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JANUARY 17, 2017                                                                        ISSUE NO. 01
Welcome to our January edition of NADRA News. Starting now, NADRA will touch base directly to you once monthly, filling you in on everything happening within the organization. We hope you find this new tool useful. Take a look and see what info below might benefit you and your business. Be sure to take a look at the Member Benefits section!

January is, for many of us, a time for "new beginnings". This year offers many new opportunities for growth, improvement, and change- and NADRA has some exciting things in motion for us! We have seen this industry continue to grow, mature, and adjust to a myriad of code changes, new materials, and product innovations. And that's happened in an economy that hasn't, to put it mildly, been "pro business growth"! So there are some challenges we've had to face, and no doubt we will have new challenges to adapt to moving forward.
But "growth", "change", and "challenges" aren't always bad things! In fact, that uncertainty that creates fear, also creates new and unique opportunities.

Let's resolve, to working together better as an industry.

Let's resolve to growing, adapting, and improving- no matter what the economic environment is.

Let's resolve to take full advantage of the opportunities available to serve one another, and to make a lasting impact on our industry, and our local communities.
And lastly, let's resolve to help our industry association grow- by sharing it with those we work with.

Check out the information attached for ways to improve, learn, and thrive in this new year- and for ways to help your association grow as you take advantage of the unique marketing and leadership opportunities available. Your NADRA Board of Directors, and Home Office staff are here to help. Feel free to call or email any of us, if we can assist in any way this new year.


your NADRA Board of Directors
Have an impact. 
Volunteers bring needed skills to NADRA. We could use someone like you!

NADRA is looking for support from our many skilled members. Do you have a skill that would help the association? Volunteers are lifesavers to our organization, and we are looking for you to get involved. Many of you have specialized knowledge such as computer programming, advertising, marketing, or conflict mediation that NADRA occasionally needs. Volunteers can bring fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our programs. By seeking more interaction and support like this from members, we assure the association's goals are in tune with what the industry wants.

Here are specific examples of ways you can help: 
  1. Join a committee such as: CPAC, Code, Education, Deck for a Soldier®, Membership, etc. 
  2. Help us in our marketing efforts: (i.e. helping design our 2017 Deck Safety Poster, New Brochures and flyers, We are in the process of designing a new website - do you have experience?)
  3. Are you passionate about this industry? Share your knowledge with NADRA and our members. Help by contributing content to newsletters just like this one!
  4. Help set up and breakdown at NADRA special events: Golf tournaments, education, annual awards dinner, regional meetings, etc) 
  5. Help drive membership by referring a colleague to NADRA. (The Power of One)
Volunteering is one of the best ways we know of to make a difference in your association. Whatever your passion, however you get involved, volunteering offers a way to have a real and lasting impact on the industry. We hope you will call us. Please reach out to NADRA HQ at: 215-679-4884 or email: Info@NADRA.org.
You can also reach Heather by calling her directly: 215-317-2018 or by email: Heather@NADRA.org. 

Well, everything has fallen into place and we were able to start our Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton Twsp., NJ on January 16th!  The Township has waived the permit fees except for the DCA fee.  We have had a local builder member offer to help out and dig the footing holes on Saturday 1/7/17. 

We had a footing inspection on 1/11/17 and we completed the pour right after that along with the bottom of the stairway landing. We have several builders lined up to help out with this build for the four days that we anticipate the build to take, but we can always use more.  If anyone else wishes to help out please go online to fill out a pledge form found  here, or contact Bruce V. at  BruceVerb@njdecksandrailings.com .  
Thanks to our awesome manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the necessary materials have been donated.  Be on the lookout for pictures and more on NADRA's Facebook pageLike us on Facebook

Bruce Verblaauw NADRA National - Deck for a Soldier ® Committee Chair 
Cell  201-803-2909
NADRA Member Spotlight. 
January 2017 Member Spotlight: Robert Lascelle, MyDeck.com

NADRA launched a member spotlight award for 2017. We are excited to showcase our first winner of 2017, Robert Lascelle from MyDeck.com.

Member Name:  Robert Lascelle
Company Name:  MyDeck.com
Member Category:  Deck Builder
Location:  Flemington, New Jersey

What inspired you to join NADRA?   Lainie chased me down for a long time and finally beat me down until I had to attend a meeting. So glad she did! NADRA has helped my business grow and I have lifelong friends within the organization.

What was the first thing you ever built?  It Was a deck of course, it was a pressure-treated deck in Pittstown, New Jerse y.

How do you define success?  I define success in business as the joy you feel from your work and also the joy you feel from your clients after a project is complete.

What advice would you like to share with fellow members that you have learned in your career?  
Work on your business and not in it.

If you could ask your fellow industry professionals one question, what might it be? 

What single action have you done that has brought you the most success?

What would you do for a career if you weren't doing this? 

I would be a Sandyhook Harbor Pilot. I would have been one if I had not started my business at such an early age.

Tell us anything! Talk about your family, pets, travel, hobbies... I have an incredibly beautiful wife that has many skill sets including being a wonderful mother to my daughter Brooklyn and my stepson Cory. Brooklyn is 10 years old and enjoys gymnastics and animals. Cory just turned 18 and is heading into the Marines July 10, 2017.

My wife is a heavy equipment operator as her main job, she also performs autopsies at Hunterdon Medical Center. Lastly, she became a Hunterdon County  death investigator last year. I spend most of my time running my business and trying to be as good of a dad as I can to my children. I love being on the water and have two Jetski's and purchased the boat of my dreams last year. I plan on taking the entire month of July off this summer to spend a lot of quality time on it with my family.

*A Member Spotlight winner will be chosen each month. For a chance to win, please fill out the questionnaire found here
Member Benefit Tip:

Whether you are a new member or a renewing member, it is important to understand what your membership has to offer. Think of it like a gym membership. You don't just join a gym and get fit (although that would be fantastic!) It feels good to join, and you're heading in the right direction, but your journey has just begun. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Step 1. You learn more about the gym & what is included with your membership.  You can check out the exercise machines, weights, and other equipment. They all come with your membership so you want to utilize them. NADRA too has basic benefits like a free profile page, photo gallery and the option to download the NADRA logo for marketing.

Step 2. Learn what additional programs are offered. In a gym setting you can get more instructions with a TRX or boxing class, sometimes even take a class in nutrition. Similarly, you can get more involved with NADRA by joining and/or supporting programs such as Deck Safety Month®, Deck For a Soldier®, and Educational Certifications. 

Step 3. Get involved with networking events. Staying healthy is strongly supported when you surround yourself with like-minded people. Same goes for surrounding yourself with professionals who can help take your business to the next level. Sign up for golf tournaments, trade shows, seminars and more. Per NADRA members, "...networking is one of the top reasons to be a member!"

Step 4. Stay connected! When you join a gym you can often sign up for newsletters or like them on Facebook. This allows you to stay in contact and learn about upcoming events. Likewise, NADRA has a weekly eNewsletter, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Follow us on one or all, but be sure to stay connected!

Step 5. Get your family and friends involved. Gyms often have incentives to bring your friends and family to the gym. NADRA too, has an incentive program called "NADRA Bucks". For any new member, excluding branch memberships, we offer $50 towards your next renewal.
Upcoming Events:


ASHI Inspection World:

NADRA Deck Inspection Certification Class (4 hours)
  • Instructor: Jim Mailey, Training Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Includes a certification exam (administered in class) and a one-year membership in North American Deck and Railing Association ($100 value).    http://nadra.org
  •   Included in your NADRA membership you will receive: A direct link from NADRA's "Find an Inspector" pages - lead generating site.
  • When: Sunday, January 22nd, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm  (4 ASHI CEs)
  • Cost:  Tuition: $149

This program will allow the home inspector the opportunity to employ the ability to safely inspect a deck using the NADRA Deck Evaluation checklist. The NADRA Deck Evaluation checklist has been developed specifically for home inspectors as a comprehensive tool to be used to properly assess the safety issues of a deck. After the program the home inspector will understand how to analyze the following deck components and issues and more:

  • Stairs
  • Footings and Posts
  • Joists
  • Joist Connections
  • Learn more here

* Do you have or know of an upcoming event you'd like to share with NADRA members? Please email the details to: Info@NADRA.org for possible consideration.
NADRA Launches NEW Media Kit:

Working together, we can accomplish so much more than we can individually. Learn more about how NADRA can help empower you. Click here for Media Kit.

The NADRA Brand 
As the NADRA brand continues to expand, we have more options than ever to help you reach your prime customers. This  media kit will walk you through all the options we have to offer from online advertising and email newsletters to large scale awards and intimate educational event sponsorships. No matter what your size, product or service is, we have an option for you.


If you believe that we can be of help to you, or if you would like to learn more about NADRA, & participate by purchasing options in this media kit, 
please connect with us. 
We will become what we magnify
By: Kevin Jackson

Let's be honest, we've all heard, you are what you eat. However, no one talks about you will become what you magnify. So, let's take a few minutes to challenge our thinking.
Consider this:
  • Negativity will always breed negativity. Positive thinking is an everyday choice that will change the outcome of your life, your decisions and your success.
  • Hate will always generate more hate. Whether you hate a person, place or thing, this is a conscience decision that carries residual effects. If a state of love for something or someone seems out of the question, take baby steps to better understand, to better communicate or to better accept flexibility and change.
  • Always provide value. If you are not providing value you are not providing anything! Magnify the "what's in it for me" for your customers, your clients, your friends, your spouse, your families and your communities. Never directly sell anything, but always solve problems, fill voids and change lives and situations for the better.
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