April  2017 Newsletter
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Ready, set...Propel!
What you'll find at this year's Propel

Panel discussions and workshops on Technology, Well being and Balance, Social Responsibility, Succession Planning and Exit Strategies, and Public Policy 

Breakouts on topics such as Human Resources, Supplier Diversity, and Finances

Woman Business Owner of the Year Awards

Woman Brews beer tasting reception 

Dream, Girl screening and reception

Plus a special all day workshop on  May 7 for entrepreneurs!
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Sacramento Chapter
Orange County Chapter
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Interested in Transportation Issues?
Then consider attending meetings of the  Metro's Transportation Business Advisory Council . Comprised of professional business associations representing an array of industries and trades, the Council plays an important role in advocating for small business owners to have increased access to Metro contracting opportunities. 
President's Message
The first quarter of 2017 has already concluded and how did you do?  Were your Q1 actuals consistent or better than you budgeted or projected?  Have you had time to study the trends and evaluate whether you will be on track by year end?  Are you too busy working in the business that you cannot look up to work on the business?

Well, NAWBO-CA and the 2017 Propel Your Business Conference has a solution for you.  Give yourself and your NextGen team member in your succession plan a retreat - a business planning retreat on Sunday, May 7th at the Propel conference. And be sure to join Entrepreneurs Edge where you will have the space and the right energy to evaluate, plan and project your next move in your business.  And after spending the day planning, you will have two days of power-packed networking; inspirational and solution-driven speakers; and business sharpening tools to Propel your business.  You, your business and your employees deserve your undivided attention, free of distraction, to work on your business at the Propel Your Business conference May 7-9th.

Given the budget considerations on the table from the Governor's office and the bills being considered at the State and Federal levels, let me urge you do what our early NAWBO sisters did - GIPOGOOB, Get Into Politics or Get Out of Business.  Your voice is critical in these discussions.  This newsletter provides a link to great opportunities for you to visit with your State legislator in your area; please take advantage of the opportunity; the California Small Business Association is eager to have NAWBO business leaders in those discussions.  Joy Lutes and NAWBO national are having regular policy calls so that we can stay abreast of what is happening on the federal level; make sure your chapter is on the call and reporting out to the membership.  Your NAWBO-CA public policy committee is very active.  Diane and her Committee are committed to ensuring that NAWBO-CA chapters are educated about bills impacting our businesses and will recommend bills for statewide support.  We received great feedback from many members on some recent bills and we will be implementing your feedback.  

NAWBO-CA members, we would like to see you in Sacramento May 7-9th.  We are excited about the nominees for Woman Business Owner of the Year.  We have confirmed some world class speakers. You will benefit personally and professionally from attending this conference with an exclusive group of women business leaders and those smart enough to network with women business owners.

We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento,

Hilda Kennedy
NAWBO-CA President
Prepare for Propel 2017
                Your to do list for  Propel 2017

1. Check out this  brief video highlighting Propel 2016

2. Review the agenda (highlights below)

3 .   Register!  

Two ways to save on your registration!

1. Automatically save 10% on all registration if you register yourself and at least one additional person.

2. We encourage you to bring the next generation owners in your company. Register yourself and your successor using the code NEXTGEN to get $205 off her registration!

Public Policy Corner
From the CA Small Business Association

Assemblyman Steinorth Speaks Up for Small Business!

On March 28th the JEDE Committee heard testimony on several bills that will affect small business. Our 2017 Small Business of the Year Legislator, Assemblymember Marc Steinorth (Rancho Cucamonga) spoke up on behalf of small businesses throughout California. Below is a transcript of his comments:
Comments by on AB 912 (Obernolte) by Assembly member Marc Steinorth, Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy; March 28, 2017
"Madame Chair, Thank you. I applaud the author, I applaud this bill, I think this is fantastic. As a small business owner myself, you know I work in my industry working with small businesses.
I grow small businesses for a living and I'll tell you it is extremely difficult for small businesses to be successful in California. Every single small business takes their family's savings, borrows from family members, goes into debt for the privilege of creating that small business on the premise that they would be able to provide for their family and ultimately for their community by providing jobs for the people that work in their small business.

So I like to say every small business wakes up in debt for the privilege of providing other people with jobs. And I find ourselves, too much here in Sacramento and coming out of the state agencies, looking down on small business owners and putting burdensome regulations on them without giving them any ability to comply.
When we pass a law, do you think it's going to impact Walmart or Target or some of the other major corporations? No. They have a room full of lawyers that will make sure they are in compliance. Every single one of those burdensome regulations that comes down on a small business, comes down on a small business family member.
It comes down on the mother, the father that's sitting there late at night trying to balance the books and make sure that they are in compliance with the laws. This bill only allows them some flexibility so that when it's an obvious misunderstanding or they try to be in compliance with the law that they are not unduly impacted. I think that this is a fantastic bill. It couldn't happen soon enough, thank you."

Find out when the CA Small Business Association is meeting with elected officials in your area here.