NATCA fights to protect retirements and fund the FAA; Puerto Rico regains some operability, but our brothers and sisters still need your support.
Shutdown Averted
Thank you to NATCA members across the country who called in to their Members of Congress and asked them to fully fund the FAA. Our collective voice was heard. To read the National Executive Board update, click here.

67 of our Union's legislative leaders took 510 meetings with members of Congress over the month of September to educate them about proposed legislation that could negatively affect federal retirements and current staffing levels, which are at a 28-year low. Learn more.
Union Advocacy: You Have A Voice

Starting next week, you may catch a bright new addition to your facility as your NATCA FacRep helps launch this year's NATCAvism poster campaign. As NATCA members, we have a voice, responsibility, and role in the success of our Union. NATCA members have a plethora of tools and resources available to take ownership of our profession, our Union, and our collective future. 

The poster campaign will launch in four parts emphasizing the importance of being active in your Union. First, NATCA members have a voice and must create a dialogue. Ask questions of your local leadership. Learn more about the leading issues for NATCA. These are the issues that affect you, your profession, your benefits, your brothers and sisters, and your family.

Don't hesitate to share what you learn. Share with your NATCA brothers and sisters, with the public through educational and outreach events, and with your legislative representatives. Your career and the National Airspace System depend on it!

The NATCA Disaster Relief Fund is supporting NATCA members on the front lines of Hurricane Relief efforts in the Southwest and Southern regions, including the Caribbean. Your support of the relief fund has a direct impact on NATCA efforts in affected regions.  Read more.

From early on in his career, Rinaldi has demonstrated a vision and passion for aviation safety. He has worked to involve NATCA in the enhancement of the aviation system and believes that there is nothing his NATCA brothers and sisters cannot achieve if they work together. Read more.

NATCA Safety Committee Chair Steve Hansen has been elected Eastern Regional Director for the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). NATCA members at Boston Tower (BOS), Salt Lake City ATCT (SLC), and Fort Worth Center (ZFW) are among the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)'s 2017 Award Winners. Read more.

Barrett participated on a panel alongside International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) President Patrik Peters and Dutch NLR Senior Project Manager Training, Simulation and Operator Performance, Mr. Henk van Dijk, PhD. Read more.

Dalbec is an Engineer in the Southern Region and a Vice President of the Southern Region (ESO) local, which is part of NATCA's Region X. Learn more about why he thinks Union membership is key to protecting his profession. Read more.

Giberson was recently honored at NATCA in Washington with a Regional Legislative Award.

"When I was asked to join the NLC Mentorship program, I realized that my NATCA team and Regional Vice President (RVP) saw something in me that unfortunately, my FAA work had made me forget. NATCA helped me remember the smart and driven person that I had been most of my life. By taking on a leadership role within NATCA, I hope I can also help others believe in themselves."  Read more.

Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia: Places NATCA is making a different across the country this week. Read more.

Keep up to date on all things NATCA: Denver Center (ZDV) keeps members informed; another facility transitions to STARS; Ford X-Plan member benefits; and seminar dates. Read more.
2018 NATCA Events
Convention 2018: Robert's Rules

1. Only one matter may be considered at a time.
2. It is the right of the majority to rule.
3. It is the right of the minority to be heard.

Brush up on some of the underlying principles behind the procedures for deliberation and debate, called Robert's Rules of Order, to get ready for Convention.

The 17th Biennial Convention will take place in Philadelphia, April 17-20, 2018. Check out the new NATCA Convention page and register today!

The Opening Reception of #NATCAphilly2018 will be held at the National Constitution Center, the first and only museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution Center is an essential Historic Philadelphia destination where visitors of all ages and backgrounds can explore the history and relevance of the Constitution, celebrate their freedoms, and embrace their role in the story of "We the People." Check out the visitor's guide for info on the museum, and watch the Convention web page for announcements about scheduling.

Members should submit proposed resolutions or amendments by close of business (5 p.m. EST) on Dec. 18, 2017, to the NATCA Executive Vice President at Proposals will then be mailed to all members at least 60 days prior the convention. The National Convention body will then vote on all proposals that are in order and properly before the body.

If you have any questions please contact a Constitution Committee member

Article XIV Section 1 of the NATCA Constitution covers this subject.
NATCA Looks Ahead to CFS 2018

Communicating For Safety (CFS) has moved to the fall and will take place Oct. 22-24, 2018, at Bally's Las Vegas. For more information, check out the revamped CFS site.

For information on how to nominate your fellow brothers and sisters for the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards, Professionalism Awards, and Region X Commitment to Safety Award, which will be presented at CFS 2018, click here.
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