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Show us the TEXT!
If NAFTA-2 is such a great deal, why keep the details secret?
The 6th Round of NAFTA-2 negotiations takes place in DC on December 11-15.

The Mexican government is pressing the US and Canada to wrap up negotiations to get NAFTA-2 sent to Congress and passed before the end of March. Why? That's when Mexico's Presidential campaign heats up for a July 2018 vote and the US moves into June primary and November mid-term elections. So, the pressure is on.   
Time to apply our own pressure and demand release of NAFTA-2 "draft" chapters now.


#ReleaseNAFTA2text?   #WhySoSecret?

Beware of Fast Track!
We must see the "draft" chapters now to know our demands are met.
Otherwise, it will be too late.
Because when the final text is submitted to Congress under Fast Track rules for a vote, amendments are not permitted and only a simple majority is required to pass it.
What do we want?

* LOCAL AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and an end to the ISDS secret trade court system that protects investors and promotes jobs outsourcing. ISDS allows corporations to file claims against laws that protect people and the planet they claim harm their profits. It means the people most affected by these trade policies have the least voice about local and national impacts.

* PROTECTIONS THAT WORK - Enforceable labor, environmental and climate and human rights standards instead of even worse TiSA and TPP provisions now being added to NAFTA-2 that will impact food safety, Buy American and Buy Local policies, drug prices and healthcare, net neutrality, needed financial and banking regulations, an end to fossil fuels...and more.
* TRANSPARENCY - Breaking with earlier practice, President Obama negotiated in secret, and "draft" texts were kept secret for the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) and the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). Participants, mostly about 600 corporate representatives, had to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Corporations were at the negotiating table. We the people weren't! That must not happen with NAFTA2!
Only after a national "Release the Text campaign," did Pres. Obama place the draft TPP text in a guarded room where Congress members could read the text, but neither take notes nor discuss the text in public. Only after "draft" chapters were leaked were details made public. We need to know and our Congress needs to read and fully understand what's in this agreement NOW, BEFORE it's submitted to Congress for a vote!
Here's what you can do now

1. Sunday, December 10
  LEARN MORE about coalition organizing against NAFTA2! Join the Trade Justice Alliance Webinar "The Way Forward: Global Solidarity and the People's Agenda."  Click here for information on speakers, topics and how to sign up.

Trade Justice Alliance

2. Wednesday, December 13
  ACT TOGETHER AS ONE WILPF! Amplify your voices on the same day - Join National "#ReplaceNAFTA Call-In Day to Congress during the 6th round of negotiations in DC to demand a renegotiated NAFTA that ends outsourcing and puts people and the planet before corporations.

On the 13th of December: Call your Representative at 1-877-775-9294 and your Senators at 1-877-750-7411 and identify yourself as WILPF US.
Click here for more information and how to join the 'Thunderclap' CALL IN DAY!  

Here's a sample script you can use:

"Hi this is NAME from CITY/TOWN. I'm calling to ask the REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR to please demand that NAFTA's renegotiation put people ahead of corporations by eliminating NAFTA's job outsourcing incentives and adding labor, environmental and climate provisions that meet fundamental international standards, include swift and certain enforcement, and raise wages for all workers.
A vote should not be held until these essential standards are met. I'm concerned because more unfair trade under NAFTA 2 will lead to even greater inequality, loss of jobs, continued low wages, out-sourcing and economic hardship, and further environmental impacts, rising health costs, and accelerated privatization of water, utilities, and transportation. These impacts set the stage for conflict that can lead to conflict and violence.

3. December 15 to January 2

During the Congressional Holiday Recess visit your Representative's district office, go to an open house or other event. Identify yourself as a WILPF member/branch.

TOOLS TO USE: See the November 11th WILPF eAlert with valuable resources.. 

USE THIS SAMPLE LETTER TO CONGRESS: Click here to download letter.

4. Report on Your Response
Don't forget to let us know if you take any of the above!  ( Subject: "Local NAFTA ACTION").  

Send us photos of you or your branch meeting with Congress members or attending town meetings.  Report on HOW you responded to this ALERT, and what response you got from officials and the public.  

 5. Spread the Word!
TWEET ABOUT IT! From now through the end of the year, tweet these messages frequently! Here are 2 sample tweets to use.

If NAFTA2 is so great, why not share the details?  
#ReleaseNAFTA2text   #WhySoSecret?  Please retweet!

NAFTA2 is a complex trade policy that impacts American workers, families, small business and our communities.   #ReleaseNAFTA2text #WhySoSecret?  Please retweet!

SHARE ON FACEBOOK! Share frequently and ask others to share.

Here's a sample POST to use:

Since NAFTA in 1994
  • 2 million Mexican farmers were driven from their land. -
  • 25% live in food poverty and 1/5 of Mexican children are malnourished.
  • Rural pollution has increased with high rates of illness.  Women bear the burden.  
In the US
Poverty in Mexico fuels violence and drug trade that infiltrates to the US, along with economic refugees and immigration issues.

NAFTA2 is coming. Don't stay silent!  
Visit or contact your member of Congress now and insist on TRANSPARENCY and #ReleaseNAFTA2text  so the public and Congress have time to read and analyze the text before it goes to Congress on Fast Track for a vote with no amendments permitted!   
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