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Midwest UNITED!

Thank you for a GREAT 
2015 season!
Who's ready for 2016!?
  • Great Lakes and Midwest regions United.
  • 2016 Schedule announced.

We are excited to announce the Unification of the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.  Folks have been asking for years "why are there two regions when most of the events are crossover events?" We listened to this request and took a look at the events and confirmed HPDE, TT and Race groups were larger at crossover events and discovered many more good reasons to combine the two regions into one " Great Lakes Region". 
  • More choices of event dates
  • More tracks
  • Less confusing
  • Stronger United Region Identity
  • Larger race classes increases contingency prizes
  • Better Competition
The "united" Great Lakes region will now have the greatest diversity with the larges number of tracks to choose from, compared to all NASA regions. We are working on a points calculation system for Racers and TT drivers that will provide a large pool of competitors without being forced to travel great distances while having more choices of event dates.

Whats in a Name?
All the states, with the exception of Kentucky, in both Midwest and Great Lakes Regions are Great Lakes states. The Geographic map of the Midwest includes most of the states that are part of the NASA Central Region. Both regions had a similar number of members. We did not want to complicate the identity with a new name. With all this being said, "Great Lakes" is the logical name for the united regions. 

2016 NASA 
"United" Great Lakes Schedule

March 12-13 NCM
(crossover with Central and Mid-South)
April 9-10 Gateway
(Hosted by Central)
April 23-24 Mid-Ohio
May 21-22 Road America
(Crossover with Central)
June 25-26 GingerMan
July 9-10 Autobahn Country Club
August 6-7 GingerMan
August 27-28 Mid-Ohio
September 24-25 Watkins Glen
East Champs.
(Great Lakes Points event)
October 22-23 NCM
(cross over with Southeast & awards banquet)

The Schedule was a challenge to put 
 together with all the changes (Championships 3 weeks later, NASCAR Traning at Mid-Ohio took our date in June, Indy Car took our August date at Road America). Unfortunately with Road America in May we are not able to go to the newly expanded Pitt Race. Maybe in 2017? That being said the schedule came out very well

The schedule is announced and events will open for registration earlier this year than last year allowing more time to coordinate with work and family schedules. We hope to have the registration option available
 late this week or 
next week. We will offer the same pre-season promotion, of $50 off per event through January 6th, as last year and gift certificates (details to follow).

Have a great off season! March will be here soon.

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