks to your devotion, we have a lot of news for the coming months.

Welcome Arna! Come and meet Maria!

Arna joins Mysore Yoga CPH team and Maria visits from this coming Friday to Monday

  • Arna & Maria Mysore Yoga CPH is 4.5 months old and maturing. In order to be able to help you even better with the practice of yoga, we are happy to welcome Arna Bj�rk Sveinsdottir to join our teaching team!
  • You will meet Arna from late October in Mysore, Guided and Intro classes, as well as around the red retro sofa, sharing her happy Icelandic vibes. Arna is currently studying at KPJAYI, the source of Astanga yoga in Mysore, India.
  • In the coming weekend, September 21st-24th, from Friday morning to Monday morning, Lawino Maria Johnson will teach all classes. Enjoy this opportunity to get new input and inspiration, and to experience Maria's vibrant and incredibly serene energies at Mysore Yoga CPH!
  • Please note: on Sunday 23rd there will be no pranayama class.
 Read more about Arna and Maria

Workshop with Mikko and Olle Is Almost Full

Regular Mysore class on Sunday October 14th at 10

  • Weekend workshop with Mikko and Olle, October 12th-14th, focuses on breaking down old patterns and building up a new kind of awareness of key concepts of Astanga yoga practice. The overall experience will be both soothing and challenging. 
  • Workshop is suitable for all levels with an established practice. Last two spots available. 
  • Due to the workshop, on Sunday October 14th the regular Mysore class will be from 10 to 12. No Try-out class on Friday October 12th.

Full program and registration


Movie, Popcorn and Great Company Part 2, November 17th 16-17.30 

Pre-Movie Gathering at 15: Clothing Swap

  • Due to popular demand, we will gather again together in the purpose of co-creation of community and popcorn eating. This time we'll watch an inspirational, insightful and humorous short documentary "Guru", about Sri K Pattabhi Jois and yoga tradition in Mysore, India. Helena's famous popcorn machine is ready to pop!
  • Clothing Swap before the movie, for those whose theme that day is "Be Good! Be Green! Be Glam!" 

For more information read the flyer at the shala or email us!

Never Mind the Mind - Meditation in Brief, November 24th 10-13.30

Yoga Lab with Stephan Pende Wormland

  • In yoga philosophy the practice of yoga is seen as a path to meditation, stilling the mind. On this path the techniques of yoga serve as a means to stabilize the body and sense organs and hence lead to a steady mind, cultivating the state of meditation.
  • In this workshop we'll have a close look at the art of looking inside and staying present in a seated meditation practice.
  • You'll learn uncomplicated techniques aimed at helping you create the space for more happiness and peace in your daily life.
  • Our teacher is Stephan Pende Wormland, from the Center for Visdom og Medf�lelse.

More information and registration


"Do or Do Not.. There Is No Try". Help Us to Help.


Yoda This time we're ending on a high note by quoting Yoda, the little green master of personal development and life wisdom, from Star Wars. One of his simple yet profound lessons is when Luke Skywalker complains "I can't believe it" and Yoda replies "That is why you fail".

With or without faith, we all know that smooth sailing without challenges is pretty rare. But, by making clear choices to do or not do something, and putting our full energy behind those choices, we are more likely to actually get things done, make a difference and succeed. This applies, for example, to the practice of yoga. "Do or do not...there is no try", quoting Yoda again.

Last but not least, tell us what would you like to have more, what less? What you are missing, what do we need to look at? This can be about the teaching, the schedule, hair dryers, tea selection, shala temperature, more Yoda, or anything. Email us or talk with us, we are here for you. We listen and we want to keep on growing together with you.


More news in November. In the meantime, keep practicing and see you at Dronning Olgas Vej 15!


Om, Mikko, Helena & Arna

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Suryanamaskara A+B
Suryanamaskara A+B
Mysore Yoga CPH Learning Center
Videos demonstrating the beginners sequence. Read also our Glossary of the basic Astanga yoga terms.

Coming in 2013

Yoga Lab: Jump Back and Jump Through, January 17th

Thailand Retreat with Mikko & Olle, March 6th-15th

The Yoga of Paying Your Bills, with James Altucher, May 8th

Petri R�is�nen workshop and Birthday Party, May 10th-12th

Sri R Sharath Jois in Copenhagen, August 4th-9th, organized by Astanga Yoga Copenhagen



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