July 9-16, 2017


We arrive into  Granada  (some from Chartres)  before Sunday dinner July 9. 
Based in hills outside Granada, an easy drive into historic central Granada.
We sleep 5 nights at LuciaYoga, visiting Granada Wed. afternoon and eve.
We bus  Friday morning  from Granada to Cordoba (for afternoon & dinner).
We sleep 2 nights (Fri. & Sat.) in  Seville - seeing Seville sites on Saturday.
We each travel onward (or linger in Seville) Sunday July 16 after breakfast.      
Current Draft of Day-to-Day Itinerary is midway down this webpage -  followed by Maps and Guides to the riches of our three host cities.

Arrival Date and Time
Arrival Airport Options in Spain
Arrival if Attending Both Chartres (France) and Andalusia (Spain)
Departure Airport options


*   REGISTRATION  Tuition or audit fee  can be found on the Andalusia Syllabus.  

*   THE LOGISTICS FEE  is additional - and this fee package includes: 
* 5 nights accommodation in Granada (in and around Lucia Yoga), 
* 2 nights accommodation in Seville
* group ground transport from Granada to Cordova to Seville,
group admissions, 
* a share of staff/faculty logistical costs,
* all meals from Sunday dinner to Sunday breakfast
except 2 lunches & 1 dinner (when you are free to select the cuisine),

     Logistics Fee:

* € 1250      Dorm Room & meals  in Granada (including rest of package)
         (in Seville it will be twin/double occupancy, not dorm)
* € 1350      Double/Twin Room & meals 
(including rest of logistics package)
* € 1550      Single Room & meals   (including rest of Logistics package)
Singles Sold Out - please book an alternative (twin or dorm)
then contact Registrar Stacy if you wish to be on singles wait list.

* P ilgrims will come from many directions so international air is not part of the package. 
* The € has been only slightly stronger  than  the US$ in 2016 - usually €1 = about $1.10 
Availability of twins/doubles in Granada is very limited - singles now sold out.
The door-to-door group travel option July 9 from Chartres to Granada will be extra.


When planning and pricing your international air travel:
Please first consider attending both the Chartres France and Andalusia Spain pilgrimages.   Our pilgrimage to the south of Spain for Mystical Andalusia   immediately follows our Wisdom School's pilgrimage to Chartres - and there will be some continuity in faculty and certain themes .  As in prior years when a European pilgrimage was adjacent to Chartres, we expect about half the group in Andalusia to travel with us from Chartres, and the other half will not choose to go to Chartres and instead will come directly and solely for the experience in Andalusia.  There is  a special COMBO PRICE for the Registration Fee for those registering for both trips (see the Andalusia Syllabus).

See "Specific Arrival & Departure Details" at the bottom of this document.

For more information on each gathering:

July 2-8, 2017
New Chartres Academy - Chartres, France
The Fifth Liberal Art of Arithmetica

July 9-16, 2017
Granada, Cordova and Seville, Spain
Ibn Arabi, Rumi and the Dance of Oneness
Syllabus  ~   Registration  ~   Logistics (see below)


GRANADA Retreat Venue (5 Nights, dinner Sun. to Breakfast Fri.)

LuciaYoga retreat is located at Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain.  Here is how they introduce themselves:
"Amalurra, 'Mother Earth' in Basque, is the name of a community project that was born in the beginning of the 1990s as a "dream of coexistence and unity". Today it is a project of intentional communities located in Artzentales -Bizkaia-, Caparacena -Granada- and Can Cases -Barcelona, composed of about one hundred people who practice an alternative of coexistence."
This is the distribution of bedrooms at the venue:
8 Twin Rooms: (two single beds each, can be singles)
4 Triples (can be twins)
4 Double Rooms: (1 King size bed each room, for couples)
2 Suitte Junior with bathtub (family room): 1 King 2 twin beds2
1 Quadruple (females)
1 Dorm:  (3 bunked beds)
LuciaYoga Retreat website - but reservations made through Ubiquity Registrar.

Meals:   "For breakfast we do buffet and family style with a menu, for lunch and dinner. The diet is up to you. You can choose vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or whatever. We only need to know in advance. For allergies and intolerances we will share a drive sheet for the information." 

A LuciaYoga client testimonial:
"Professionalism, warmth, creativity, immediacy in problem solving 
- these guys have it all. As a yogini who teaches and is the confounder of a yoga studio, I used to cringe to think of yoga as a business; 
but actually LuciaYoga convinced me that you can keep your business uncompromisingly ethical while having lots of fun and also making a profit. Thanks guys for all your participation and immense help with our retreat - you were one of the most beautiful surprises in the last years, people-wise."

Images of LuciaYoga

SEVILLE Weekend Accommodations (2 Nights, Friday & Saturday)
Hotel don Paco describes itself as: 
"...located in the historic centre of Seville, a city with international fame due to its artistic and cultural richness. Situated just a 10-minute walk from the cathedral and the Giralda Bell Tower, the establishment has 200 stylish rooms, all of which are equipped with air conditioning, parquet floors, LCD televisions, free 1000 mbps optic fiber WIFI in all the hotel and private bathrooms among other features.... Near the hotel, you can find the Iglesia de San Pedro, Plaza de Pilatos, Seville's city hall and Sevilla Santa Justa Railway Station, amongst other points of interest."
Hotel don Paco website - but reservations made through Ubiquity University Registrar.


Sunday (July 9)  - International Travel Day to Granada
Please aim to arrive into Granada or Malaga by mid-afternoon on Sunday.   
Ask us about extra Granada accommodations if arriving Saturday or earlier.  
In a later  survey  we will gather your arrival info for optional airport pickup.
Dinner                  6 - 7 pm            
Orientation      7:30 - 9 pm
Sleep                     LuciaYoga Retreat - first of five nights there.

Monday (July 10) - Ibn Arabi and the Path of Knossos
Breakfast              7:30 - 9 am
Jim Nugget          9 - 9:30 am
Session 1            9:30 - 12:30, 3 hrs:
        2 hrs of dance
        1 hr teaching on the Sufi Path and Ibn Arabi      
Lunch                     12:30 - 1:30 pm
Session 2             3 - 6 pm, 3 hrs:
        2 hrs of dance
        1 hr teaching on Ibn Arabi 
Dinner                   6 - 7pm
Session 3            7:30 - 9 pm      
         special presentation and group dialogue

Tuesday (July 11) - Rumi and the Path of Love
Breakfast                7:30 - 9 am
Jim Nugget            9 - 9:30 am
Session 1              9:30 - 12:30, 3 hrs
        2 hrs of dance
        1 hr teaching on Rumi
Lunch                      12:30 - 1:30 pm
Session 2              3 - 6 pm,  3 hrs:
         2 hrs of dance including Sama/whirling
         1 hr teaching on Rumi  and the philosophy of Sama
Dinner                     6 - 7 pm
Session 3              7:30 - 9 pm                
        special presentation and group dialogue

Wednesday (July 12) - Shams and the Path of Fire
Breakfast                 7:30 - 9
Jim Nugget             9 - 9:30 am
Session 1               9:30 - 12:30, 3 hrs:
         2 hrs of dance  including flamenco/zambra
          1 hr teaching on Rumi and Shams
Lunch                        12:30 - 1:30 pm
Afternoon Outing   2 - 7 pm                  
         Tour by bus  into central  Granada , which will likely include: 
  Alhambra Palace ( images) and its  Moorish Baths , Albaicin
Evening Outing        7:30 - 10 pm               
         Dinner & flamenco/zambra show

Thursday (July 13) - Celebration of Oneness
Breakfast                  7:30 - 9 am
Jim Nugget              9 - 9:30 am
Session 1                 9:30 - 12:30, 3 hrs:
        2 hrs of dance including flamenco/zambra and zikr/chanting
        1 hr teaching on Ibn Arabi
Lunch                        12:30 - 1:30 pm
Session 2                3 - 6 pm, 3 hrs:
        2 hrs of dance including whirling and zikr/chanting
        1 hr teaching on Rumi and Shams
Dinner                       6 - 7 pm
Session 3               
        Special presentation/closing ceremony, and group  dialogue
Evening includes packing for our Friday departure from LuciaYoga

Friday (July 14) - Cordoba afternoon, Sleep Seville
Stretching / yoga    8 - 9 am, 1 hr
Breakfast                  9 - 10 am
Bus trip                  10:30 am departure, drive  124 mi/200 km
Lunch                       (Select your own lunch in Cordoba, cost not included.)
Dinner                      (Select your own dinner in Cordoba, cost not included)
Bus trip                  After dinner we continue on 90 miles/140 km to Seville
Sleep                         Hotel don Paco, Seville (reservations made by Ubiquity)

Saturday (July 15) - Seville
Breakfast                 Provided by our Seville hotel:  Hotel don Paco
The day is for touring Seville with our faculty: Basilica de la Macarena,   La Geralda,   Seville Cathedral,   Santa Paula Convent,   Alcazar Real,   Fine Arts Museum,   Santa Cruz quarter
Lunch                       (Select your own lunch in Seville, cost not included.)
Evening                    Our final farewell dinner and celebration in Seville.
Later our bus returns us to our hotel (then may leave us to go back to its base).
Sleep                         Hotel don Paco, Seville (reservations made by Ubiquity)

Sunday (July 16) - Seville travel day
Breakfast                  At our Seville hotel - our final group meal.
Individuals share taxies 8km to Seville airport (SVQ) for their various flights.
Ask us  about Seville accommodations if  lingering on in Seville extra nights

NOTE:  The above schedule reflects 28 hrs of instruction/programming and is subject to change. We will have one outing in central Granada on Wednesday. We can also make Thursday afternoon as an optional afternoon off.


Granada Map Courtesy of



Map Courtesy of  Lonely Planet


Arrival Date and Time:
If only attending Mystical Andalusia, please aim to arrive into Granada by mid-afternoon on Sunday July 9 so that you can be picked up at the airport and brought to our retreat site in the hills outside of Granada in time for dinner (to be followed by orientation early Sunday evening).  If traveling across many timezones, arrival at least one day early would assist in jetlag recovery and help you be fully present by dinner on Sunday.

Arrival Airport Options in Spain:
*    The airport in Granada  itself (Federico Garcia Lorca Airport, code  GRX) is preferred  (roundtrips from NYC to GRX began at  USD  $627 as of Dec. 5).  
*   The next nearest airport is in Malaga (code AGP) 90 miles/140 km southeast (on coastal Costa del Sol) of our Granada accommodations - and will thus cost you more time and money for the ground transport.
*   As of Dec. 5 these two airports had similar pricing for international arrivals, though Malaga may have more choices .

Arrival if Attending Both Chartres (France) and Andalusia (Spain):
*   You would probably fly into Paris (usually Charles de Gaule airport, code
CDG) no later than Sunday morning July 2 and follow the arrival instructions on the  Chartres Logistics webpage to get to our Chartres venue from airport.   
*   If traveling across many timezones, arrival at least one day early would assist in jetlag recovery and help you be fully present by the time we convene in Chartres mid-afternoon Sunday July 2.
*   Ideally you would purchase your homeward/onward flight out of Seville Spain July 16 or later.   
*   This is called a "multi-city" or "open-jaw" ticketing - so you would have the option to travel with a group of us by one-way flight from Paris to Granada on Sunday July 9 - a door-to-door (Chartres venue to Granada venue) group-rate option that Bob Meyer will organize and accompany to assist you (probably costing about €200, to be announced later).

Departure Airport options:
*   Our final day we will be in Seville, Spain (267 km east of Granada) - Saturday July 15 being our only full day there.  You may wish to linger in Seville after the group disperses Sunday July 16.  In any case consider getting your plane home or onward from Seville Airport (Aeropuerto Sevilla, code
SVQ).  You could, for instance, fly into Granada (GRX) or Malaga (AGP) at the beginning but fly home or onward from Seville (SVQ) at the end (this is called a "multi-city" or "open-jaw" ticketing - because you would travel by ground between the arrival and departure airports).  If flying when the group disperses on Sunday you should have no difficulty getting to the Seville airport by midday.
*  If you must return to Granada for your homeward/onward flight, there may be an option to ride on our bus as it returns to its home base late Saturday night (after our farewell dinner and music celebration) - perhaps a 3 hour late night trip.  You could also organize your own return to Granada by air or ground transport at a more convenient time Sunday or thereafter.


*  After we later gather your arrival information, we will aim to group you into shared vehicles from the airport to keep the added cost lower for you.  Our hosts in Granada, Lucia Yoga Retreat, say:  " The retreat is located at Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. This is 20 min from Granada airport, 2h 30 min from Sevilla airport, or 1h 15 min from Malaga airport.   If you wish to have an airport transfer from Malaga we are happy to organise for you both pick up and drop off in time for your flight after the retreat. You can also get to the house via train or bus to Granada. Both, buses and trains, leave Malaga or Sevilla city regularly throughout the day and we can come pick you up from the bus/train station in Granada."
*  We have arranged for a bus to take us into Granada Wednesday afternoon and evening - and then onward to Cordoba and Seville on Friday.
*  We will aim to group you into shared taxies to the Seville airport Sunday to keep the added cost lower for you.


*  The average temperature in Andalusia (Grenada) in July is 75° F or 24°C: 
- The average high is 90°F or 32°C and average low is 61°F or 16°C.
- There is little chance of rain (average of 2 days each July).
- Average is 12 hours of sunshine per day.                                           Source
*  We plan to have two dinners out as a group, one midweek in Granada and one our celebratory farewell dinner in Seville.

- Soft-soled dance shoes or socks to dance in.
- Comfortable attire for dancing and moving that you feel beautiful in and attire for yoga/stretching.
- For women flowy skirts and scarves or sashes to wear around the waist and thin  leggings and dance/yoga pants to wear under the skirts  are encouraged but not required. 
- For men  comfortable loose-fitting pants and tops are encouraged but not required.  
- One set of white attire is encouraged but not required.