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New Look and Format 
Michael Chittum, Executive Director

Welcome to the new NACCC News!

Many folks around the NACCC have expressed a desire to see a more modern format for the NACCC News that contains more timely information from your leadership and the National Association (NA). For the next four months we will be incorporating a new, more frequent, and shorter version of the NACCC News. On the 1 st and 10 th of each month, an email will be sent to you through Constant Contact. This will replace the longer version of the NACCC News you were able to access on the website.

Watch for- NACCC News: Community Connections which will be emailed on the 1 st of the month, featuring updates from your Leadership Boards, new ordinations, recent Minister Calls, and member church activities. 

Followed by the NACCC News: The Messenger, emailed on the 10 thof the month which will include: an article from the Executive Director and or other NACCC staff members, program information, updates on missions, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved version of the NACCC News. As always feel free to let us know what you think by emailing

Missions Update
It is time to think about Christmas and to plan for giving in support of our Missions. Many of our missionaries work miracles with little or nothing. Monetary donations, for the foreign missions, not only help these missions fulfill their needs, but assist in growing their local economy as they purchase from local vendors and use local laborers to complete their improvement projects. Please consider giving to our missions this Christmas season . And remember -- all NACCC missions donations are dollar per dollar. Every dollar given goes directly to missions, with no administrative cost to the donor. Donations received after November 19th will not get to the mission before Christmas.
A family  Tijuana, Mexico receiving a Christmas basket at Panamerican Institute.
Donor Highlight: 
William H. Guild
While there are many ways to leave a lasting impact on this world, such as volunteering, spreading God's word, or supporting our communities, legacy giving ensures the organizations we cherish continue to change lives after we pass. In 1990, William H. Guild, blessed the NACCC by leaving a generous legacy gift that continues to support the NACCC operations each year.

Mr. Guild lived and worked as a trust officer in Kansas City, Kansas for most of his life. The grandson of a Congregational Minister, he learned the importance of supporting his church community. Active not only with his local church, but also with the NACCC, Will formed relationships with the staff and other Congregationalists. At the 1975 Annual Meeting and Conference, he reconnected with Gertrude Hegardt Johnston. They were later married and relocated to Duluth, where they became active members of the Duluth Congregational Church. 

A supporter of congregationalism his whole life, it was important for him to continue his giving even after his death. Mr. Guild's thoughtful legacy gift provides ongoing annual support to the NACCC, helping to insure that the organization continue to serve our member churches and advance the Congregational Way.

For more information on leaving a Congregational Legacy, please contact Debby Fulton at:
(414) 856-1610 or
Leaving A Legacy
The 1620 Society
This Society serves to honor and recognize those who have made a provision in their Will to name the Congregational Foundation and/or the NACCC as a beneficiary. These dedicated and generous donors are committed to supporting our growth and development. We thank these individuals for advancing the Congregational Way.

Onnalee Ahrens*
R. Ron Heiligenstein
William H Ahrens
James A. Hopkins
Jean Anderson*
Claudia Kniefel
Charles W. Barr II
Howard L. Lewis Jr.*
John Baxter Black*
Katherine Macdonald*
Charles A. Blackman
LeeAnne & Thomas Richard
Elsie Bunker*
Alfred Rowe Jr.*
Carol Burton*
Virgil Shipley*
Jennette & Harry Butman*
Grant A. Stannard
Bobbie Chapman
Julie Johnson Staples
Mildred Gibbens*
Nancy & Roland 
Sutton Jr.
Sherry Glab
Casey vanderBent
Hubert Goodale*
Anna Vogt*
William H. Guild*
Lee & Art Wallach
Bonnie Haas*
Charles G. Wharton*

Cool Clicks

2017 Annual Meeting and Conference

Post Annual Meeting Appeal Update
Thank you to all of the generous individuals who sent in a gift for the Post Annual Meeting Appeal!

The Board of Governors generously pledged to donate dollar for dollar up to $12,500 towards our goal to raise another $14,500. By the end of the appeal, we raised $20,080, for a grand total of $32,580. 

Contributions support: 

The Shared Ministries Fund, which supports our operations

The Congregational Foundation, who ensures the financial well-being of the NACCC 

The Providence Fund, which provides grants to member churches to assist them with sending a delegate to the Annual Conference. 
Illuminate Thanksgiving
 Join other NACCC Churches in Illuminate Thanksgiving, an event honoring Thanksgiving.

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