2017 NASPAA Conference Call for Panel Proposals
Ends Wednesday, April 19, 2017! 
NASPAA is seeking panel submissions for the 2017 Annual Conference!

Theme: Confidence in Public and Nonprofit Institutions:  How is it Built, How is it Lost, and How is it Regained? 

All panel proposals must be submitted online by the panel convener by Wednesday, April 19 at 11:59 p.m. ET for consideration. 
The 2017 NASPAA Annual Conference is in Washington, D.C. from October 11-13, 2017.

The NASPAA-Batten Food Security Simulation is Coming to YOUR Classroom! 

Did your students come back from this year's NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation Competition excited about food security?

Would you like to explore food security as a public management/policy topic in your courses? 

Have you been wanting to try using an immersive electronic simulation in your classroom to advance learning?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are in luck. The competition's simulation will soon be available, for free, for you to use in your classroom. Thanks to a NASPAA-Batten School agreement, UVA will be making the simulation available for classroom use, starting in late May. You will be able to access it online by appointment with the Simulation Center at Batten. The online version will be a shorter version, and one that can be adapted to various numbers of students, and different types of courses. The simulation may be useful as part of a MPA/MPP course on nonprofit/NGO management, sustainable development, agricultural policy, leadership and negotiation, or humanitarian crises.  

NASPAA-Batten will be publishing an online educational handbook that will enable faculty members to consider how the simula tion could be used in their classroom. It will provide a g uide to the "game play" as well as supplying some explanations and definitions of data indicators, background information on different regions, and suggestions for use in different kinds of courses. Interested? Please send an email to Supriya Golas at  Golas@naspaa.org  if you would like to be notified when the simulation and handbook become available.

Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society 


Spring is upon us and now is t he time to begin the process of inducting students into your chapters!
I hope you will take some time in the coming days to identify the next class of Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees. Remember to be eligible students need to have a GPA of 3.7 or above (3.67 rounded) and completed at least 50% of their required coursework.

This is also the time to start thinking about what Pi Alpha Alpha regalia your chapter will wear during commencement. Please try to place your induction and commencement order as soon as possible to ensure your materials arrive on time. Don't forget to send us your pictures from your induction and commencement ceremonies.

Attention Pi Alpha Alpha Advisors, please stay tuned for some exciting news. In the coming weeks your chapter will be able to apply for a mini-grant for an amount not to exceed $2,000. The details will be communicated to all advisors soon! In the meantime, please tell us about your chapter's activities. Chapters and Chapter Advisors from very active chapters (doing more than just induction ceremonies) should be nominated for the Pi Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Year Award and Pi Alpha Alpha Chapter Advisor of the Year Award.

Finally, if you are no longer the Pi Alpha Advisor please forward this message to the appropriate person and please notify David Marshall, NASPAA Director of Membership Development at marshall@naspaa.org.


Celebrate Spring around the world with a special 60% discount for the month of April only for NASPAA's PublicServiceCareers.org job board!

Don't miss this Cherry Blossom Special!  

More than 10 years ago, NASPAA, ASPA, and APPAM started our joint job board, PUBLICSERVICECAREERS.ORG. Over this decade, more than 6500 ads have been posted, and many, many professionals in public service and public service education have found their perfect job match at our member schools, government entities,  and other public service organizations. Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors have come to the site, and been educated about trends in public service employment and salaries, as well as being provided with the latest professional job opportunities.  Thank you to all of our job posters, and job seekers! In celebration of all of this, and to welcome Spring, we are pleased to announce a special discount for postings in the month of APRIL.  

30 day postings are just U.S. $100 if you use this coupon code:  April30day

And click through the "basic listing" category, entering your coupon code when prompted.

Offer valid during the month of April only!

NASPAA 2017 Annual Awards
Nominate a great colleague, s tudent or program today!

Great work is accomplished 
every day by public service education faculty, students and programs. At the NASPAA Annual Conference, we highlight this excellence!

You can nominate yourself, peers, students and programs by submitting a few pieces of information; review the full details here. We are accepting nominations for the following awards:

  • Staats Emerging Scholars: for up to three current Ph.D. students pursuing a faculty positionNASPAA Dissertation Award: to recognize significant research achieved in a dissertation.
  • Duncombe Excellence in Doctoral Education Award: for a faculty member with supervisory responsibilities for doctoral students.
  • Leslie Whittington Excellence in Teaching Award: for a faculty member who has displayed teaching excellence over a period of time.
  • Diversity Award: for a program that exemplifies the highest standards of promoting and supporting diversity in research, teaching and/or service.
  • Social Equity Award: for a program that exemplifies the highest standards of promoting and supporting social equity in research, teaching and/or service.
  • Pi Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Year Award: recognizes excellence in programming and chapter management in pursuit of the PAA goals for scholarship, leadership and excellence.
  • Pi Alpha Alpha Chapter Advisor of the Year Award: for a person who has made outstanding contributions in support of a PAA chapter.
  • Pi Alpha Alpha Master's Degree Manuscript Award: recognizes an outstanding manuscript written by a Master's student.
  • Pi Alpha Alpha Doctoral Manuscript Award: recognizes an outstanding manuscript written by a doctoral student.
All nominations must be submitted by Friday, June 2 at 11:59 p.m. ET to 

Winners will be announced in August 2017!

Updated Information about this award will be announced soon:

Social Justice Curriculum Award: for a program that incorporates a social justice lens into their core curriculum 7.

Contact David Marshall, Director of Membership Development, with questions:
marshall@naspaa.org, 202.628.8965 x114.

NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation Competition

As many of you are aware, on Saturday, February 25, 2017 (February 26 in Beijing) NASPAA launched its third annual Student Simulation Competition in eight sites across the globe. 
This year's winning team was from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogot√°, Colombia site. Super judges commented that this team was "...grounded in the day-to-day of food security around the world and that "its strategy recommendations were practical and feasible, focusing on what would work in real-life." The super judges also singled out the team's interesting analysis of how Latin America could help the rest of the world improve food security, as a unique contribution to the global competition.

Winning Team

Announcing the Prize Internship

It's official! One of the members of the winning global team will earn an incredible opportunity to intern at the World Food Programme (WFP) in Rome, Italy this summer. The paid internship will be held in WFP's Climate & Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes Unit. 

WFP conducts several initiatives worldwide to build long-term resilience to climate change for food and income security. An example of one of WFP's many bold efforts is the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, which is a "comprehensive risk management approach to help communities be more resilient to climate variability and shocks." For more information on the R4 Initiative, please click here. One of the lucky members of the winning team (announced this Friday) will get to spend his or her summer in Rome, Italy, gaining exposure to the multitude of projects and global initiatives being pursued by WFP daily. 

What do NASPAA Simulation Competition Participants Have to Say? 

Thalya Reyes, MPP Student, Rutgers University, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy  
Following the simulation competition, we had the opportunity to interview several student participants who shared their competition experiences and offered us constructive feedback on how to improve the simulation. 

According to Loreen Davis, a student from University of Alaska Anchorage, the simulation "was an opportunity for students to exchange ideas with students in different policy and administration programs other than their own. Diverse regional perspectives can help students consider major policy problems in a new light." 

"I appreciated the food security simulation - in all honesty a topic I have next to no exposure. I learned some very pertinent information that I will utilize as I progress through my MPA program and beyond."

Sasha Zapata, who attends Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, was a member of the global winning team at Universidad de Los Andes. Her family immigrated to the United States from Colombia. Zapata learned that there are different concerns about food security in South American than in the United States. As per Zapata, the primary concern in the U.S. is about access to healthy, nutritious food. In South America, minimizing food waste and ensuring that unused food is distributed to those who need it are the major issues. Due to political disputes, prevalent in Colombia and Venezuela, food insecurity is becoming more common. Climate change and extreme weather events have exacerbated food security issues, as the normal cultivation of crops and livestock are disrupted. Zapata learned a lot from her fellow teammates who have different educational backgrounds - ranging from healthcare to economics and environmental

Learning about Food Security Issues in Alaska:

NASPAA-Batten's simulations will revolve around one of the UN SDGs. As you know, this year, we wanted to shed light on the topic of food security. In post-competition interviews with student participants, we asked them about the most pressing sustainable development issues impacting their communities. We were particularly interested in what our student participants from University of Alaska Anchorage had to say about the state of food securi ty in their state. We conducted a post-competition interview with several students (Loreen Davis, Katie Dougherty, Brandon Nye, Kate Wright) from the University of Alaska Anchorage (who participated at the University of Washington host site) about unique sustainable development issues in Alaska. 
From left to right: Katie Dougherty, Kate Wright,
Brandon Nye, Loreen Davis

Brandon Nye, Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service, shared that one of the unique sustainability issues, as far as food security, pertains to production and the over-dependence on imported goods. According to Nye, "[Alaska] needs to come up with alternatives to encourage production."
Since Alaska relies heavily on imported goods, the cost of food is extremely high. Kate Wright, an employee at the Copper Center, can attest to this problem. Wright, who resides in a rural area, is exposed to the high cost of eating healthy due to exorbitant transportation and storage costs. "If you live somewhere like where I am from, there is not a grocery in the community - only a liquor store that sells canned goods. You need transportation to get to a grocery store and it takes several hours to get to Anchorage or an urban area. Things like milk can cost around 10 dollars a gallon."

Some of the hurdles hindering local production deal with poor infrastructure - as per Katie Dougherty who works for her Municipal Government. Dougherty has written ordinances to making rooftop greenhouses an allowable development towards improving local infrastructure. Dougherty is committed to the issue of improving access to healthy, nutritional food in Alaska and her goal is to work for the state legislature and eventually be at the director level in municipal or state government, or even at a nonprofit.

These students are the reason why NASPAA remains so committed to public service education - as they are the catalysts of change on the local, regional and global levels. NASPAA learns from students every day about the most pressing issues impacting communities across the globe. We will continue to work with our students and educators in the realm of public policy and administration to address crucial issues affecting millions of people in all parts of the globe.

We also seek your input on a potential topic for next year's competition. As of now, the NASPAA Batten competition is considering conducting a simulation around another SDG - perhaps SDG 6 - but if you have any other suggestions please share these with us at competition@naspaa.org.


NASPAA is thrilled to announce the return of NASPAA NEXT at the 2017 NASPAA Annual Conference in Washington, DC on  Wednesday, October 11. The four-hour workshop, will provide emerging leaders in their departments or programs with practical tools that will enable them to become more engaged and dynamic members of their campuses and communities. Participation in NASPAA NEXT is by invitation only, and invitations are based on recommendations from deans and other senior faculty, professional reputation and scholarly research, as well as participation in NASPAA activities.

In response to the 2017 NASPAA Annual Conference Theme - "Confidence in Public and Nonprofit Sectors: How is it Built, How is it Lost, and How is it Regained?" - this year NASPAA NEXT will focus on Track 3 of the conference:  Building Public Trust Through Responsible Policy Communications and Advocacy. Participants will learn strategies for communicating groundbreaking research to public policy leaders, nonprofit practitioners, and the public at large. Additionally, emerging faculty will discuss the importance of advocating for the use and implementation of public policy analysis from NASPAA schools, faculty, and students. Also important is the ability to communicate and advocate for ideas that are generated in other countries and being able to identify what programs can be implemented domestically and vice versa. Through these actions our public and nonprofit institutions can inspire public confidence by implementing policies based solid empirical analysis that deliver results. Moreover, participants will learn how to become more fully engaged with NASPAA by ensuring their talents and knowledge base are strategically aligned with leadership opportunities for the association. Finally, participants will engage in a group project after the Annual Conference designed to make public policy analysis visible to policy makers and the general public. We are in discussions with several faculty members to lead this dynamic workshop.

NASPAA is currently accepting nominations from Deans, Program Directors, and Senior Faculty for faculty who have recently received tenure or at an equivalent stage of their academic and professional development. Nominations should be sent via email to David Marshall, Director of Membership Development, at  marshall@naspaa.org.

Infographic: How Men and Women Do
(Click on the image to enlarge)

NASPAA Alumni Survey 2017-Start Compiling your list of Alumni! 
NASPAA's 2017 Alumni Survey will launch May 15, 2017.  Now is the time to start compiling your list of alumni contact information.  This year we will be surveying the 2013-2014 cohort.  For more information regarding the Alumni Survey and past year's results go to: http://www.naspaa.org/datacenter/alumnisurvey.asp, or contact  drudy@naspaa.org.

Program Director's Corner

The Fourth Edition of NASPAA's Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration Released!
NASPAA is also pleased to announce the release of the Fourth Edition of NASPAA's Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration , developed by the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark. Edited by Marc Holzer and Lois M. Warner (and Associate Editor, Dan Bee Lee), it brings together a broad array of teaching and learning resources on public policy, public affairs and administration and makes each available via a web link. The guide comprises web links to over 2500 resources and technologies. These include a recent selection of textbooks, journals, media, curricula, and lesson plans, and cases for the class discussion, from well-known sources, such as the Public Administration Gateway (PA Gateway). The fourth edition has some new sections that cover links to software packages for data analysis, video editing, and creating surveys and diagrams. The sections on teaching research methods, simulations, classroom management, learning outcomes and student evaluation were revised and updated.

NASPAA Alumni Survey 2017-Start Compiling your list of Alumni! 
NASPAA's 2017 Alumni Survey will launch May 15, 2017.  Now is the time to start compiling your list of alumni contact information.  This year we will be surveying the 2013-2014 cohort.  For more information regarding the Alumni Survey and past year's results go to: http://www.naspaa.org/datacenter/alumnisurvey.asp, or contact 

Accreditation Upcoming Deadlines:
  • April 15, 2017 - Eligibility Application due
  • August 15, 2017 - Self-Study Report deadline for  2017-18
    cohort - the form is now LIVE in the system!

COPRA seeks graduate interns!
COPRA has two openings for summer 2017 interns, ideal for graduate students interested in higher education, program assessment, communications, and/or nonprofit management.
To learn more about the opportunities, and to share with your students, refer to the announcements, below:

2017 Accreditation Institute
Start planning now! The 2017 Accreditation Institute will be held October 11, 2017 at the NASPAA Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Plan to join your colleagues for a full day of training, followed by a reception. We will be seeking trainers for the Institute shortly, so stay tuned!

Interested in supporting the Accreditation Institute? We are still offering sponsorships! For more information, and to see what is still available, contact marshall@naspaa.org .

COPRA Seeks 2017 Accreditation Institute Consultants
COPRA is seeking  consultants to present and/or design educational sessions for academic program directors seeking to learn about accreditation for public service education. NASPAA's "Accreditation Institute" will be held in a single day (October 11, 2017) at the NASPAA Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The Commission seeks consultants to present a coherent and positive one-day experience for participants of the NASPAA conference.

In Case You Missed It!
COPRA released the Self-Study Instructions, for programs in the 2017-18 cohort. For the 2016 release, COPRA focused on completion rates, enhancing the quality and comparability of one of the most critical outcomes of public affairs programs and ensuring the comprehensive context of students continuing to graduation outside of four years.
COPRA also released a policy statement announcing the implementation expectations of programs in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 cohorts, with regard to Standard 5, as well as additional information related to the completion rates data requirements.

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Carnegie Mellon University  alumnus Elvin Ivan Uy was a key player in transforming the Philippines' education system. 

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