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March News & Updates
Building a Strong Future for NAF
Update from Executive Director Joel Sutherland

The 2017 Annual Ataxia Conference was bursting with exciting news as Executive Director Joel Sutherland unveiled a brand-new logo and laid out visions for the future of NAF. The crowd reacted joyfully as Sutherland donned a construction vest and hardhat to represent his readiness, with your help, to build the foundation to the best that it can be.

Sutherland wrote about his visionary plans for NAF Members that couldn't be at the conference: 

" As you can see by the picture, it was time to bring out the props at this year's conference. These particular props are easy to interpret; it is time to build.
So, the questions that come to mind are: what are we going to build, why are we going to build it, how are we going to build it, and who is going to do the building? "

"The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
-Steve Jobs
Hundreds Enjoyed 2017 AAC
Annual Ataxia Conference Highlights

More than 400 people flocked to San Antonio to attend NAF's 60th Annual Ataxia Conference. Thanks to The Southcentral Region Host Group! Because of their hard work and planning, attendees were able to network with other people involved in the Ataxia community, learn about the latest and greatest Ataxia advancements directly from researchers, hear from inspiring people affected by Ataxia, battle it out for the best Silent Auction merchandise, visit numerous Exhibitors, connect with others at Birds of a Feather Sessions, and dance the night away at the NAF Banquet.
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"60 for 60" Fundraiser a Hit
Participants Needed!

NAF Members are loving 60 for 60, the new fundraising initiative. Designed to celebrate the 60 years of NAF, participants complete a 60 mile journey to benefit Ataxia.

60 for 60 is already off to a promising start! 20 teams have signed up to make a difference for Ataxia! We're looking for 40 more individuals or teams to reach our goal of 60. Don't delay! Be the next person to join! Your 60 for 60 journey is easy to plan and coordinate. 

NAF Welcomes New Board Members
Cindy DeMint and Michael Cammer!
Symbolism of NAF's New Logo Revealed

What is that circle for? And why did they pick those colors? Those questions answered as Executive Director Joel Sutherland unveils the process and symbolism of the NAF logo. 
First AAC Video Released

NAF released Jason Wolfer's inspirational speech  at the 2017 Annual Ataxia Conference! Wolfer talks about the process leading to a diagnosis of Ataxia  and his frustration of having an unknown type. Hear his courageous outlook on living with the rare disease.

Jason Wolfer - From Shattered to Strength

A Battle with Insurance to Obtain SCA Diagnosis
Member Spotlight
by Lindsey Ferris

When Liesel was a baby I noticed her not meeting her milestones. Liesel's Pediatrician watched her closely. At her 6-month checkup we made the decision to start therapy, but it took 2 months to get approval from insurance.  Liesel started physical and occupational therapy at 8 months old. During that time, everyone believed she was just severely delayed. Liesel's Pediatrician knew it was more than just being delayed.

Member Spotlights
Share your story! Let us know about your journey and why being a NAF Member is important to you! Submissions may be included in future editions of the Monthly eNewsletter. 
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