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NBL Canada Issues Further Statement Regarding Ottawa



                Press Release                                                            August 4, 2014


(TORONTO, ON):  Due to an inaccurate picture having been painted in recent media, the National Basketball League of Canada felt compelled to issue the following statement regarding Ottawa.


The NBL of Canada's Board of Governors were left with no choice but to expel the Ottawa SkyHawks from the League.  Deadlines were missed for loan payments, no venue lease had been submitted with dates for the season, and no proof of funding for the upcoming season was provided.

Assistance was given to the SkyHawks throughout the summer in repeated meetings, conference calls, and even a trip to Ottawa by Commissioner Riley to try and help the team obtain a lease. Despite these efforts and a great of time passing, no concrete answers or solutions were provided by Bytown Sports & Entertainment Inc., the entity that operated the SkyHawks.

With the season schedule due out on August 1 of each year, time had run out on the SkyHawks, and so the League acted unanimously as one to protect the League as a whole.

The League reached out to Mr. Takkale on Wednesday night in a last ditch effort to hear from him if by chance he had come up with a plan that would perhaps stay the decision that had been made, but still no answers were given.

Mr. Takkale introduced Tony House to the League back on July 2nd as the "new SkyHawks President", being brought on board to help the team find investors and a lease. Subsequent to that, the League received an email from Mr. House indicating he had refused the position, and would not be helping the SkyHawks solve these issues. He also made it clear that his group, and other potential investors, did not want to invest in Bytown Sports and inherit it's debts.

The League would welcome the right opportunity to work with serious business and basketball people such as Mr. House, Leo Rautins, and Dave Smart, or another such group in the future.  The League certainly did not reject their involvement.  Mr. House rejected working with the SkyHawks company (Bytown Sports) to try further to save the team, as was his right.  Had this group and their investors chosen to join Bytown Sports & Entertainment Inc., of course no "fee" would have been charged by the League.


For the record, the League does not charge a "fee" to join the League.  Expansion teams acquire stock in the League equal to the other teams and pay the same annual dues as the other teams upon joining.

Unfortunately no such 'saviour' emerged, and the League had no other option but to take the course of action that it did.

Since the SkyHawks ownership in the NBLC has been revoked, when a new group emerges with interest in the Ottawa market, they will have to submit an application to join the League in the same manner as every other expansion team in the past. The Board was in agreement that unfortunately time would not permit a new application for this season.

We remain firm in our belief that with the right ownership and the right venue arrangement, that NBL Canada basketball would be a success in Ottawa.  We remain committed to bringing professional basketball back to the Capitol City as early as next season.



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