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NBL Canada Commissioner Comments Regarding Tuesday Night's Incident




Press Release                                                             April 2, 2014


(TORONTO, ON):  The National Basketball League of Canada subscribes to the Freedom of the Press as protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Generally speaking, we do not condone the ejection of reporters from league venues, however the decision to grant or withhold a media pass is at the sole discretion of the home teams at their venue.

With regards to the specific incident that occurred in Windsor on Tuesday night, the Windsor organization notified the London organization in writing on Monday that Mr. Dalla Costa would not be granted a media pass for Tuesday night's game, as they felt that he lacked journalistic integrity culminating from 2 years of ad hominen personal attacks at them, insulting their CEO, organization, attendance, etc - both in news articles and from his personal twitter account.


While the League regrets any inconvenience this caused Mr. Dalla Costa, the incident would not have occurred in the manner that it did, had he not gone ahead and entered the building despite the prior notice.

I have been assured this was a one time event, and I personally would welcome Mr. Dalla Costa to be my guest at the Finals game between Windsor and Charlottetown this Friday night, or have a sit down meeting with him to air issues at his convenience.

The NBL Canada values its fans, sponsors, and media partners and we are thrilled about the exciting future of the league.  We are anxiously awaiting what will be a fabulous Finals series between the Express and the Storm, and a tremendous All Star Weekend that is slated for Charlotteown April 19-20.


Paul Riley
NBL Canada Commissioner 



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