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January 10 / 2018

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March 22 -  Abandoned Properties.   More info to follow

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Look What We've Been Up To!!
Abandoned Residential Property Grant Applications were due December 1, 2017.  Applications submitted:

LaSalle County -   LaSalle County is requesting funds for reimbursement of a demolition project that was recently completed, as well as, funds to continue three (3) future demolitions and maintenance efforts of 1 property.

MarseillesMarseilles has identified three (3) abandoned properties within the city limits that need to be demolished.  
Neponset -   Neponset has identified three (3) abandoned properties within the village limits that need to be demolished.
Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) Grants were due December 1, 2017.  The following communities applied.

Coal City - Broadway Street Streetscape Project to include lighting, bump outs, landscaping, crosswalks, decorative sidewalks, and a gateway feature.

Lacon - Main Street Beautification and Streetscape Project to include removal and replacement of streetlights, additions of pedestrian lights, convert overhead electric to buried conduit, and replacement of impacted sidewalks, curbs, and ADA ramps with new.

LaSalle - Pedestrian Bicycle Path to Prairie Park Lake Project to assist in connecting to Rotary Park to provide a traffic-free connection for residents and tourists.

Marseilles - Main Street Beautification and Streetscape Project to include the removal and replacement of streetlights, accessible sidewalks with bump-outs, and landscaping.  New construction will include benches, trash receptacles, and decorative fencing. 

Marseilles - Pedestrian Access and Destination Improvement at Rutland Street and Bratton Avenue to  include primary transportation corridors for vehicle, pedestrians, bicycles, and electric scooters. 

Mazon - School and Park Pedestrian Access Improvement Project to include construction of new sidewalks along the central artery of North Street and along the pedestrian route from the schools to the village park.  

Princeton - North Main Street and Train Depot Campus Streetscape Project to include streetscaping and restoration of roadways and installation of pedestrian facilities.  Improvements will utilize decorative pavements, bump outs, crosswalk markings, construct a paved parking lot, lighting, landscaping, and hardscaping.

Ransom - Stormwater Detention Project to improve the quality of water runoff and properly handle stormwater that floods the northeast area of the village.  Construction includes 2 connected detention ponds.
Sheridan - Sidewalk Network Improvement Project to enhance the transportation system in the village by extending the pedestrian network on 5 residential streets.
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Grants were due December 15, 2017.  The following communities applied.

DePue - Princeton Street Water Booster Station to replace the current booster station at Princeton Street.

LaSalle - Storm Sewer Separation to separate storm sewer flows from the sanitary/combined sewer system.

Lostant - New Water Tower to construct a new elevated water storage tank.

Marseilles - Sanitary Sewer Replacement and Lining to replace and reline sanitary sewers in the Gum Creek crossings in the Bluff and Union Streets area.

Ottawa - Emergency Roadway Repair to repair the roadways damaged by the February 28, 2017 tornado.  

Princeton - Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement  to replace sanitary sewer lines in the streets at the north end of town in the Depot area.  

Standard - Stormwater Pumping Station to construct a stormwater pumping station.

Wyanet - Sanitary Sewer Relining to reline sanitary sewers throughout the village.
In order to better serve our region, Duane Calbow attended a week long Basic Economic Development course In Naperville Il.  
As a requirement to achieve certification as an Economic Developer, this course was an outstanding learning experience.  Duane gained knowledge and insight to help achieve a sustainable economy through wealth creation and building better communities.

The course, adopted by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), was covered in (23) separate sessions and emphasized on the following:
Business Retention and Expansion, Real Estate Development and Reuse, Strategic Planning, Community Development, Marketing for Business Attraction, Technology Led Economic Development, Economic Development Finance/Credit Analysis, Workforce Development, City Planning Zoning Principles, Neighborhood Development Strategies, Organization Management, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development, Sustainability, and Globalization.

The insight the instructors provided gave wisdom to embrace a broader vision of structure, growth, and opportunity to benefit our region.         
  Dynamic speaker Rob Bell spoke at NCICG's Annual Dinner    on November 9, 2017. 

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