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August 11, 2011

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In case you haven't noticed already, an "Industry News" section has been added to our "Press Room" on the NAVTA website. On it, you will find the latest news in the veterinary technology industry such as information on Bayer Animal Health's Legend of the Year Award or a fact sheet on CERTIFECT. If you have news you would like us to add, please email with a press release or brief write-up. 

GREENIES Pet Oral Health Event! 

 Ori at Greenies

Hundreds of technicians participated in the second annual GREENIES Pet Oral Health Event on July 30 - 31, 2011, at PETCOs nationwide. Oriana D. Scislowicz, B.S., L.V.T. assisted at a PETCO in Richmond, VA. Here is her assessment of the event. 


"As the technician at the event, I was able to educate owners on home dental care for their pets, as well as emphasize the importance of proper checkups from the vet and dental cleanings. All in all, it was a successful event and was a great opportunity to reach out to the public and show the important role of veterinary technicians in their community!"


Deadline for the Bayer Technician CE Program is approaching! 


For the second year in a row, Bayer Animal Health has partnered with NAVTA to provide funds for six veterinary technicians to attend a veterinary conference of their choice. The first deadline for this program for the 2011-2012 year is September 1, 2011. Applicants must be NAVTA members and submit a CE quality article on a current parasitology topic. Visit the NAVTA website or email for more information. 

NAVTA Conference Speaker Profile: 

Jon Cooper 

Jon Cooper


Jon is an established photographer that has been running his own photography business for four years. He is also a photography instructor at Pittsburg State University and has taken photos for several NAVTA events and print materials. You can see some of Jon's work on the 2011 NVTW poster, the fall 2010 cover of The NAVTA Journal featuring Kara Burns and the upcoming fall 2011 cover of The NAVTA Journal featuring Cat Holly. Jon will be speaking on a panel about how to effectively write and take photos for submission to animal health publications. 


To see Jon's complete bio, visit the NAVTA website

Check out the NAVTA Calendar for Upcoming CE Events! 


Fall is known as back-to-school time for kids, but it is also the perfect time for you to brush up on some continuing education of your own! Many state associations such as the VALVT, TVTA, AND MVTA/KVTA hold fall conferences full of CE opportunities, not to mention our own NAVTA Conference in November! Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events, and if your organization has an event that is not listed, be sure to fill out our Add An Event form to share it with other members!  

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