Welcome to the inaugural edition of the NAASCA family’s new Newsletter. As our now global membership increases we'll use this vehicle more often, perhaps monthly or perhaps quarterly, and we'll always make it easy to add or remove oneself to the NAASCA Newsletter. Please encourage others to stay in touch with us by suggesting they join this list, too.

Many of you will already be aware of our 6 night a week, 90 minute “Stop Child Abuse Now” talk radio shows (all but Saturday nights at 8pm EST, 7 CEN, 6 MTM and 5 PAC), and the every growing library of over 2,200 ‘on-demand’ recorded shows (see the current schedule). Hundreds of these episodes feature survivors telling their story!

You may also know of our significant social media presence (like our Facebook groups and BLOG) where NAASCA family members share with and support each other about issues related to child abuse and trauma. Among other things, this is a great place for each of us to share NAASCA’s web site and projects.

But the hub for all we do, the NAASCA.org web site, is updated daily, and carries hundreds of pages of information and articles where you'll find thousands of links to resources and services we recommend in the fight against child abuse. While we belong to no other group, we freely co-operate and promote all efforts we believe are legitimately useful to the community.