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May 19, 2018
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Daniel Price
Keynote Speakers Announced for Nevada Economic Development Conference – Aug 20-22
The Nevada Economic Development Conference takes a hyper-focused look at Nevada’s super-charged business and economic development trends.

Reno and Flirtey are on the fast track for drone testing. They were selected by the Department of Transportation to take part in the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems program.
Business success is often measured by size attributes: revenue, number of employees, geographic coverage, growth rates etc. But these measures don’t reflect the functional development of the business.

Northern Nevada entrepreneurs and collegians have competed in business-plan competitions and gone on to success. Dragonfly Energy, for example, is now a fast-growing Reno company that manufactures lithium-ion batteries for RVs, boats and off-grid applications.
Most of us have heard the term “mindfulness.” Here is how I define mindfulness: being aware of our own inner experience (attuned to self), and paying attention to what is happening around us (attuned to others and the world around us) without being attached to any specific outcome. 
Students learn how to deal with real-life health science scenarios in a variety of hands-on laboratories at the William N. Pennington Health Science Center. Experience it for yourself during NCET’s Tech Wednesday on June 13.
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